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What does /a/ prefer?
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BnHA: Shit after AFO Vs. All Might
BC: Shit from chapter 1

In the end neither is worth reading.
>weekly battle shounen vs weekly battle shounen, the great debate!
Can you fags stop making these shitty threads?
>Derivative, but still good
>derivative and garbage

BnHA by a mile idiot.

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Hello Darkness, my old friend
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I'm sorry, I love Emilia.
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You wanted to say Megumim
If only she didn't have that annoying M fetish, she would be an adorably shy/naive milady longing for true love.
The oldest and most successful love trope.

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The shitty animation is the only thing putting me off from watching it so far
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>Is X kino
Fuck off.
overrated normalfag shit
Read the mange, though find the good scans because the other option is hobo tier typesetting.

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Alright, time for this fuckin chapter
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thinking deeply.png
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Haven't read this in like a year, is Yukio still an angsty piece of shit?

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Mary > Yumeko
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So where are people watching this show? Who's doing subs consistently? I wanted to watch at the start of the season but Netflix is retarded so there was no consistency. I wanna jump in now the dust is settled slightly, I see PWNED just brought out 4 episodes in 1080p, but idk if they're gonna keep it up.
I like Yumeko.
Reverse that, pleb.

Lolipits are one of the reasons why life is worth living.
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This show makes me worry about getting v&
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anyone has a better quality stitch of this? thanks

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Did Rumi-chan find happiness?
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It was a Christmas Mackerel
She will win the 8inch
Looks like volume 12 will finally be released on september 20


Is Whis the only Angel to personally train some of the people in his Universe? I feel like doing so would give them a huge edge. Just find some people who're goodhearted and courageous and train them until they're strong enough to help protect your Universe from evil, thus raising your 'level' and making it less likely for your Universe to get erased.
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watch the catalog retard
What the darn-diddily-doodily did you just say about me, you little witcharooney? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class at Springfield Bible College, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret mission trips in Capital City, and I have over 300 confirmed baptisms. I am trained in the Old Testament and I’m the top converter in the entire church mission group. You are nothing to me but just another heathen. I will cast your sins out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before in Heaven, mark my diddily-iddilly words. You think you can get away with saying that blasphemy to me over the Internet? Think again, friendarino. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of evangelists across Springfield and your IP is being traced by God right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggorino. The storm that wipes out the diddily little thing you call your life of sin. You’re going to Church, kiddily-widdily. Jesus can be anywhere, anytime, and he can turn you to the Gospel in over infinity ways, and that’s just with his bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in preaching to nonbelievers, but I have access to the entire dang- diddily Bible collection of the Springfield Bible College and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your sins away off the face of the continent, you diddily-doo satan-worshipper. If only you could have known what holy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you from the Heavens, maybe you would have held your darn-diddily-fundgearoo tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re clean of all your sins, you widdillo-skiddily neighborino. I will sing hymns of praise all over you and you will drown in the love of Christ. You’re farn-foodily- flank-fiddily reborn, kiddo-diddily.
Belmod trains the Pride Troopers

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This is the man responsible for all anti-Umaru threads. This is the man responsible for all Umaru-abuse posts. Ignore him. Report him. Call him a loser.
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>Ignore him.
>Call him a loser.
Ask me why I think you are an idiot.
>what is "or"
>what is choice
Why do you think I am an idiot?
>>what is "or"
Something you didn't say?
Did you also mean to ignore OR report?

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I can't believe Beato is FUCKING dead!
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Beato is for bullying
I want to fuck dead Beato.

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Why /a/ loves this trash?
Why /a/ has shit taste?
fuck off
Thanks OP.

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Nyanko Daysu.jpg
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Nyanko is Love (Love)
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Nyanko is lies.
Because they were too cheap for anything else. Full length nyankos would give everyone diabetes.
but just 10 minutes long, they could do anything

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How well does you're waifu hold up in a fight?
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Excessively so.
[X] Glass him
>Saber with the sword
>uses kick instead

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I love this lizard!
Smiling lizard best lizard

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Why was she so great?
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Rem zero
Emilia One

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