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Fact: Age gap yuri is the greatest form of romance
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Adult yuri>yuru yuri>age gap
>not girl on giant robot
it's a pixiv file with a pixiv filename, if you need anything besides that get out of /a/

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How old were you when you first watched NGE?
What year was it?
Favourite episode?
Favourite moment?
Best girl?
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I was 27
don't know favorite episode
favorite moment i don't know
asuka is a real person so her, but i would fuck rei as much as possible because she probably wouldn't care
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OP here.

Rei II the episode with pic related
Asuka vs the Eva Series

sorry, i was rushing to be first. Misato is best.

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This may have beaten Gunbuster and Tatami Galaxy as the greatest anime I've ever seen, wow. Why don't more people talk about it?
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RGU was severe autism in the best possible way.
How's it feel to finally finish your third anime ever OP?
I kept expecting it to be overwhelming at a point but it never reached it.

Put more effort into your banter, thanks.

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More To Love-ru when?
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When he starts releasing his hidden doujin stash.
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I want Mikan to sit on my face

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What does /a/ think of tsundere characters?
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>Any good
I like it.

I will never watch anything he has worked on. Fuck him and what he represents.
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>Fuck him and what he represents
Well animated timeless classics that appeal to all audiences and have strong themes and stories?
I know anon. Fuck tradition, fuck craft, fuck environmental consciousness, fuck temperance and fuck good quality animation films. A world where all our art is made by either machines or undisciplined idiots for a gluttonous and vacuous audience is the ideal world.

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What are the expectations about the new form chocolate Goku SS2?
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>making this thread
for what fucking purpose
good question
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It's not stronger than Snickers Goku base form.

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This is your angel tonight
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her anus is heavenly
Oh look it's the anal meme again.
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She's my angel every night.

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Does anyone still care about this?
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The fan artists still do, they did some stuff for Saku's birthday a few days ago.

But seriously, I wonder why the manga translation for the next chapter is taking so long.
I still like bellies.

Has /a/ listened to Everything You've Ever Dreamed? It was one of the songs considered to be played during the Third impact sequence during EoE, but Komm Süsser Tod was chosen instead.

Do you like this song? How would you feel differently about the movie if this was played in place of Komm Süsser Tod?
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not enough of a Hey Jude ripoff evidently
Yes I have, it's a nice song.
>anno is a hack
color me shocked.

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Could someone please explain to me the cultural impact of this anime better than the Wikipedia page? It only mentions how footage was uploaded to YouTube a lot, but I get the feeling it's got a lot more to say for itself.

I only just discovered it. Watched the first 4-5 episodes (chronologically!) and I'm kinda bored, but Harumi is awesome.

So did this anime invent slice of life? Did it invent waifus? Did it invent common anime tropes? Any help would be appreciated.
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What is this, you trying to write a paper or something?
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>I only just discovered it.
> did this anime invent slice of life? Did it invent waifus?
Kill yourself.
Nah man, just curious. I feel like I'm severely out of the loop on this thing.

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Hiro said we can have a meta thread to freely discuss ways to improve the board.
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Ban lolis and any high school fan service threads.
Delete /pol/
>Hiro said
And if Hiro were a mod, somebody would care.
Fuck off.

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Inu Inukai 2.webm
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If your waifu becomed doggo would you still olev her?
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Yes, but it would put serious strain on our relationship.
It'd be ruff, but yes
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Dagashi Kashi was a masterclass in character design, why did they change it?
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>masterclass in character design
But it just had one girl with swirly eyes and another with really small pupils
shut the fuck up
No seriously, that was it.

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Why do you hate this beautiful girl?
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/a/ consists of closet homos.
Beauty can't redeem her from being such a cunt
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Ume sucks

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