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Will there be more special move training after the current arc?
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Remember to ignore Stainfags
the anime only episode is just one episode right? were doing a real full arc after?
One episode then Teachers vs Students.

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They don't get away with this, right?
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They are not trying to get away. In fact, the entire purpose behind their actions is to remain right where they are.
When the council says you get into that tank, you better do that.
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It's ok, Daniel.

Student Council is cute.CUTE

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What does /a/ think of Satou-kun to Tanaka-san?
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>X to Y
couldn't they think up a title name that's, I don't know, not shit?
They were too busy for anything but yuri shit.

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Do you like big girls?
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I really liked this series. Did it stop at ch.30? I can't find any after it.
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If by big you mean tall then absolutely.

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Do you guys like Guyver?
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I've never actually read any of the manga but both the early 90's OVAs and the 05 series were really cool. I kinda also liked the American movie too.
well, I would like to see them animate up to the point of Aptom's Omega Blast form debut or even of Guyver-Aption; where Aptom wraps up around Guyver-1 as armor.
The Dark Hero liveaction movie is what got me into anime as a kid

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Haruhi is a bitch. Accept it, she's a terrible waifu.
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Well, she is Kyon's waifu.
Shirou is a bitch too.
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It looks like his wrist vagina is leaking.

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Oh man, FUCK this anime. Never have I been so angry watching a bunch of narcissistic fucks prattle on about their "ideologies" and "philosophy" since that bullshit katanagatari.
It wouldn't have been so bad if they didn't keep constantly showing this weak, whiny, good for nothing, arrogant sack of shit cry EVERY.SINGLE.EPISODE. What the fuck? Grow a pair and stop acting like a little bitch. Shinji had more balls than this guy and he jacked it over an unconscious slut.
The action was nice. The animation was solid at times. The atmosphere and music were top notch. BUT HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, DID THESE ASSHOLES MAKE IT A SLODGE TO GO THROUGH.
Take Yuki, a stupid punk ass kid with nothing to offer the world gets his hands on a piece of technology to see the future and just blows it up on trivial bullshit. When shit starts to become tough, does he try to pull his weight? Hell no. He leaves it to the desperate crazy psycho bitch to take care of, leaving himself with a clean conscience because "LOL I DIDN'T DO IT!"
And then there's Yuno. What can be said about her that hasn't already been said? Monster? Freak? Thirsty cunt? She fucking knew the consequences of her action meant nothing in the grand scheme of things and still proceeded to go about in the worst possible way imaginable, murdering and ending not one, but TWO fucking universes.
Almost every other character was a better person or had a better motivation to do what they were doing, save one or two. That's fine. What I'm mostly pissed about is that the way the scenes and story were set up to try to garner some sort of sympathy for these two pieces of human garbage sociopaths by letting them cop out at the end and giving them a happy ending.
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Future 2.png
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No. Fuck you Japan. I'm not going to feel sorry for a weak sniveling crybaby who betrayed his only friends' trusts by killing them and I'm not going to feel sorry for a stupid bitch who'd pursue the first guy who'd actually say something nice to her to the ends of the Earth. Fuck you.
They deserved the worst possible endings that were originally in store for them. Yuki, alone in his galaxy, because, hey, that's how he chose to live his life up to that point and never bothered to try to change, and she should have stayed dead. Such a bullshit ending that was given to the both of them. I'm all for almost everyone else being happy because they weren't such complete fuck ups, but Yuno 1 and Yuki 2 needed to stay unhappy. Hell, I'd even go so far as to say fuck Yuki 3 being with Moe Wakaba, just because of how much of a shit he was in the first two universes. That's not fair, that's just how I feel. And really, Yuno 3 should have found happiness, not become the reincarnated vessel of Yuno 1 to satisfy Yuki 2.
All that being said, I liked Minene, Aru, and Hinata.
tl;dr Fuck Yuki and Yuno.
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I want Minene to sit on me
We all do, anon. We all do.

How far have you gotten in Detective Conan, /a/?
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My roommate watches this show. I dig it.

There is some bullshit, but the mysteries that I watched are solvable which is nice.
I've kept up with the manga for like 15 years but don't bother with the anime.
I only saw as much as they aired on Adult Swim. It was OK but I wasn't exactly clamoring for more after they dropped it.

Why aren't you watching the new natsume special?
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Because I haven't seen the last season yet.
because i already watched it, doujins when?
That is fine. You only have to wait 4 more years for the next season.

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Which Friend would you fug?
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baby emperor.jpg
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This reminded me of that
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Thanks for the red arrow!
This is some next-level shitposting right here, I'm genuinely impressed OP.

Production IMS returns for this new anime.


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Production IMS returns to make another production disaster
Cute feet.
So cute women getting sloshed?

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How would 17 vs toppo work out?
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17 would fuck him up
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Reminder latino fanbase sucks they are toxic af


Fumita's wild ride continues
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Senpai Arc
>this is your future fiancee

wew, lads
>CC arc

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It's shit.

hearing vegeta sing space train to love will never get old.
Has the extra chapter been translated yet?

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