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daily dose

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I used to listen to this everyday. Autism a shit, but this was catchy as fuck.
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Who was right and why was it none of them?
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I don't know about any of that gay shit but alexander was cool as fuck.
>Who was right
>hurr durr

Get back to fagbook zasshu

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What anime did you used to love then realized it's awful when you grew up?
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It seems OP got caught in the Endless Eight casual filter.

Back to >>>/m/yanimelist with ye.
I didn't watch anime until after I grew up

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This is Artoria, she is a master in the Holy Grail war. She is Rin's rival and loves her father Gawain. She has a katana and isn't afraid to fight, even in her school uniform.
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I'm going to marry and impregnate Artoria.
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She's a better character without all the cutsie schoolgirl waifubait crap

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Throw it at him not me
Would watch.
A Japanese boy gets godly powers from a magical loli and goes back in time to help Japan win WW2

Everything is going as well as expected, with the protagonist wiping out American armies with his energy blasts and defending himself from nuclear bombs with his energy shield.

Suddently, the sky cracks and Donald Trump breaks out with a mexican loli on his shoulder

"I won't let you change how I created my big beautiful wall you damn Jap!"

Trump was fast and powerful, to the point that the protagonist was forced to use self destruction of kill himself and Trump.

Thanks to him, Japan won WW2 and America is now a thing of the past.

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Chapter then?
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manga$tream dead confirmed

they still have not uploaded the authors comments
They've uploaded the author comments recently so soon?
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sista Krone.jpg
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to the OP who posted about this manga a couple of days before and I think nobody payed attention, thanks a lot

started the manga 2 days ago and it turned promising

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Korean scan
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pages 2 & 3
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Where do you end up anon?
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Here, in this limbo.
Being scraped out of a grill.
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That's gonna leave a welt.

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I know SAO is Trash but I was wondering how did they manage to put everyone in the hospital that got stuck in the game? If I remember correctly didn't they say that if you were disconnected or if someone removed your helmet you would die?
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It had a grace period while the internal battery had a charge. Also, wifi and cellular internet must be much better in the future, right?
Fuck off, retard.
>being able to walk immediately after a 2+ years coma

YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world anime announced.
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Isn't that a really old eroge?
It's getting remake for PS4/PSV.
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How will they handle all the incest?

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Have a Katia this time, look how cute she is.
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Only good for ryona.
Katia is cute, but I don't why she gets so much nonsensical hate from anons. I mean give me a fault from her that would make me legitimately curse her for.
People say she directly caused the downfall of East Germany and indirectly killed majority of the cast, for the most part, they're quite right.

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How come nowdays it's impossible to discuss this manga without threads degenerating into Griffith memes?

It wasn't like that 5 years ago. It's like the fandom is starting to treat Berserk as a parody of itself.
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The only time valid discussion happens is when a new chapter comes out. Other than that it's boat memes, Griffith did nothing wrong, and Griffith is mai husbando shit. I wouldn't mind reminiscing about various different arcs but it just doesn't happen.
Everything has already been discussed.
Because Griffith did nothing wrong.

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This manga is too fucking cute.
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What manga is this?
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Cute and sexy.
This manga is not fucking updating whats the point in this thread why do you make people suffer with you

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There, I fixed her.
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Why did you move the turd on her face?
because it ruined her. mole anywhere lower than nose is just disgusting
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There, I fixed her.

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>another 60 hour VN with a 12 episode adaption

There's no possible way this won't be rushed shit, right?
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I'll just wait until the VN gets translated.
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And why the hell did they change the designs of the rikishi seals?
How was O;9?

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