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How come 2007 is the best year in anime history?
>code geass
>school days
>Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
>gurren lagann
>darker than black
>lucky star
>Hidamari Sketch
Name a year with more classics
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Because that's the year before the economy and thus the anime industry crashed
2011 was good too but 2007 was the best
You forgot Gundam 00.

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Ah, キモオタ is a shortened version of キモイオタク I see now, seriously fuck japanese and their habit of shortening everything. Thanks for the TL anon.

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How can anime have a FPS of 23.976? Does it present 0.024 less a frame or something?
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It's per second, you chucklefuck.
>the moment Papika defeated the cock
>In December 1953 the FCC unanimously approved what is now called the NTSC color television standard (later defined as RS-170a). The compatible color standard retained full backward compatibility with existing black-and-white television sets. Color information was added to the black-and-white image by introducing a color subcarrier of precisely 315/88 MHz (usually described as 3.579545 MHz or 3.58 MHz). The precise frequency was chosen so that horizontal line-rate modulation components of the chrominance signal would fall exactly in between the horizontal line-rate modulation components of the luminance signal, thereby enabling the chrominance signal to be filtered out of the luminance signal with minor degradation of the luminance signal. Due to limitations of frequency divider circuits at the time the color standard was promulgated, the color subcarrier frequency was constructed as composite frequency assembled from small integers, in this case 5×7×9/(8×11) MHz.[11] The horizontal line rate was reduced to approximately 15,734 lines per second (3.579545×2/455 MHz = 9/572 MHz) from 15,750 lines per second, and the frame rate was reduced to 30/1.001 ≈ 29.970 frames per second (the horizontal line rate divided by 525 lines/frame) from 30 frames per second. These changes amounted to 0.1 percent and were readily tolerated by existing television receivers.[12][13]

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(You) should smile more!
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We are!
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She's a big You.
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Dagashi Kashi S2 in 2018 -

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Looks better than the promo art.
>boring, unfunny show
>only good thing about it was the cute character designs
>they managed to even fuck that up now


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One week left to go
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A new chapter silly, what else could it be?

>wake up
>see this
what do?
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I-is this a mirror?
[x] suck her cock

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How will Kiyoshi infiltrate in Marley?
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wake up Annie
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Bow to your Queen
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Endgame right here, brothers.

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>A heavily fortified city - if the center part is breached, it will be the end of humanity
>It's again and again attacked by colossal beings
>In the city there's an academy which gathers young people to combat this threat
>Some of them are able to use biological constructs, much like the enemy, which they can control like their own bodies
>Main character's mother was killed when he was a child, she was consumed by one of the constructs
>His father has his own mysterious agenda and uses his son without telling him anything
>At some point MC's comrade is revealed to be a traitor sent by an outside organization which has it's own plans

Wow, Attack on Titan's plot is pretty crazy
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I considered posting this idea a few weeks back, but couldn't be arsed.
bad post
AoT ripped of Evangelion, everyone with brains would get that.

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When is Annie coming back?
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The same time Ymir does.
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AM a cute and endgame.

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It's Hanabi's birthday. She's been jobbing lately, but someday she will be the ACE again. Say something nice!
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Looks like this thread jobbed, just like Hanabi.
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Dem vagina bones.

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Can a good soundtrack enhance a series?
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Yes. Very much so.
Fuck no. Just download the soundtrack if it's so good.
Watching an anime for the soundtrack is like eating soup for the spoon.

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Are there any truly avant-garde anime or is it all faux avant-garde like pic related?
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Eromanga sensei
Yeah, the most recent one was Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou

Episode 5 today.
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There's already a thread
>one of the worst fucking premises for a series in modern history
>faggots on /a/ actually watching it

And you people say Japan has shit taste
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A day old garbage one, full of non-anime related shitpost.
This thread is for episode 5 discussion.

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