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>First day of class
>Class does Icebreakers, and the topic of favorite anime genre comes up
>Someone asks what my favorite genre is
>Respond with "slice of life"
>Someone asks what that is
>About to briefly explain it until i was interuppted by "OH YOU MEAN LIKE LUCKY STAR???"
>can't bring up slice of life without someone saying "XXDDDD CUTE GIRLS DOING CUTE THINGS"
why are people so dense?
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Why are you telling us this?
What genre was Lucky Star again, comedy slice of life?
This thread will hit bump limit unless you report it

Okay but seriously, if Kinema Citrus doesn't make a second season I'm gonna be pissed.
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Hokuto is the cutest.

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>his waifu prefers to be on the bottom
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Biologically speaking, women bottoming makes the most sense since the man can effectively reach deeper with his penis while the woman can also position herself for maximum pleasure.

Plus missionary is scientifically proven to increase the odds of putting a baby inside of your waifu.


Most myths surrounding women topping being better are perpetrated by SJWs. Please return to where you came from SJWfag.

>He takes it up the ass
>not having a waifu that is a switch

plebian, casual, monotomous as fuck.

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What's his problem?
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"I don't believe I can be loved by others, I'm not worthy of love."
Being a father is hard, so I'd rather play with my dolls - the character.
His hat's falling off his head

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With 2017 looming around the corner, it's time to discuss what is going to be the top 10 of 2016.

Here are some things I can think of off the top of my head:

- Code Geass getting a new anime
- CCS celebrating its 20th anniversary

If you want to add something to the list to be considered, please post in this thread!
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this shitty thread
The ending of Re: Zero.
Everyone got btfo
The Megumin craze I'd say.

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Pick your contender for the worst anime to air this entire year.
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y has bloo hair?
you beat me to it
Either Dragon Ball Super or Mayoiga. I'm unsure

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Perfect animation studios don't exi-
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>kyoanus can never taken phantom world back
Munto is proof that KyoAni isn't perfect.

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For Christmas I made my cute wife Chino a Tippy meat pie.
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>meat pie
wow that's tiny.
I'd give Chino my meat pie alright.

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The raws for the manga has been released so I'll dump it
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>manga pages will have more sakuga than the actual show
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>Now i have the high ground Yuri
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First for real gamers
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This was all part of the keikaku and you can't prove otherwise

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So is Guts a virgin? He never actually did it with anyone other than getting raped, right?
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He and Casca had sex, anon. And that succubus in the very first chapter, too.
He fugged Casper. iirc, that cursed fetus was actually the kid btwn him and Casper
When was that? Was that before or after she turned into potato?

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Why are brown skin characters always the promiscuous ones?
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Well since their species is so rare they feel an inborn drive to breed as much as possible to repopulate. If there were more brown girls in 2d then the would act normally.
>brown skin
Where the fuck do you live? Over half of all humans are shitskins.
They are actually highly sexually active gyarus and ganguros

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Post what you've been watching/reading recently, and what you think, etc.
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its a masterpiece
Oh I've been watching Oniisama e too, yeah it's pretty crazy so far, and I'm only 12 episodes in.
Watching Zeta Gundam right now.
I'm not liking it that much. I loved the first Gundam TV show, but this one feels aimless. Like, the shows is nothing but a bunch of kids throwing a tantrum instead of being soldiers in a war like the White Base crew.

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>Posts on /a/
>Still haven't watched Eva

Explain yourself
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Tell me who are you quoting first.
i don't watch crap
If I liked mechas and robots and whatnot I would be on /r9k/ instead of /a/

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So I just finished Akito for the first time in anticipation for season 3. It's shit, don't watch it ever.
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why anon? I was planning to do the same

considering I enjoyed CG, why would I not like akito?
It's worse in every way than Cg. Still, it's entertaining to watch. If you like Cg then its worth watching.
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It's okay, but not nearly as good as CG. Akito has great visuals imo, but the music is weird. And what made CG was the characters, and none of them had the wow-factor of Lelouch, Suzaku, Orange, Shirley and other members of the main cast.

In other words, Akito is worth it just for the three scenes with Lulu and Suzaku.

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