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Couple more days left for the best LWA doujin.
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Is Boku the fanartists that mastered the official style the best? She draws everything perfectly on-model.
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Where's my season 2?
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didn't this flop?
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Is this the best season in years? There is so much good shit around you barely have time for everything.
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Its moe.
Its shiT.
Its not even about games.
They are just shitty characters who do not deserve existence.
This season is meh, better than spring, but on the same level as winter
The next one is the real deal
What anime this season are worth watching? Excluding sequels and left overs? There are like 5 at best

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I can't find the original sub for Jojo, I want to watch the series in full from the start (2012), but every time I try and download or stream it they have the stupid subs on. Jojo is fun for the memes and they literally do not even have "It was me, Dio!" in the first damn episode. Plz someone help me out here.
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Streaming link is here:
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For example, who thought this was a good idea?? Why even change the classic? They ruin all the best parts
Ok, fine, mods kill the thread please

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Read the guide

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Who's making these? Please don't tell me this are GKs.
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Ryuko figure.jpg
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I knew how big it would be but it still surprises me
>Please don't tell me this are GKs.
OK I won't.

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Write an anime plot for the picture above your post
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Vampire NEO cries blood from his eye socket whenever it's too sunny. He's looking for a cure by drinking the blood of dozens of different people. He finally realizes that there isn't a cure for his condition because HE'S REALLY JUST SAD ABOUT ALL THAT KILLING!

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What're your thoughts on the dub? Were you impress? Are you just watching this as a means to kill yourself? Do share
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not bad
How to tell the director of the dub is a Mehgloomyfag

>Gave Erina over excessive line
>Gave Erina a shitty VA who no one has ever heard of
>Gave Megumi a very popular VA everyone knows of
>Literally had Shinomiya call Megumi Somas girlfriend during the scene where Soma talked back Shino for expelling Megumi (which was actually said no joke)
Overall the dub is shit and so is the director Even though that’s expected considering this is Sentai dub
Well obviously who wouldn't be a Megumifag? The beginning of the series is primarily focused on Soma and Megumi and Erina is just there being a bitch

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Well it's about time.
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They're also holding an event around that ime
This time, it IS happening
Why are you posting worst girl?
Fucking finally

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All hail Beatrice, the only true and most loyal servant of Her Royal Highness Charlotte
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Beato a shit.
You forgot your Ange pic, anon.
But she's not serving Her Royal Highness Charlotte, she's serving some random bumpkin.

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I feel like I've seen this character from somewhere but I can't remember who she is
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That's me in the corner.
How do you guys cope without updates?
That's me in the spotlight

>this is official art
>the artist previously did porn with her

How is this allowed?
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Why the sudden explosion of konosuba threads recently?
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Explosions you say?
post more

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is the vol.14 out or not yet?
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Shit manga
is it because it's popular?
wtf I love Snek now!

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lol did their budget run out the last episode or something
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Hilarious internet trolling aside, that picture is actually lovely.
No they just plenty of issues during production.
>the last episode or something
No, it ran out earlier than that which is why the second half of NGE looks so meh compared to the first.

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Does Bakugou really deserve to be a hero if he acts like this?
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Depends on his actions as a hero.
Bakugou is truly a mystery. There is absolutely nothing wrong in his life: he's a good looking kid from a well off household and has an exceptionally powerful quirk, he got accepted into the most prestigious school and does extremely well in class and in hero training. But he acts like a psychotic retard. He wants to be a hero like his idol All Might, a man who sacrificed his health and social life in order to help others. But he's an unempathetic bully motivated by fame and admiration. The only reason he hasn't turned into a villain is because villains aren't as popular as heroes.
according to some people he deserves it more than grape

