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What's the catch?
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What is it shinka

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And now for the age-old question that has haunted mankind; would you her horns?
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Knowing what animal horns feel like I can certainly say I would not.
>Knowing what animal horns feel like I can certainly say I would not.
She cleans them though. Can't you at least lick them?
I would have spent a long time fondling and licking her horns. I mean why else dating a horned girl?
They look like a fantastic handle

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Happy Birthday Kokoron!

True Protector of all the World's Smiles
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This egao is for you Kokoro
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Beach Suketchi!
Suki no Tabemono

Happy Birthday to the REAL Riko Sakurauchi- Rikako 'Rikyako' Aida!
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Happy Birthday to the Unknown and Mysterious Idol Setsuna (F Seiei) Yuki.

I long to hear your voice and one day I will hear it. Can you please be Mamimi Yamashita?

I've never hit the space bar this hard in my life.
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And I've watched this.
Did he taste good?
she poisons him
he dies later

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What's her power level?
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One of the best things to come from this arc.
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Furries on suicide watch.

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erotic scent of lewd ex sis
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I don't understand
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Its Wixoss i don't have to explain shit.

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Togashi really did it.

He killed the fucking clown! HAHAHAHA
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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
morning koume <3
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Tomboys are for...
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People with good taste..
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headpats and hiatus
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/u/ only

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this thing

Shokugeki no Souma
The Promised Neverland
Boku no Hero Academia
Dr. Stone
Robot x Laserbeam
We Never Learn
Owari no Seraph
Blue Exorcist

author comments
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shit upload, dumping it all
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screams in robot.png
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[Screams in robot]

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Only good thing in this anime
I disagree, Sinon's ass was good as well.

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How strong do you thing Pariston is in terms of
Compared to hxh top tier characters like
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My bad
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>Compared to hxh top tier characters
>Didn't include two of the most intelligent character in the series
>most intelligent character
>most cheating character

Also, I didn't include Kurapichan because he is not intelligent since he limited his ability to his revenge only.

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Gunslinger Girl.jpg
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Is this the ultimate diamond in the rough? Does any other anime deserve a remake more?
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I want to fuck Henrietta.
>needing a remake
It was perfect. Season 2 is proof that a remake or new season would fucking suck, read the manga if you want more
With Kino's Journey recently getting a new season, I think early 00's anime deserve a modernisation. I think some grittier VA, a souped up colour palette to compliment Italy, and more animation outside of the action scenes to make the rest of the show feel less static justifies my want of a remake of at least S1

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Why didn't the spell work?
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Magic doesn't exist
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Threadly reminder that Chise killed her father for stupid reasons.
But it worked on that boy.

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