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Maria is love
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gaybies love Maria
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Maria is loved.
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I want to become a mahjong coach
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They're so pure you could say "sucking your hotdog will make you better at mahjong"
What will you do if you become their coach?
train them so they can win me money from the yakuza
I want to teach them the pleasure of being ronned inside.

Why didn't Watamote get a second season? It was a good show.
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Otaku in Japan are easily offended and can't laugh at themselves. They didn't like it.
Wtf so that's why there are not japanese people on 4chan? Fuck fucking local otakus they always have shit taste wtf in litteraly triggered right now, one of the best fuking series and because they feel uncomfortable they find it bad and not hilarious as fuck. Fucking fuckers two bombs a tsunami and a nuclear reactor exploding into shit wheren't fucking enoughr fuck.
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What exactly is the greatest 'cool'?
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Dragon dick.

t. Jannu
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would be the holohoax if it actually had happened.

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Post yours below
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back to your fucking site, redditard

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Mikoto is pretty sexy, isnt she?
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She's more cute than sexy
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Mikoto should use her sexuality to her advantage more.

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This is perfection right here. No other girl is more perfect than Vignette. Pure, can do chores, intelligent, and strong.
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Almost certainly the biggest slit of the four.
What did he mean by this?
My wife Vigne has a big pussy.

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Why doesn't anyone like it anymore?
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What if Lucky star was really season 3 and they never told us?
Because I don't buy sausage.
I never liked it.

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Will they become friends eventually?
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acquaintance as best
Ochaco's quirk is kind of hard to optimize, but it does have one saving grace. Namely, it's ideally suited to ranged weapons.

It would be in urarakas best interest to have a suit with high strength, heavily weighted net guns mounted under her wrists with the triggers located on the top. This would allow her to basically capture villains from a large distance without stressing her weight limit, and the increased distance means she doesn't have to worry about her weak close combat abilities. Haivng the guns be wrist-mounted with triggers on the top means she can let go of them quickly without dropping them so she can release her quirk quickly. She won't be encumbered by their weight since they're right at her finger tips
its good for judo throws and shit i guess
like if the victim cant emit with their quirk they wouldnt have a way to control themselves in air so that could be useful for immobilization

Ok, here are the subs for ep6 by me. I'm a lazy fuck who hates timing so I took some awful subs I found and fixed every line in the script. They were already well timed so less work for me.

Now go find the RAW by yourselves. I used the shitty low res RAW at himado because I don't care.
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thanks /fgog/
Jack is a cruel Servant.
You're welcome

I'm his mommy in FGO too. She's cute towards mommy.

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Let us have a sophisticated discussion pertaining to Boku no Hero Academia.
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fuck anon is this the first time you make a tread or what?
Oh shit
Izuku most wanted arc when?
Straight Masturbation

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I reserve judgment on something like that until I know the character isn't supposed to be eight feet tall.
I bet the assistants drew this
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I can see this becoming the next Sakurafish
Keep it up, anon

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What the fuck was this bullshit?

Battle Royale thread.
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Kiriyama was such a die hard. Wasn't the reason he survived the bullet to the head because the bullet hit the part of his brain that couldn't process emotion? Also, I'm ashamed to admit it, but this is my most reread manga. I don't know why, something about it just checks off every box for me. I don't care how retarded it was, it was fun
Are you a gurofag?
Not even. I just loved seeing all the students succumbing or struggling in their own way against the program.

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Shirouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu where's dinner?

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