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Stardust Crusaders is better desu.
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I think you've got the wrong number?

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Season 2 never.
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S2 when
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Something that would excite him /a/?

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Sanji didn't care for his family before.. but he had a slight respect for Reiju, of all the Vinsmokes to see hurt by Pudding Oda chose her because he wanted to show that Pudding will be a antagonist to the Strawhats since Sanji cares about Reiju.
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Reiju is the one who put those cuffs on Sanji. Serves her right.
Evil Pudding is a semen demon
This is a obvious plot twist, she say herself that she's very good at acting

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Pudding confirmed to be TOP CUTE!
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List of people who will get BTFO when Carrot joins.

Tears will be delicious.

>Monetfags (they are probably dry from crying already)
This post got deleted last thread, you play with fire

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Get into Pure Illusion, Cocona
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Weak episode this week, and the animation quality is slipping.

Are we going full Gunbuster black and white for 13?
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At least we all agree that Flip Flappers is not AOTS anymore. Because damn, these last few episodes.
fourth for writer change

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Are you feelings of love truly yours, or are perhaps being manipulated this very instant anon?

Chapter 77 is out


Also, apparently BD 7 should have been released already. So the second soundtrack disc should pop up at some point. Did not see anything on Nyaa though.
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Someone finally did it.

Volume 11 pics: http://imgur.com/a/V3OQu
Those may not be all of then. The volumes usually have the cover, 2 double pages colored illustrations, character bio pages and 10 non colored illustrations.

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The novel was released early at Animate in Shibuya and Shinjuku.

Information from Bleach threads in 2ch and Twitter.

There is a Renruki illustration.
There are Kubo and Matsubara’s comments.
Byakuya is very cute.
Rukia has the reason that she uses the last name(Kuchiki) in Gotei, and there is Renruki fan’s tweet that she thought the reason is very cute.
There is explanation about Ichika’s name and it is related to Ichigo and Orihime.
There is also Ichihime description and Masaki was mentioned.

Not confirmed yet, but the possibility of true spoiler is very high.
“Renruki and Ichihime fandom will be happy for reading this novel.” is in every review.
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We needs answers.

Also bonus points for making ichirukists cry bitch tears.
I want to read about this very cute nii-sama.
Did they decide on their kid's name even before she got knocked up?

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Zarc has arrived!
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I mean, seriously, look at it!

The ZEXAL-based characters are a couple, just like Yuma and Kotori were the first main guy and girl to requite.

The GX-based characters don't have anything going on, like Judai and Asuka, who never passed the platonic base. And Judai even became official couple with someone else.

Yuya has an obvious crush on Yuzu, kinda like Yugi for Anzu. We can expect that they WILL become a couple... Just not onscreen.

And Yugo is doomed to be Aki, since it has never been shown that Rin likes him more than as a friend.
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Guess whose back

Back again

Crow is back

We are friends

Literally shui-kumiko friendship brofist tier. What went so wrong?
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first for suffering
>Literally shui-kumiko friendship brofist tier
delete this thread
>the final episode will be Pure Love!!
>no, it will be Pure lesbians!
>not even a kiss at the end
What a week for /u/

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>Momo isn't in the top 10
Japan confirmed to have massive shit taste
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Based Jirou most popular female character! Definitely because she's cuter, better written and more attractive than Tsuyu or Ochako! Definitely not because she is the female character all fujos project themselves onto because of Jirou's fujo shipping in the Smashes!
Incoming poop posts in 3, 2, 1...
I'm just curious about where Mei was. I expected at least top 20 after her chapter, but nope.

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It's out. 20 pages.
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Inb4 the fight gets interrupted
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Why is she looking at Nami?
Nami vs Pudding?
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Pudding is best girl
Because she's talking to the both of them.

Only Luffy heard that part.

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Last chapter.
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>After Murasame had snapped, the power-up had stopped as well.

>However, the marks on Akame's skin did not disappear.

>But both Tatsumi and Akame had made it out alive. This is worth celebrating.
>We need to find the Prime Minister! He still has a bounty on his head!

>We can't let him escape!

>The traitors are flooding the palace like an avalanche, yet they're still too slow.
Mine best girl.
>ends like the anime

What was the fucking point?

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The only thing Armin's good for anymore is sexualizing his underage b& boipucci.
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Armin is Tomatoes.
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Kinda fucked up that the only time we see tears in Lev*’s eyes, it’s not out of sadness, but out of HOPE and RELIEF when he sees Erwin is still alive. and that hope is crushed like almost immediately after and I find it really cruel. Then Lev* just kinda. Shuts himself down. Everyone else is panicking over the things they see, while Lev* is just like;
LM soon.

Would you let Christina or Mayushii die in Steins;Gate?
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Mayushii best girl
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Why bother? Save them both.

Alternatively rape the Suzu.
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reminder this exists

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