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Was it autism?
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>Expressionless in normal form
>One of the tallest DBZ characters or at least the tallest saiyan
>Literally special because of Legendary SSaiyan
>And once he transformed he went full psycho
Hmm, maybe?

>Captcha: Dio Street

I wonder what is his hobbies before becoming crazy.
>long face

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Now that it's past December 25, are there still leftover cakes available?
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>Becky was 40 when No-Rin aired
>she's either 42 or 43 now

Do you think she ever found love?
Not a chance.
Becky's the kind of cake that's been sitting forgotten in the back of the shelf for so long, that by the time you find it it's all moldy and there are these strange lifeforms you've never seen before crawling all over it.

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Christmas Day Mahjong.


New players read this! http://www.mediafire.com/file/nundktgdonn/So_you_want_to_play_Mahjong_1.5.doc

Memorize the yaku, then read this!
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>implying I can read
Just deal in
How do I get out of Goshanten hell.
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What does sabre have to do with that giant stick of memory?

Attack on titan Season 2 - first trailer :

Two links since one of them is region blocked for America.


Are you hyped?
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looks garbage.
if digits sticky

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Precure Bread
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My favorite three things about their civilian forms:

>their hats
>Red's pants
>Blue's fang
Very cute picture of Nagisa, OP!

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Ymir's letter theories.

Am I the only one who think they won't see each other again?
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I'm expecting more Grisha flashbacks next chapter.
Well, I think it's a good bye letter. I hope I am wrong though. Maybe Ymir will reveal what's the real story of the origin of the titans.
They already showed him meeting shadis again last chapter. Its over

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>Orange dying
wow it's fucking nothing
>not CGI knightmare frames
BEST NEWS i have heard in this new season

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Here's the tweet on it, linking it to the product too.


Konosuba and Re:Zero's authors are good friends and decided on doing a collaboration crossover book for both their series. I think it may have a manga of sorts too? Since the illustrator for the manga of Re:Zero is also working on it.

It's coming out on the 31st of December.
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I can't wait to see useless goddess and communist half elf in one anime.
Something this horrible is coming out on my birthday. This is a bad omen.
I might die in 2017.
Funny how they're trying to advertise this with the two worst girls

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Are we supposed to think guy is a total tool?

It's like they try and make him look like the silent badass character but whenever he gets the chance to do something he messes it up somehow. He couldn't even ride a fucking motorcycle.
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i can ride his "motorcycle"
salt is my dad shut the fuck up about him>>151293798
He's having a midlife crisis is all

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Pudding looks evil as fuck.
Just look at how her 3rd eyes glare at Nami.
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first for Brook BTFO'ing big mama
The year Oda saved Christmas
Nami’s terrified reaction was when Pudding said about Sanji being an idiot that is in love with her. Yeah, I don’t usually buy into the dialogue in the scans, but the original should be somewhere close to it, right?

i love dio he's perfect also jojo a shit
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readl thread
Good thread, but you forgot the pastebin http://pastebin.com/CJPJP2Hi
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>implying diego did anything wrong

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Last thread got Requiem'd
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Happy Holidays
Last thread got Requiem'd
Which villain is the most physically attractive?

Yayaka is the miracle of the universe.
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High point of this episode. Some of the lake imagery is nice too but they had problems putting the pieces together.
I want to fuck Yayaka.
Fuckoff already, nobody likes you.

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Official Top 10
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Bakugou is OBJECTIVELY the best character. The popularity poll of Japan represents our opinions perfectly.
t. fujo
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>fantasy world with rpg mechanics

why wont they stop?
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Because people like it.
>Fantasy world without RPG mechanics
>There are still RPG holdovers like guilds and quest boards

It's too bad the Japs have no exposure to fantasy except from RPGs. I mean hell Lodoss War was one of the first Jap original high fantasy book and that was just a bunch of sessions from D&D turned into a book.
That's just Japan for you. One day 1 or 2 of those had a massive success, so everybody tried to copy it to oblivion to milk the trend senselessly, until it crashes.

It's the same for every shit that encounters some success in Japan, especially if it's unexpected.

I still remember all the companies trying to copypaste their own versions of the PSP's Monster Hunter, and failing at it in a ridiculous way, just as an example.

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