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Why is drunken girls barely a thing in anime?

I mean actual ones not just that retarded "shy girl drink 50cl of sake and rape stuffs"
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Because only the best of the best can pull it off properly.
Because most of the girls in anime are under the legal drinking age in Japan, 20 and Japanese laws are apparently pretty damn strict over showing drug use on television, to the point where even underage drinking is hard to show.
Is that by Mizuryu Kei? Did he actually do something new? Please tell me he did.

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I like your taste but I can't figure out what bottom right is?
Kill yourself, cancer. You people are circlejerking even on Xmas? Holy shit give us a break.

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Is KFC on christmas a real thing?
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Yes, it is. And it has an interesting story behind it. It all started when the people of KFC Japan noticed that during the Christmas season many gaijin were looking for chicken. They also saw that the Colonel looked a bit like Santa, so they dressed him up accordingly and saw a huge number of gaijn showing up on Christmas to buy fried chicken. Slowly, the Japanese started doing the same when they saw how happy the gaijin were about it and eventually KFC became a staple of Christmas in Japan. You have to have your chicken reserved for Christmas, or stand in 4-8 hour long lines. Don't even think about going to a KFC on Christmas without a reservation.
Are 35-year-old lolis a real thing?
That's not true, it was the result of a massive advertising campaign.

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Kingdom Chapter 500 is out!

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Did /a/ like Ajin?
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Can you repeat the question?
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Did /a/ like Ajin?
How much of S2 was original?

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The worst part about evangelion is knowing that once youre finished watching it, nothing else you ever see will compare.
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Not really, i've watched plenty of anime that ended up being overwhelmingly average.
thats just like, your opinion man
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Not really, it's understanding that your favourite anime (eva) might probably not be the best thing ever created because of random bible names and pretentious ending.

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Dreaming of a wide christmas...
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Miyako obaa-san, key figure in the cabbage farming industry.
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'was my face always that wide? '
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Matsuri-chan bringing the bantz.

>Shinji you have to get in the robot
>But I don't want to get in the robot
>You will
>mumble mumble Secondo Impacto mumble mumble keikaku
>robot monsters murdering monsters
>who am i ? why do I do things ? why am I here ?
>third-grade tier philosophy superimposed over crude budgetless doodles
>hey I am fujo bait and now I'm dead noooooooooooo
>"I'm worthless"
>"No you're not"
>I'm worthless"
>"No you're not"
>"OK you're right, I'm not worthless and I love myself"
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The show sucks but the movie is good.
This is a fact.
And Misato is best girl
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It's just anta baka you retard.
Ehvonjellyun is DEEP im sorry you cant comprehend it eggsdee

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The six years before Madoka had several shows that were better than it, but the six years since have no had a single one. Is anime in terminal decline?
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Ping pong the animation
The rolling girls
Flip flappers

There's a lot of them but you smell a little bit of new anon.
Also i guess your taste is hard to please as well
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better than your animu fag

The ending of this seems like nonsense to me. I'm sure this has been discussed to death but I am really confused about a few things.

1. So as I understand it, past present and future are sort of simultaneous. In the first world line in the Alpha Attractor Field, let's say Okabe sends that d-mail about the lotto 6, obviously that shifts the world line but the theoretical world line they were in before the shift, if you laid it all out flat and looked all the events that lead to the future Suzuha is from, wouldn't that mean Okabe sent a d-mail and then nothing happened?

2. What bothers me more is when he gets to the Beta Attractor Field. How can there possibly be a world line in the Beta Attractor Field where he fails and then creates a time machine? In all of the world lines, he would receive the memories of previous Okabes, fail to affect the world line, and then open the message from his future self. Even if he were to then not use the time machine at this point, or the world line doesn't account for the time machine use, the message from his future self is part of the world line. So there is no reason it would take him 15 years to develop a theory and a time machine that already exists in the present. This makes no sense. What is the series of events that causes him to mull over it for 15 years if the solution is right in front of him via text in what I assume is every world line? Isn't this even paradoxical, because he'd have no reason to make the time machine at this point anyway since he already has one? Or is Okabe building a time machine not part of the convergence and the message is from an Okabe in a different world line?

3. Finally, how come he doesn't switch world lines when his past self sends a text? How can he be in Steins Gate when he should have been moved to the Alpha Attractor Field since his past self sent a d-mail?

Does anyone else have these same problems with the ending sequence and are there any reasonable explanations?
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Looks like you have a case of "secondaritis." It's painfully fatal. I would suggest killing yourself.
What the fuck does that even mean?
I'm assuming he's saying: read the visual novel.

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What's going on here?
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Rape that isn't rape because he's a guy.
Reverse rape propaganda. Thanks Abe.
They're about to start a classic rock and beer party.

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I've watched the first few episodes of FMA and FMA:B and I'm curious as to which you guys think I should continue with. I know the differences between them, but which one is more worth my time
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Read the manga.

If you're too lazy to read the manga, then watch Brotherhood, since it's an actual adaptation of the manga.
For Shonen Action and More Fighting = Brotherhood
For Drama, Music, Characterization, and Thematic Depth = 2003

2003's better than both.
2003 is fanfiction tier

Catch me, /a/.
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You're heavy.
No thanks, I don't want a lawsuit for sexual harassment or rape against me
Who still mad?
I still mad.

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Left or Right?
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Left of course.
I only date pure girls so left of course.
What anime is this?

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Jesus christ this is a depressing series. Does it get better?
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I guess everybody's enjoying Christmas with their family.
>Yuki is still stupid, but not as much as before
>Shovel is a zombie soon
>Ritsu believes a bear doll is her long lost sister
>Miki isn't doing a damn thing that's useful
>College girls are even more useless
>Shit is full blown Walking Dead all of a sudden

Everyone suffers. Everyone. There are no happy times. New chapters when?
I liked how it pulled that megu-nee part on me. I felt like she was dead from the start. The 1st episode really pulled me in. Shame it doesn't get any better though.

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