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What's your fucking problem?
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Copy/paste from another thread. Pseudo dead UTW.

Ok, here are the subs for ep6 by me. I'm a lazy fuck who hates timing so I took some awful subs I found and fixed every line in the script. They were already well timed so less work for me.

Now go find the RAW by yourselves. I used the shitty low res RAW at himado because I don't care.
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I have the mental image of dog food embedded on someone's neck. With the yellow fat cells surrounding the area. And I can't get rid of it.

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>Character makes up a name for themselves on the spot.
>Then immediately says what to be called for short.

Why do mangaka always do this shit? Why not just give the short form from the start? Why the fuck would you write a name for a character and them immediately invalidate it for t he remainder of the story?
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because long names are sophisticated and shit while short names are better suited for cute nicknames. the real question is why mangaka always pair the MC with an obligatory female companion. are they not confident enough to write a series that doesn't rely on eye candy for sales?
Harem has become like a mandatory sub-genre for any work coming from japan apparently.
You need to watch more anime and read more manga.

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had the genre existed at the time, the akira movie adaption would have been better with a synthwave soundtrack instead of the original ost
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Code Gayass was never good. Even if i try to watch it as a paradoy, it's still trash in literally every way. Shit characters, shit plot, mediocre animation, and most of all, worst fans. fuck that hyper edgelord insecurity feeding nip dick shit
I could see it, yeah. it also goes good with death grips apparently https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CfhlEX_ubY
Boku no hero is boring.

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Opinions on the Rurouni Kenshin Hokkaido arc prologue? What do you all think the arc is going to be like? I am pretty sure it's going to be fucking amazing, the prologue got me so hyped lmao.
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>Ken -san
Fuck off, newfag.
If you're not going to contribute in a meaningful way, go and do one.
Its aight

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Come here, anon.
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Nah I'm good
Where's Anthy? I'd like to speak with her.
Fuck off Saionji

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Episode 6 is out
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I really wanna particepate in these threads but i always wait till late at night for apex comfy time.
It's also way easier to masterbate right after, who would have thought that my go to fap sesion show this season would be this
>episode with barely any takasaki in it
Finally a good episode.

ITT: Post 10/10 episodes
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What did crabman mean by this?
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Would Suu use loaded dice to cheat?
>Japan using cheap foreign slave workers

Crabman is redpilled as fuck
Only if her opponent does it first

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What's his end game?
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Becoming a great Yakuza like his dad.
Cum inside Earplug chan.

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Do you miss it /a/?
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Yes, I want more lewd Medaka gifs.
Of course.

I just watched bakemonogatari, is this series meant to be harem shit?
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not really. the only genuine romantic vying/tension is araragi vs. kanbaru for senjo and hanekawa vs senjo for araragi. Rest of the storylines have nothing to do with a girl wanting araragi or vice versa.
I just saw this thread, is this thread meant to be weak bait based on some troll harem comment you saw in the Monogatari thread yesterday?
and hanekawa's arc with araragi is more about their mutually broken personalities and attempts to fix themselves.

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Prec/u/re Thread
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Daily minamin!
I want Hoshiwa
Im going to marry Haryharu!
This was a really good episode.
I'm enjoying this show very much.
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By all logic, Bibury is a stupid annoying bitch, but I don't get it, why do I think she's so cute? She's making me feel the same way Eas did. There's just something about sexy teenage goth turbo-bitches.

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kyoXgappy chapter when?
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already happened
If you could choose a team of Pokemon for any jjba character to have, what would it be?
>ywn french kiss best girl
where's my noose?

Post your harem and judge other people's harem.
Template here: http://myanimeharem.net/
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You're only supposed to have one waifu tho.
Middle is waifu, and the rest is things I want to stick my dick into.
Good taste.

Reminder Goku is confirmed No.1 of the U7 team and Freeza is his equal.
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Can this thread contain friendly discussion please?
...what about Vegeta?
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My hand slipped sry Friezafags

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