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>Death stare initialized
>tracking target
>a shit found
Why didn't she kill both Bert and Reiner right then and there? She could've spared us at least 30 chapters of fillers.
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I will literally fucking fade you if you post annie in the thread
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AA now.
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JM soon

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Benny boy.jpg
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So how many gigs of cp do you reckon he has on his hard drive?
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All of it.
Zero because Benny isn't a degenerate.
Benny seems more like the loli hentai type

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Left or right?
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Both are dogshit but I'd rather take left over the chest cancer one.
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Right, but only because left is a terrible fucking edit.

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If somebody sucked All Might's dick and swallowed his nut would they get all for one?
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This is actually a legitimate question. I wonder how HE got All For One...
Doesn't he have to willingly pass it?
Yep. Stain has licked Izuku's blood but it didn't pass down because the user has to willingly choose to do so. The recipient, however, doesn't have a say in the matter.

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Yesterday I storytimed Neo Devilman Volume 1.

I will be doing the second volume now. If you're a newcomer, you can jump right in. This manga is all about a bunch of standalone unconnected stories by different authors set in the world of Devilman.

Volume 1 >>160801087
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>dude breaking the fourth wall lmao

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anytime i see this it's in instant drop for me.
"omgz im rly in an anime! LOLOLO"
Jesus Christ, Doki. That's too much text at once.

You can only pick one to marry:
The bitch imouto or the bitch yandere
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Marry the yandere
Fuck the imouto
Kill myself
I'll kill Kirino, take off her dress and give it to Ayase whom I'll marry
Is there a new Takuji doujin or is this just random art?

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definately saitama.png
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why was one punch man such a success?
will they make more?
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There's a second season in production.
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Fubooty hype!
be careful or you're gonna summon him

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That was worse than the manga.

I haven't read it so I'll take your word for it. You can't deny this scene was dope though.
wait , why did she become a devil ?

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Who would win?
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A poor tomboy Vs. A program capable of changing the structure of all society as if it where a god.

Yeah the tomboy could do something to win sure it's not like lain would know every secret, tactic and random facts about her in a single fucking second
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And you don't seem to understand.

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Was it ever explained why this flash-forward scene was so thematically different from what actually takes place later in the series?
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Because they literally changed shit halfway through the series.
2 explanations.
1. This is what was planned and things changed mid-production.
2. This was what happened in the past and their failure was due to their opposite outlook.
>This was what happened in the past and their failure was due to their opposite outlook
Is that not literally Simon and human Boota though?

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I hope they kiss soon.
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Where can I read this?
Reminder that Croissant is precious and a gift to the universe.
I doubt it would run as long, but I'd read this version.

Why isnt HxH about these two anymore?
I thought they're the main characters.
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This got too gay for me fast
There are four main characters.
Why would you bother with the manga just forget about it till full reecranisation in 2030.

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Why did they do this?
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Fuck off
What the fuck bros this was supposed to be the savior of manime
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What did she mean by this´╝č
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I wanna slap the translator and then fuck his mother
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Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with this manga
Tranny displaying her twisted idea of love.

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