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Let's talk about figures and other anime/manga merchandise!
Read the guide for references of where to buy stuff and before asking any questions: buyfags.moe
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Whoever took this picture didn't clean their figurine completely after making their hotglue video. Look just under the string on that titty.
Looks bootleg, bad hair, markings and dried glue
I hope some of the dozen figures Rem is getting bin.

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I hope you haven't forgotten about her, anon.
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I honestly never cared much about her. She was a plot device to showcase deeper PIs influence on people.
Of course not But I fear she has forgotten about me.
Those two kids should have left matters alone.

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This extra species mixer in the new chapter really makes it seem like the no sex rule just disappeared
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Smith never really said it was a rule. She just used that to scare Darling. And don't forget at one point the whole marriage thing, which would also lead to sex, which Smith pushed on Darling. She was just fucking with him.
Darling was supposed to be a test-subject on the marriage project, maybe they just gave up on him and gave it a go anyway.
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>You'll never meet a qt elf girl
>You'll never meet a qt Minotaur girl
>You'll never be sandwitched between a giantess and a minotaur girl
>You'll never be wrapped in the soft tail of a lamia


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Which Hibike will you miss the most when its all over?
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the band uniforms. Stupid anime first gives me a new fetish and then doesn't deliver it anymore.
>Here is translation!
>Shuichi:Finally,it's tomorrow.
>Kumiko:Yes. ouch!
>Shuichi:Somehow i'm worried a little.
>Kumiko: Are you talking about a contest?
>Shuichi:Yes. I can't get to sleep easily.
>Kumiko:Neither do I.

Wow such romance! Hetshitters BTFO Hahahahahahha

Will /a/ ever recover?

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>Eternity is relentless, Tenchi. When I first stole into this chamber, centuries ago, I did not fathom the true power of knowledge. To know the future, Tenchi. To see it's paths and streams tracing out into the infinite. As a woman, I could never have contained such forbidden truths, but each of us is so much more than we once were. Do you not feel with all your soul how we have become like gods? As such, are we not indivisible? As long as a single one of us stands, we are legion. Our futures are predestined. Tokimi foretold mine eons ago, we each play out the parts fate has written for us. Free will is an illusion.

What did she mean by this?
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I don't care. Nothing happens. Im done. Im just gonna go rewatch Universe and see something happen
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I was rewatching the series, anticipating OVA 4. From what I can gather people are trying to get the subs done but it's a lengthy process because there's no mob of people snatching up the RAWs like crazy..
Subs are out? Where?

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Do you feel hot or cold today?
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Vote for Juri.
It's too cold to get something done.
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It's cold, but that just means that Christmas is coming.

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those lips are fucking horrendous
What the fuck are those lips?

It's over. Left me with acute feeling that it's ending on a place when it's just starting to become really good.
Also the new VN looks much better put together, but how can you possibly salvage that story?
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Everyone forgot this show existed.
I got so used to anons fansubbing it two days from now that I forgot it airs today.
Nice crotch.

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Gohan no oishii na Thread

Captcha: select all food
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Yuuyuu is love
Yuuyuu is life
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Gohan wa ai no enerugii~
Ahh~ I want to marry Yuuko~

How did this manga make you feel?
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Despair but also erection
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Is this the appropriate behaviour of an imouto?
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Only if she swallows. Does she? Swallow I mena. There ought te be a webm out there.
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Tomaru Sawagoe.jpg
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It's appropriate for any relative.
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Cheering Haru up.webm
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It doesn't show much, it cuts to a side view of the table, and ends before Haru does, but we can assume that, being the perfect imouto she is, Sora swallows

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Kimi no na wa.jpg
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Your Rope thread


First China, now Thailand. Even Star Wars can't stop it.

Why haven't you seen this movie in the cinemas yet /a/?

Original Sound Track: https://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=862911

RADWIMPS Album (If you want the original version of the insert songs): https://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=877566
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>Your Rope
Nawa = rope
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>your rope

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Vofan's artwork is amazing as always. Translations seem accurate so far.
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> Translations seem accurate so far.
Post examples please
I wonder if Bakemonogatari will get an audiobook like Kizu did.
Why can't YP had this much of a class?

Based publisher

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It's time.
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Why was this season so bad? I nearly dropped everything.
No. Fucking kill yourself.
Notto dis shitto agen

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smug loli is best loli

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