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> Yuuri & Yurio guide is basically 1. Yurio shouting insults 2. Yuuri being sweet and gentle, and not giving a singlefuck
> The Yuris arrive at the museum together, and Yurio is quick dashing to the costume display
> Yuuri has a mini freak out about his costume being on display, worrying if it has been washed properly, scared it might still smell sweaty
> Yurio notices that someone is listening in, so Yuuri teases him that it may be one of the Yuri's Angels
> Yurio gets angry, starts shouting at the listener, so Yuuri quickly calms him down by saying that the listener doesn't look like an Angel
> Yurio: Whatever, maybe it's one of your stupid fans then Yuuri: Ehh, my fan?!
> Yuuri politely excuses them both, shuffling Yurio off to the next section
> Yuuri begins to compliment Yurio's short program,saying that it was "amazing" &that he's impressed Yurio surprassed Victor's SP score record
> Yuuri comments that Yurio really made the program his own by the time they reached the final.
> Yurio insists that he still thinks the Eros concept suited him better than Yuuri. He complains about Victor all around, calls him an idiot
> Then, softly mutters about how Yuuri did do a great job with his programs in the final, making them into something that suited him perfectly
> Yuuri: Ahh, Yurio... you cried at the end of your free skate, didn't you? Yurio: I fucking didn't!
> Yuuri: All that emotion coming to a close, it's easy to understand that your tears fell like waterfalls...
> Yurio: Shut up! You're the one who's always crying, pig! Last year, you were crying like a piglet in the toilets!
> Yuuri: Not like a pig, but it's true that I did cry last year.Then again, the fact that a Russian yankee kicked the door down is also true..
> Yurio: Who are you calling a Russian yankee?!?!
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> Yuuri: Oh hey, Yurio... where'd you go off to with Otabek the day before the final? I saw posts about a Kazakh carrying off a Russian...
> Yurio: Hey, don't you know?! My eyes are ones you can't forget after seeing them just once, like those of a soldier! Yuuri: Huh?!
> (*Japanese "huh" can be quite mocking so Yuuri's making fun of that statement, in his disbelief)
> The Yuris come up on the "Victor area" and Yurio is distraught by all the Victors, saying being there gives him a bad feeling
> It is also at this point that Yurio realizes... Yuuri is a hardcore Victor "otaku"
> Yurio wants to get through the section quickly, but Yuuri lingers a bit. He talks about how it brings back lots of good memories.
> Yuuri: When I first saw Victor, I felt so inspired to continue skating. I wanted to get stronger&I got a lot of that strength from Victor...
> Yurio interrupts Yuuri's sweet musings by yelling, "DUMBASS!"
> Yurio: You are always talking about Victor, Victor, Victor, nothing but Victor!
> Yurio shouts that his era has begun, and that he is going to wipe Victor off the map
> He asserts that the next season, he's going to come out at the very top, so everyone needs to watch out.
> The Yuris come up to the kiss and cry. Yuuri talks about how he put everything Victor taught him into his free skate performance.
> He says he felt so light, bright and shining, happy to be skating the Yuri on Ice program.
> He says he had no idea that he had ended up breaking Victor's FS score record, still sounding amazed
> Yuuri congratulates Yurio for winning gold in the GPF
> Yurio insists that both of his programs are great, and that Yuuri is only better at him in one aspect (FS score).
> He promises that he will overtake Yuuri's skills soon enough
> Yuuri says that's good, that he's looking forward to the next season and seeing how both he and Yurio will grow
File: DGma5-bVwAAx9_z.jpg (105KB, 869x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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> Yurio: Hey, I have something I wanted to ask you... What is that thing you're always holding onto in the Kiss and Cry? Yuuri: The onigiri?
> Yurio: No! The other thing, the yellow-black-white one! Yuuri: Oh, the tamago sushi? Do you want it? It should fit right in your bag,have it
> Yurio: What, really?! I'm not giving this back, you know, it's mine now. Awesome! Yuuri: ...You're that happy?
> Yurio: Yeah, I'll give it to Gramps! He like sushi and eggs, so this is perfect! I wanna show it to him right now!!
> Yuuri: Wow, you're so excited... Makes me happy to see that.
> Yuuri and Yurio close out the guide with thanks to their supporters,w/ both of them saying, "Balshoy spasibo!" (A big thank you!) in Russian
> Yurio: See you next level!

> "Thanks for the summary!! Yurio really is precious XDD"
> JJ/Yurio on Wednesday, we'll see how precious he is....
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Finally a decent quality of this one too. This baka gaijin is doing god's work.

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