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>it's another used-goods slut god episode
You'd think the nips would have learned from the shitshow that was kanagi. Two nukes wasn't enough. NTR was a mistake.

So tell me /a/, how many series have you dropped this month?
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>the god's body constitution has never been shown before
Probably because the slut has cigar burns and choke marks from all the dickings she's gotten over a thousand years.

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I miss Erin
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Poor man's Yotsuba
Should have gotten eaten by those alligators and saved me from watching it all
Not even in the same genre, Mr. Shitposter.

t.asteless faggot

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Hey guys, have any of you seen this series? What did you think about it?

I discovered it a few days ago and got instantly hooked, i have watched the 4 seasons, apparently there is a 5th that is still ongoing so i'll wait a bit before giving it a try.

Season 1 was AMAZING and everything after is either really good or not scary at all.
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Way too repetitive.
Every story in the first season had the same pacing to a T.

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Those filthy slants
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>Dorothy episode next
It's time for you memers who say she's only good for her rack to eat your words.
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>princess in charge of making a new thread

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Why don't they make great females characters any more?
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This is the gayest post i have seen all year.
And im a yanfag.
Kingdom is full of great women, Yotanwa, Karin, Kyoukai, Ten, the Queen
Because you're a filthy casual.

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Is Legend of Galactic Heroes the GOAT anime?
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GOAT for QUOTE at least
Trillion iq anime
I think it has more breadth than depth; however, it has enough depth in its sociopolitical commentaries to be interesting.

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Hop in, pick a Gem and try this amazing manga!

>What is Houseki No Kuni?
A Manga from author Haruko Ichikawa. 28 genderless Gem People are the only habitants of the land in the far future, and they must defend themselves from the mysterious attackers that come from the Moon to capture them. Phos, the protagonist, is completely useless, so Adamant, their leader, asks him to make an encyclopedia which kicks a series events that make him start to discover whats going on with the world they are living in.
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What we saw so far:
>Phos gets chosen to make an encyclopedia. He meets Cinnabar, who wants to fucking die, and decides to find a job for him. Phos befriends an Admirabilis, Ventricosus. Admirabilis are used as slaves by the Moon People. Ventricosus tells Phos about the Humans and their myth of creation. She tries to sell Phos to the Moon People and he loses their legs, but they sort things out and she gives him agate legs.
>Phos new legs makes him super fast. Adamant Sensei sends him with the Amethyst twins to see if he learns how to fight. Phos gets too scared to even call for help during battle. Due to feeling bad about it, Phos cannot hibernate like the other gems during winter. He is paired up with Antarciticte to defend the sleeping gems from attackers, and loses his arms to the talking ice floes. When he gets an alloy replacement, Moon People attack and take away Antarc.
>Phos gets temporarily partnered up with Bortz since he is now strong. A double sunspot anomaly appears, and from there a giant Moon People who attacks the gems, but they manage to defeat him. Phos realizes the giant was related to Sensei in some way and decides to learn about it by directly trying to talk with the Moon People.
>Phos can only get breathing sounds out of the Moon People. He pairs up with Ghost Quartz, a multilayered gem and keeps trying to investigate Sensei in secret.
>Because of his fault, Ghost gets taken to the Moon and only his inner gem, Cairngorm remains. They sort things out. Another double sunspot anomaly appears, this time Pieces that they manage to defeat. Sensei is shown to know the pieces too. Just before Winter comes again, Phos loses his head.
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For more info (Previous volumes)
-Volume 1: >>160572958
-Volume 2: >>160590998
-Volume 3: >>160657589
-Volume 4: >>160696839
-Volume 5: >>160783548
-Volume 6: >>160824013
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The awful typesetting will eventually get better so bear with me. Its one of the best volumes imo.

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because you're an ironic weaboo
Lum looks so sweet and ripe. I bet she smells beautifully of young love and adrenaline.
not sure if this is an insult or not

Anime about these three when? Id watch it for Blanche.
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Make it /u/ and we have a deal.
Spark can fuck Go (male)

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Get a load of these knockers!
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We talk'n bout titties?
I guess we're not talking bout titties....
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venus huge chest.jpg
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Yes, titties! Boobs!

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Name a better sailor soldier.

Protip: You can't
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All the sailor soldiers are better than moon and chibi
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Makoto is equally as good.

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What would the series be like if other students got One for All instead of Izuku?
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It'd have either gone to Vault Boy or Todo.
this, vault boy was a runner up to inherent one for all. Izuku would have probably ended up like the Vigilantes as he missed the entrance exam.
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How broken would he be with OfA?

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jojo is the best anime/manga

prove me wrong
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Stop right there faggot.
That image already proved you wrong.

Araki can't plan for shit and the series as a whole has one of the worst world buildings I've ever seen in a fictional story. Heck, there's NO world building at all.
I'm sorry but Hol Horse was the best crusader, and he wasn't even a crusader.

also it's because araki didn't want to kill off a cowboy, so he killed of yet another dog instead

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Looks like a Digimon.
How about now?
God she's so cute.

>hugging Hime in fear
>falling over watching news

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this was a solid 7
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wake me up when he finally fucks with stepsister otherwise this shit just isnt worth my time
7 people you mean
Now that's a meme I haven't seen in a while

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