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New Kino visual.

What went wrong?
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Hahahahaha not even once
I want to fucking die.

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>hot girl
>see bulge in skirt
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Aw yeah OP, I love me a puffy vulva.

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Have you read this shit, /a/?
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Is this by the Natsu no Zenjitsu/ Koi Kaze author?
Because I'm still mad about NnZ

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time for some iczer appreciation
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Kids here weren't born when this aired and hate anything pre-2009.
Me on the left.
Plenty of people here still watch pre 2000's shit its the 70's and 60's that are true obscure shit that its hard to talk about.

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When did SHAFT become utter shit?
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When they made bake.
Nisekoi was the shark-jumping moment.

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Do you really need to learn kanji?

Isn't being able to speak japanese and read kana enough for gaijins?
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As someone who is just starting to learn 日本語, NO. You may as well ask whether you can speak English without learning all those dumb "nouns".
Yes if you're fine with being illiterate.

would you a furry animal girl without shaving her?
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Are we shaving the ears/tail too?
I would leave some on her legs to act as thigh-highs.

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Lips that touch alcohol never touch mine.

Real sailors don't imbibe.
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It's flowing too slowly to be booze, it's probably jam
I don't even see it flowing at all. Looks static. Maybe get your eyes checked.
>subject and name

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>mahou shoujo with a surreal/dreamlike narrative, cute girls, intense action and great animation

Explain this
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no marketing
I really enjoyed the first 6 episodes or so, but it got really boring and confusing by the end. Lost its "fun" aspect to push an uninteresting narrative. Thats my two cents.
May have flopped but I enjoyed it. Also want her to sit on my face

Was Prison School the apex of fanservice in anime?
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That's a nice peach.
No way fag.
I'd eat the fudge from that peach

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When can we get something that ISN'T a copy/paste of generic tropes? Do people who write these shits actually enjoy writing them?
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>Please tell me more about your superior western stories that don't have any tropes or inspiration, all original.
So what kinda LNs/WNs and or adaptations are you guys reading?
There already is something, it just isn't translated.

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How do witches fly in this series anyway?
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It's all psychological. All magic in the world of LWA comes from Yggdrasil, the witches are just using their bodies as a medium for Yggdrasil. A witch magic potential is basically related to her connection to Yggdrasil.

It's probably all psychological, about opening your mind and body to Yggdrasil's energy.


-Normal, healthy people-

Amanda is the least autistic character in LWA.
>Amanda, normal
she is.

but you forgot to put Jas' and Akko closer to autistic.

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Ako (right) or Riko (left)?
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Has MC finally fucked anyone?
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Unless something really sexual happens then I'll see you in a few more years.

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Chapter 2 is up in the usual places.

Mizukami Satoshi's new manga for people who missed chapter 1. What do you all think of it? Feels more like one of his short stories than his past 3 main series to me.
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The moment I saw that left panel, I knew it was Mizukami. I didn't realize a new series came out. I'll have to take a look.
The antagonist won my heart pretty quickly with his stupidity and relationship with that weird chick around him.
Apparently the siblings are sharing a soul? Not sure how that works to give them special powers but i'm willing to be patient for that for now.
This is probably the best start to a Mizukami series so far with fun characters and cool action right off the bat so i'm excited to see where it goes.
Hopefully young master and his group is just those early antagonists that wil turn into ally after a few battle. His sparrows are too cute to keep getting beaten up.

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Volley-bu-chan is so lucky.
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she added towel so her tits won't pop?
Yukatas work best on flat girls so they sometimes pad it out.
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