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Why is it no longer necessary to watch anime in a well-lit room?
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It still is though.
It'd seem disclaimers of that stripe have largely fallen out of fashion. At the very least, they no longer seem to be mandated.
Everyone has eye problems now so there's no point trying to prevent them anymore.

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>yfw kino anime looks like garbage
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What's the matter, scared of a few scanlines?
Delete this don't shitpost the Kinos
bump =3

Iro should've won the coconabowl
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flip floppers was so bad, literally squandered potential: the animation
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Harem ending is the only way to go.

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>spams an infinite combo
>five minutes long and presumably past the match time limit or after the health bar is empty

Saitama was right, the game is obviously broken.
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Oh this shitty MS translation, even more cringy than I imagined.
Saitama is Garou of the future.
>You can set time limit to infinite
>Some VS games allows continuation of combos even if there's no hp left as long as the enemy stays airborne and not touch the ground.

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>walking through the ghetto with your four friends
>stumble upon a nearly naked chick with a sexy body passed out in an alleyway
What do you do?
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wake up because i dont have any friends.

that's like four more friends than what I usually hang out with
Ask my friends to help me carry my mom home, she's clearly had a rough day.

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Did Homura have a plan for what to do AFTER she saved Madoka from Walpurgisnacht? Would she just try to continue her life with Madoka as a friend, or would she be too far broken and just decide to kill herself?
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Global 6 and 10, and /a/ 3
dindu nuffin
I count three rules violated by this thread, which would add up to a deletion or even a ban if this board was still good enough to moderate.

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Tanya is a beach babe!!
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Deus Vult
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Tanya is a bedbug

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OC/new reaction images thread
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defend this shit
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Can't do it. She needs much bigger tits to be a proper cow.
I can't
nanamifags eternally btfo

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So I put off watching this for almost 7 years, since /a/ said it was so amazing and I wanted to appreciate it fully. Now I gotta ask...when does it get good? Every episode is characters standing around for 30 minutes explaining the power level of their ultimate attack, the fights themselves are seconds long (or not shown--I finally get the meme,) and Schichika is autistic and wooden as a character. I think the only episode I've really liked so far was the one with the shrine maidens, and that still was pretty thin.
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>I need flashy lights and explosions every 5 minutes to entertain me
>So I put off watching this for almost 7 years, since /a/ said it was so amazing and I wanted to appreciate it fully
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>So I put off watching this for almost 7 years, since /a/ said it was so amazing and I wanted to appreciate it fully

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Will this have a harem end?
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best harem.jpg
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Well all the girl are very liked and lovable and each one of them is a stand out and is unique with personality.

Plus Monster Musume is the only series in this genre, because it breaks the cliches, it could get away with this, because it has a great Male MC that's full aware of the girls feelings and he wants to be with them all so, if it did get a harem ending, most people really wouldn't have a problem. I know I wouldn't.

Plus best girl Lala wins in the end either way. She gets to have sex with his soul. Literally.
It didnt end already right?

These guys really suck. I mean, holy shit, they are fucking terrible. I've been giving them a pass for a while, but no they are shit.
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Whole Super is shit. Dunno what you expected.
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I liked them until the tournament actually started and just like everything else I am filled with disappointment

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What did she mean by this?
Did she sell it off to a Chinese resto that serves cat brains?
Did she whore herself and got her brains fucked out of her?
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She couldn't handle being inferior to Gaen so she had part of brain removed so she'd have an excuse to be dumber than her.
It's a metaphor, you fucking idiot.
What could a high schooler possibly know that's valuable enough to exchange for a flight to Antarctica?

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>not 144fps
It's amazing how /v/ermin have found a way to taint animation in such an awful way.

inb4 some dumbass asks what's wrong with 60 fps
2D animation is drawn at a certain rate of frames if you encode the video to be the wrong framerate it makes it look bad
Can't see beyond 30fps though. What's the point mate?

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Tamako Love Story river.png
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Greatest love story ever told
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This shit was better than Oreimo and Toradora.
I read a lot of romance manga, I watched this and didn't think it was good at all.
Except it barely has any love and has zero connection with TV. They just take a couple of characters from it.

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