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Girls und panzer

That discussion at the end of the last thread was retarded, It's a cartoon, a gun can shoot more than 80 shots if the animators want it to
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First for Erika, best girl who also happens to be my wife.


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They're here
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Zen-Chan are going to be the final boss?
judging from the pic everyone seems to have normal hands
He is a nice person, he wouldn't do that.

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Well damn, they fucked up bigly, even Age didn't do this bad.
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IBO sounds like a testament that blandness can be as horrifying as a trainwreck
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blandness does not have animation and pacing this fucking bad
Good. The first season was fucking terrible too.

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Last episode for ever soon.
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Is Matoi ded yet?
are you asking about the show or 'Toi-chan herself?
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Well shit I guess not.

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Find me a better fight.
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That was honestly a good fight, but what are they doing in Batman's armory?
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Einhart looked serious. I hope we get the match as an OVA.
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These two are so gay now.
I really liked Vivid Strike. It's restored my faith in Nanoha.
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Nah. It's already confirmed that first OVA is about Rio&Corona, second one is about Rinne&Victoria, Jill&Nove, and the last one is the obligatory swimsuit episode. You will get the match as a bonus manga at best.

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Waiting the trailer of second season Edition
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Annie is love
Annie is life
Annie is everything to me
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out
Jesus, Annie makes my heart go doki-doki
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Endgame right here, brothers.

Next WSJ Issue cover (4/5) paired with the last one (2/3).

If someone was wondering why Luffy was cut in half
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I fucking LOVE when they do this, like those volume covers during Alabasta.
no, fuck that
it's just another thing i have to frame and hang on the wall
So, what happens when they do both this and the same with the edge of the books at the same time ?

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And they both lived happily ever after.
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Izetta threads were fun, I'm sad that they're going to fade away.
Is Lotte sort of like their adopted child now?
For a few years maybe.

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ITT: Physically impossible poses

Bonus points if CLAMP
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Challenge accepted.
>doesn't even post pic
>"challenge accepted"
Fuck off back to 9gag

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What are your predictions for the new chapter?
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That the Manga Artist Dies of Jap Cold so I don't have to see these stupid fucking Threads anymore.
Well that's not very nice
What are filters? Welcome newfag

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Why is this the only show where I don't feel like shit when couples get formed? This is all so heartwarming, I only smile
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I mean this scene is so corny. The confession was so corny and cliched, but the music, the atmosphere, it all felt right. It all just clicked, I don't know how this chinese cartoon manages to do it.
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not only that, they have a comedy skit AFTER the kiss scene. And it feels natural! How many shows can pull that off?
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Even the little sister is a best. How do they keep doing it?

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Can this just be a Hotaru thread instead?
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so what's good in this "design"?

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Shinkai admits his film is mediocre and urges others not to watch it. Also afraid of Miyazaki seeing it.
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He just knows he can still improve a lot and don't want to be shadowed by Your Name for the rest of his career.
Based Shinkai is just showing humility as he knows he's about to eternally BTFO out of M*yazaki.
Well he pretty much like to make the same kind of movie again and again so I can see why he thinks mainstream success could be too much pressure or give people unrealistic expectations

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What do you think will become the next big fad once isekai dies out?
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Quality thread its a shame that it will die out beacuse there is nothing to shitpost about,

Pure fantasy maybe.
CG will eventually become cheaper than traditional hand drawn, and mechanical movement will become cheaper and easier than ever before.
It will be mecha.
2020's - More Science fiction because of all of the new technological possibilities, especially with automation on the way.

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