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What the hell is taking david production this long?
8 months since ending of diu and no confirmation for part 5
and almost 5 months since announcement of ova and still not aired.
I thought jojo anime was doing well in japan??
Or are they planning to lower the budget once more and make less details in part 5 "cuz not our fault we just wanted to change artstyle like manga did"
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>What the hell is taking david production this long?


Over planning and probably going over budget on the Rohan OVA since it has brand new character designs that try to emulate Araki's style shift at that point and get something high quality out to the hardcore fans that bought all of the BDs.

I imagine Part 5 has been in pre-production for awhile but they needed to free up their crew first finishing up the OVA before getting a preview properly animated and announced.
>I have no idea how anime works
You should be happy they decided to take their time instead rushing it and having it turn out shit.

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Akane should have fucked Hanabi too
What a waste
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I don't think she swung that way tho
you should fuck yourself, retard
It was an absolute waste of potential.

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Is that Colette?
Colette is cute!
colette+legs= really cute.
This outfit is much better than the video game.
It looks really nice, but it's too lewd for Colette in the game.

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New Idols for Onsen Musume.

I see they've taken Naomi from [email protected] and Risa Kubota from Aikatsu.
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My filter picked up the Aikatsu, but she's the sidlest sidle out there. What's Onsen Musume again? New idol show?
Moe anthropomorphised Onsens become Idols.
Right, and the cool part is that they're all drawn by different artists. I have hopes for it.

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DGoA0mQU0AU_XFq.jpg orig.jpg
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This is a beautiful old hag.
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Remove hag.

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One of these two men is a subhuman criminal that exploits MonMusus for profit.
The other is an entrepreneuring businessman that exploits MonMusus for profit.
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>One of these two men is a subhuman criminal that exploits MonMusus for profit.
>The other is an entrepreneuring businessman that exploits MonMusus for profit.
The difference here is one of them pays his taxes.
(White Collar) Crime pays!
they look like they could be related

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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
Remember when one of these lasted for three days? That was magical.
morning koume <3

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yuri is love

yuri is life
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Dragonball uno.jpg
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Who will win?
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SSG ToP anime.png
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Are ya ready?
So uh...
That one girl mastered the art of vagin..yachina fisting huh?

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Guys does anyone know which vid this is from. Seems like some user created mmd for vanessa sunscreen ad.
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You're probably better off asking /r/ or even better /jp/.
I think they have a thread up right now.
Holy shit that is a pretty girl.

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>You will never pinch Reg's adorable cheeks
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Can I at least pinch him in the balls?
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And can I pinch him in the delicate head of his shota dick with the edge of a sharp moth claw?

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>raildex was their best selling shit
>kadokawa decided to be retarded and not let them make new seasons that benefited them and the anime studio
>instead they get them adapting shit nobody cares about consistently

How can one be so retarded?
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J.C.Staff seems to be the McDonalds of the anime industry.
Don't forget, their not making season 3 led someone to retire from the music industry.
You know, OP, that studios themselves are very rarely the main investor in the projects they are animating, right?

Still the objectively best anime of 2017 so far.
Tanya is loli of the decade.
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But it's a man
>biologically a female
>somehow a man
Does Tanya have phantom penis issues and suicidal tendencies like irl trannies?

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Also is it just me or do licensed manga always have low amount of black levels? They always feel so light.
They get what the publisher sends to them. Unless they fuck with that, it's not their result; it's the Japs'. Scanning is always an extreme point of contention because of crap like this - people always argue over whether something is light enough or dark enough, if the 'right' grays are hidden, mumble mumble dust, etc; and it's all pointless.
>woman has to do all the courting
japanese men are so beta

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What could it possibly be for it to redeem the rebuilds.

What could it possibly be for it to not be even worse than 3.
It's still happening? I assumed they just silently abandoned it at this point.
How about "3 was just a possible outcome, all inside Shinji's head, Shinji learned something today, now back to the real story ..."

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I know why drugs arent very common in anime/manga (anime moreso), but what are some ones that have abuse of real street drugs?
I've heard NHK had had it even in the anime and more in the manga, but thats about the extent of my knowledge
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Kamisama no memochu had the MC take a (fictional) street drug to track down a dealer.

Charlotte's MC attempts to do cocaine but gets intervened.
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Weed cute boy.jpg
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Oh, and devilman obviously
It doesnt have to be central to the plot (although that would be nice) but i want at least people using real life drugs rather than fake space weed
Detective Conan busted a hardcore marijuana dealer for shitting up his streets

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