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Two years worth of conserved energy made a glopping noise as it flew endlessly through Chitanda's body
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Is the author even still alive
Wait a minute, they fucked?
thats hot

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Is this the face of evil?
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It's the face of a boring character who doesn't do shit.
OP here, I already posted in the other one. Anon will decide which thread shall be the more lively one which probably means more shitposting
No one wants to post in Princess' thread. Why it doesn't surprise me?

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Pretty sure my mom found my printed tenchi muyo hentai pictures when she cleaned my room. She didn't say anything.
pls dont bring back memories. just that one fucking day i decided to leave it out on the desk
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any tenchifag is a good fag in my book

I prefer ryoko though

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high quality only
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That's pretty spot on

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Characters you wanted to like, but couldn't. Alternatively, characters you liked but ended up disliking later on.
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>rockin body
>but has glasses
I hate glasses
Picked up the series because of clips of Hanekawa. I got sick of her shit halfway through Bake.
Contact lenses

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Why does no one remember him?
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literally who?

It's a tarp.

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How do you decide what series to read/watch next? It always takes me forever to find a new one to dive in to.
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and then I never watch one of the shows I expect to be good because I'm afraid it'll disappoint. end up watching some stupid show like aho girl or to love ru in the meantime
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I watch anime in batches once every few months and I go by chronological order (aired date), when there is a sequel of some series I watched then I usually marathon from the first season to the current one to not miss any details (my memory is bad I forget easily many things).
I rarely watch ongoing series unless something has been memed so hard that it got me just too curious to ignore it, but I'd rather shorten my backlog whenever I can (stalled in 2014 right now).
I've started and stopped a fuck ton of manga series recently. I just want something I don't have to force myself to read through.

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Is this poorfag detective really the most powerful character in all of Japanese media?
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Reminder he fucked and impregnated a book
Honestly, I would if I could.
This that a comb?

Subs out.
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Is it Upyo time?
Time for more Upyo.

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17 was the MVP in episode 102
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what's his power level?
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Who based /androids/ here?

MVP's so far of the ToP ignoring the saiyans and their bullshit transformations. And the funny thing both are taking this shit seriously unlike the majority after they initially refused to join the team.

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Is there a cuter couple?
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You literally
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Can not
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Beat this

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How do you even compete?
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you zip your dick

Is Lucky Star a loli? She's in high school, so by age she shouldn't be a loli, but her body looks much younger, so if you go by appearance, she could be considered a loli.
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her name isn't lucky star
No, but Toradora is.
Loli is a body type

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>we'll never get to this part

Let us cope with loss, brothers.
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It hurt
Is MiA doing well? Not like S2 is impossible.
S2 is impossible due not enough material, unles you want a 5-6 episode season

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>main character introduced
>"I'm just your average shut in who plays video games all day and has no friends"
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>main character introduced
>he goes outside more than once a week
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>MC introduced
>generic Japanese highschool boy with no redeeming qualities
>twist: age = years without a girlfriend
>greentext reaction image thread

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