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Would this girl REALLY make such a great wife or is Kazuma just deluded?
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>Kazuma wanting to marry Megumin

Actually she is more into him than he is into her, Kazuma is more friendly toward Aqua and more sexual toward Darkness
Have you read the latest volume? Kazuma is completely into Megumin.

I love the moonlight idle and want to spend some precious days with her.
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Mizuki a shit please remove.
Too bad no one else loves her.
I want to fuck Lala.

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The serval /ˈsɜːrvəl/ (Leptailurus serval), also known as the tierboskat, is a wild cat found in Africa.
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One of the greatest mysterious memes to exist.

That face.
Just why is it so perfect?
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Seiyuu that are still virgins
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>glorified prostitutes
I bet like 90% of them started in the eroge industry and regularly sucked off yakuza dicks to progress
Isn't she a mother though or am I being baited right now

Are all japanese MC gay or something?
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>Not jumping into bed with some slut with literally the most blatant ulterior motive in history means you're gay
Try harder.
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She's a priest. She's pure as snow.

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Literally 誰?

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I'm still angry


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Fall 2017
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Fall 2017 is going to be GOAT
Dead thread, dead show, less shitters in threads.
That is a lot sooner than i thought
Fall season is only looking better and better

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Reminder that if you hate mineta you're a fat tumblrfag who doesn't have a sense of humor
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In my country minet means oral sex.
In my contry, Minet or Minou could be a name for pussy.
In my cunt, minet means op is fucking gay.

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I can't believe Sawano used to write music like this. This shit belongs in a fucking concert hall.


How did he become a terrible Engrish-spouting J-pop machine?
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he always sucked tho
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>H-hey guys, d-do I fit in yet?
>How did he become a terrible Engrish-spouting J-pop machine?
His boss at Sony records keep forcing him to include insert songs that sung by their new hot idol from their agency for his soundtrack.

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>MC heals the king in 3 seconds, solves the mystery of the century and finds out that Disney villain #7230 was the culprit
>crown princess swiftly goes from waterfalls under the skirt to proposal
>king agrees because why not
>MC reasonably points out that they know him for TEN FUCKING MINUTES
>hoho, Touya-sama-san-dono, my 12yo daughter conveniently happens to have Mystic Eyes of Nice Guy Perception, so feel free to manhandle her tiny body
>but muh Grorious Nippon Laws Folded Over 10,000 Times
>moshi moshi, Jesus desu
>yo dawg, harem's legal n' shieeet
>btw I'm a lvl 99 summoner now
Is this some sort of sophisticated ironic parody?
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Shit OP
save your own screenshots
You lost me about halfway through, can you structure it a bit better?
Yeah man I know. It's the best anime in ages. Now if only /v/ could aquire patrician taste and enjoy this anime like a superior being such as myself

Frien goes nip, offers to bring back weeb stuffs. Google dissapoints. What should i get?
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Fuck off.
Some juicy cocks down your throat.

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No, Im just not yet a millionair.
I prefer the term Temporary Non-Millionaire.
The cutest poorfag.

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What are the first 10 things you would like to do to Megumin?
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First I would tell her to dress appropriately.
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I want to write 'excalibur's sheath' on her belly!
Remove her hat.

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So what's up with the anime anyways? I haven't watched it or seen any threads of it around. Is it just a lot worse than the manga?
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The anime is okay. One of its strengths is that you can actually tell the boys apart easily now that their hair is colored.

It won't reach a good chunk of the interesting stuff, so it's not particularly worth watching if you read the 4koma already. Personally I'm just skipping around in the episodes I download just to see strips I really enjoyed animated.
>you can actually tell the boys apart easily now that their hair is colored

Remembering girls names is also a good sign in my eyes.
>I haven't seen any threads around
Look harder. We have a ~500 post thread every episode plus a bunch of smaller ones.

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