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How many decades until his next series?
Every space is what I like about anime. Ikuni a best
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my other car is utena

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>Her eyes
I believe you need to adjust the tint on your teevee, anon.
thanks doc.

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Why didn't he just kill Suzaku?
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Would you kill the person that you love just for revenge your sister?
Kill his best friend? Madness?
He wasn't fully committed to his cause. He tried to balance being both Lelouch and Zero when he should have just picked one and gave it his all.

No half-measures.

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New New Game tomorrow

Is it just me or what Episode 4 sorta QUALITY? Did they blow their animation budget on the first 3 episodes?
Also I never noticed Hifume had such a child bearing body until that ep. Shouldn't autistic people not be able to pick up on subtle hints like she does, though?
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Social anxiety isn't autism
Everything is autism if autism is the only word you know.
It's aspergers

Don't you hate when you go to the school gym warehouse and you find hoes in nets?
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Don't you dare call her a hoe
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No, but I love Kantoku's.
Will bitch be more appropriate?

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Where's my volume 12?
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Never ever.
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The turkey eat it.
What happened to Tanigawa? He just disappear. No news or something. I don't think he have twitter.

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Make or request /a/rt
Previous thread >>160768823
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Ashitaka and Haku Request.png
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Requesting Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke and Haku from Spirited Away relaxing together on a hot summer's day, possible having rice balls or ice cream. Full color please.
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Jungle Book Request.png
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Requesting Mowgli and Baloo from The Jungle Book: Shōnen Mowgli, in a scene based on the Disney movie where they are floating down the river with Baloo floating on his back, and Mowgli siting on his belly (and not singing "Bare Necessities"). Full color please. Mowgli has his sideburns and ponytail, and wearing his yellow loincloth.
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Requesting colors for Neptune and Jolyne.
(Since it's Araki's style, you can go crazy with the coloring)
Neptune ref: https://files.catbox.moe/jdhes0.jpg
Jolyne refs: http://imgur.com/a/wwFqz

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They're going to reuse animation from episode 11 aren't they
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thats it Gohan you've finally let you TRUE power come out, my angel radar detects that its above el grande padre.
Toei to Toyotaro after that shitty manga version of Black's arc:

I accept your concession.
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El Sicario Hit.jpg
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Dejen Dyspo a mi, El Golpe

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It's been a while so let's have a DYOW (or husbando) thread.

Hard mode -> Do anything only with ms paint
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Draw whatever you want but in addition, attempt drawing them in yukata or jinbei. Other Japanese clothes are also good.

Normal requests go to the other drawthread -> >>160768823
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Did this quickly at the end of a thread, forgot to post it then.

Hope others join.
If anyone wants, it would be nice to see waifus in a summer outfit or eating a summertime food.
>summertime food
What do you recommend?

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Hey. Dumping Dark Horse's Lone Wolf.

>In the feudal era of Japan, Ogami Itto is the elite executioner for the Shogun until the ruthless Yagyu clan frames him in an attempt to gain the position. His name dishonored and his wife murdered, Itto and his infant son Daigoro wander Japan as an assassin for hire, named Lone Wolf and Cub. Ultimately, Ogami Itto strives for revenge against the Yagyu clan.
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Magic shit.png
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Have i made a God
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Also, >>>/v/
didnt know where to post
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>October premiere

So is anyone watching this?
Are the LNs popular?
Will it sell well?
Will the songs be good?
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>So is anyone watching this?
I'm still waiting for it to be released.
Dead thread? Already?
Sure, why not

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Which is the smarter anime?
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>implying you don't already know the answer in your heart
Don't disappoint me now, OP.
Amazing copy and paste skills anon
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I legit have never seen this movie mentioned on here. Yet its one of the most important pieces in the history of anime and its actually really good too. Why is that?
Here's the trailer

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I think we usually call it Horus, Prince of the Sun.
well it's /a/. See, no matter the art value of the movies, it's a shit format for all the personal reasons. Funny how I feel like I wasted 2 hours after watching a movie but reading or watching something for a irl week every evening feels just right. Movies are full of wasted emotions of the watcher, with tiny return. Basically they make nearly no sense to exist if you have nobody to discuss it with indeed, but nice tv series usually envelop you like a comfortable blanket forming with you one already stable system.
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I legit have never seen this movie mentioned on here. Yet its one of the most important pieces in the history of anime and its actually really good too. Why is that?

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madoka rebellion 4.png
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>still no second season of madoka

Goddamn can nips do anything right?
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Is there anything worse than people complaining about muh season 2?
Youre getting a movie by 2020 and you will like it.


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