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Last EP today, now is time to go Pro!
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What's the ETA on those subs? BDRemux is already out: https://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=883225
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Be patient
Watch raw
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I already did.
And why do you need subs then?

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Is this the worst line in anime history?
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I think if you got yourself a dimension-crossing machine and went outside of history you wouldn't find anything worse.
papika is naive and autistic so she doesn't know how to properly word out her feelings. next.
>we let our character's autism get in the way of what should have been one of the high points of the romance

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For those of you who didn't understand what Toyo meant when he said that he'll be ahead of the anime, this anon summed it up:

>Toyo is ahead of the manga, he's sending chapters directly to Toei, and they base the anime off of those.
What gets released isn't where Toyo's at. Toyo is ahead of the anime, but the publication of the manga will stay behind.
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Is the autist going to be retarded in this thread too?
If not him, then someone else. You know where you are.

Old Joseph is the best Joseph.
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I beg to differ old man>>151284463

Left or right?
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I want to penetrate Saeko's cervix.

So her.

The right may be a sadist but the left one is a tremendous tantrum throwing uncooperative cunt

so right
i want to fuck left more but i love right more . i really can't decide

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>I'm good at acting
Well this explains all the blushing and crying all the time.
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Best girl.
Pudding will be redeemed by the end of this arc.
I told you guys pudding was going to bring Sanji and Nami closer.
Nami will fight pudding.

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> She prefers to be referred to as "Ai-chan" named after her cup size.

What the fuck is her cup size? It sure as fuck is not an A cup...
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Not anymore
Why is she so hungry for a random salary man's dick?

Broboe fist
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She needs fanart doing a rocket punch
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>Would rather live in Japan.
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Read the guide before asking questions: Buyfag.moe
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Pre-Orders when?

I need this fig more than any other before it.

Except my Grail but that was a niche item made for WonFes 2012, and obviously never picked up, so fat chance there...
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These are shipping to me right now.
I may have a problem.
Eugh... kind of regret not getting Master Arturia. Simple fig, but the sculpt looks so damn nice.

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Japs didn't even give a fuck about Camie, fucking degenerates.
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I've been an unironic Jiroufag since her first appearence and am really happy that /ourgirl/ got in top 10.
I'm sad Kaminari dropped out.
Ochakofags can go fuck themselves.
I'm glad Bakugou won.
I predict I'll get at least 2 (You)s accusing me of shitposting when this is my actual opinion.
I'm not going to accuse you of shitposting. I'm going to accuse you of being a fujoshi and hope that Hori is smart enough not to turn this into Naruto to pander to people with shit taste like you.

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Please remember to kindly remove all elves.
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dahleet ziss!!!!!!!
You are now a magical girl and your power is based on the protagonist of the last anime you watched. What is it?

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De-aging confirmed next episode. Are you ready?

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Well thanks for the spoiler, asshat.
Well at least we get an explanation.

You probably shouldn't have started a thread with that and should have probably spoilered it when you posted it though.
I lost hope with this episode
Really dpn't care, both Papika and Cocona are dull

I can't believe Yayaka is the character with the best arc and motivation
And I'm saying that as someone that didn't like her character and the shitty Yayakafags in these threads. Forgive me, I didn't know it would be this awful.

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So were they gay or just bait?
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Real talk, anyone else thought this scene ended in sex?

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How will Rachnera save Darling from this pickle he is in with the bat?
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>Muh threads
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You get a web, and you get a web, everyone gets a web!
Unlikely that the vampire has plot web tearing strength, especially if she is weak.

I think the real question is; what if Kimihito gets turned into a vampire? How much of him stays him? (Personality, actions, feelings, etc) Would his term as a host come to an immediate end as he is now an extra species? Would he get an exception because he was a victim and all the girls would fight to stay?
>you will never lie down on your bed only to be entangled in webs
>Rachnera will never descend from your ceiling and giggle as you struggle fruitlessly
>she will never silence your protest by pressing your face into her breasts
>she will never tie your hands behind her waist and your legs behind her butt
>she will never tip your chin up and seal your lips in a lewd and passionate kiss
>she will never playfully tease your penis as she rapes your mouth
>you will never lose the will to resist and moan submissively into her kiss
>she will never slowly pull back, leaving a trail of saliva between her lips and yours
>she will never gaze down smugly at your panting face and call you cute
>she will never bring your face in front of her nipple for you to suck
>she will never grab your butt and line your penis up with her vagina
>she will never then proceed in power fucking you into oblivion
>she will never alternate between grinding her hips deeply into your and jackhammering your penis into her pussy
>she will never ruffle your hair as she fucks you silly
>you will never be so overwhelmed by pleasure that you lose control of your facial expressions
>your eyes will never roll to the back of your head
>your tongue will never fall out of your mouth
>she will never wrap her arms around your neck and look down affectionately at your ahegaoing face
>she will never call you honey and ask you if you feel good
>you will never answer her by obediently moaning her name and sucking her tits
>she will never flick your nose and finish you off with one final thrust
>you will never cum so hard that it feels like your brain is melting
>she will never tighten her pussy and mercilessly milk out your orgasm
>she will never savor all of your slutty expressions as you cum
>you will never spent hours helplessly pumping your semen into her until you pass out
>you will never wake up the next morning in her embrace with all of her legs wrapped protectively around you

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