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>they cheer when Suzaku is shown
Im still in disbelief that there are people who enjoyed him at all.
I agree.
Well, Suzaku is the only one of the mains that is clearly and centrally depicted. Lelouch, CC and Kallen are barely noticeable and not doing anything especially memorable.

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Knock knock knock.
Just a friendly reminder that NHK was over ten years ago and nothing's changed, and nothing will ever change.

How was your Christmas? Did you spend it all alone?
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Nope, I spent it with family and pretended I was normal human being, it was awful.
No I spend it with /a/
Same. Only my family knows I'm depressed and lonely. I'm not a hikkikomori anymore though, so I guess there's that.
I was really glad to be back home again though. Fuck Christmas. I used to love it, now I hate it and see it as another social obligation I can't worm my way out of.
I come from a huge family, everyone is in relationships, they have kids, and then there's me. Fucking hell.

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Did she deserve her position in the poll?
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Yes. Soon, Toga will make the top 10.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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But I already like it.
I hate it.
Merry christmas sakurabro!

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We discuss what the AOTY is.
I would say Mob Psycho 100 is AOTY
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Only one really comes to mind.
bad anime
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getting to the top.jpg
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it is

>Second PV of Maid Dragon

>Volume 2 of Robot Heart Update

>New LN called This Starry Sky is not Enough for You(?)

>Probably new info on Violet adaptation, also volume 2 of Violet as well as Free with Bows have been released today

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>comiket 91
Let's some they announce some hentai
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>Second PV of Maid Dragon
Can't wait
>Volume 2 of Robot Heart Update
I guess this will get an anime after VEG?
>This Starry Sky is not Enough for You
Wonder what this is about
>Probably new info on Violet adaptation
Speaking of new info, this new pic has a new character on it.

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I want to look EXACTLY like Kobayashi-san
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Well at least it's easier than wanting to look like Shinka or Sento.
be skinny
let you hair grow
get glasses
get that nice yellow tie

Do you also have hips lke that ?

i hope you are a woman.

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So what was Higumadon?
Wtf is this i'm so confuse
>3 posts
>1 IP count
OP, it's kind of obvious. Let it go.

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She's a cutie.
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Not really background, and she's from a shit anime, but what the hell.
Spiky haired girl from Index.

So what do you guys think of this comfy anime?
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Really enjoyable, Poco's VA was fucking cute as hell.

I hated the ending not because it was bad but because it wasn't the one I wanted.
i'm only on episode 11 at the moment. But i do hope they get to stay together.
Poco is in the hotpot now.

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How Much Value Do You Put Into Visual Direction?
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None. I'm blind.
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A lot. I'm a Shaftfag.
Well I think it's better to have good visuals than bad visuals. However, it obviously doesn't make or break and anime.

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ITT: Walls of Text in manga
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Post your favorite op this year.
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But you already did, anon.
>your favourite
There is nothing to post anymore, thread is over,

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Only best girls
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Good start op
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Bring back these designs, Toriyama.
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Why didn't you save me /a/?
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Can't wait til the next real fuckin' arc.
We need Hakaishin waifus.

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