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What music do the PriPri's listen to?
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Beato's theme
Classical, Beethoven and all that shit.
Though Chise listens to animu songs.
If the steampunk age hasn't given birth to new styles of music, there is not much for them to chose between classic and peoples folk. Chises listens to ping-pong, Ange to whatever they play on the black lizard planet.

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Just got done watching the first two episodes of Berserk 2016, against my better judgement. My eyes are already hurting.

What went wong, /a/? What did Beserk fans do to deserve this fate?
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by having a lot of fans who say "who cares about visuals? the story is more important, and it's better than nothing" instead of demanding better quality. oh and the author himself for approving and being apart of the production.
At least it scared Miura off hiatus. If we even get a (2018), lets hope it's not the same fuckwad directing it this time, and that it won't be 3D
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>tfw we are all going to be old or dead by the time Beserk ends
Also checked

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What do you like most about Pan?
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solely her appearence in DBS
Her tight pussy
Exposed navel.


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Why yellow subs?
Because they went with anime network for subs. Its also hard subbed which sucks. But Rinne is still Rinne in the end. Let us celebrate /Our Guy/ Jumonji on making it!

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How does /a/ feel about this anime?
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nothing special, but shows like these are my guilty pleasure.
Manga was vastly better.
It's the kind of shit that makes you embarrassed to tell your normal friends you like anime.

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Post your favorite shoujo
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Patrician taste, mangaka is good at making best girls

Wonder what an interaction between Seo and Kurosaki would be like?
Anime when?
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After the second season of Nozaki of course.

>Hitsugi no Chaika reference in Scrapped Princess.

Bones confirmed for bros.
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That's neat I guess.

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So is this show actually worth watching?

People call it one of the better 'older' shows; but I've just finished episode 5 and would call it pretty terrible.

It's all contrived melodrama, who the fuck cares if this girl doesn't address you? Why does it have to take 4 episodes to explain this conflict? Like shit.

Does it get better?
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4 episodes isn't so bad when you understand that in real life it happened for MONTHS
doesn't make it an interesting, enjoyable, or satisfying experience.

I just feel bored.

I hate pretty much every character besides Oscar, but she is barely in the show after the second episode. I'd only keep watching so that when the french revolution happens I can watch them all die.
Don't feel obligated to watch it just because people circlejerk it, or because it's Dezaki and therefore a "classic".

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Left or right?
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The last few chapters have been too adorable. The entire volume with their performance was really good, as well.

What's her major malfunction?
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Being a devoted husband to her wife who doesn't appreciate her
She's willing to pay close attention to get waifu.

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What does /a/ think about Eromanga-sensei? (the show itself not the character)
I just finished the season and it was enjoyable enough, simple but straightforward
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It's nothing special, but the fact that pleople treat like the second coming of christ baffles me.
I liked it better than Oreimo. Better characters, better girl designs.
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Liked it. Comfy. Cute.

Is there anyone more badass than Ichigo?
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Aizen and Yhwach.
By badass, do you mean his ass got rekt hard for being so gay? There's none more than Ichigo in that case.

Even the gay arrancar and the trap aren't that gay.
Probably anyone is more badass than post-timeskip Ichigo.

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What's your thoughts on Samurai Flamenco, /a/?
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I liked it, but I don't know much about the ranger genre in Japan or whatever the fuck it's a parody of, so I don't think I got the full experience
What was his name again?

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Tip: She is not MIO.
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That's Cycling Mio.
I remember her because she rides the same bike as mine.
She's a better Mio.

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Would you date a retard?
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I see you're lying.
No. Retards don't count as women.

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