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Raw quality is good, now to wait for some good translator.
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Praise the Lord.

Best news this year.

The only reason why I would visit this shithole.

I will promote you in my head to Real Human if you translates this.
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It's back?

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Was she a good villain?
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How can a villain be good when their defining characteristic is to be bad?
What kind of loser villain would that be?
Yeah she was fantastic
Ryota was the shitstain on the series
>mindhacc anime
No thanks

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I honestly hate this character. She's still holding off on Suburu in hopes of finding somebody better after everything he's done including destroying a better girls heart and inside of trying to come up with an explanation as to why he's not good enough for her she just laughs like an idiot and says she's happy.
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This is undeniably best girl now and you can't even argue against it anymore after what's transpired in this series.
>destroying a better girls heart
Would you seriously want to date a man who does that?
Umm how about yes nerd because he did it to be with her in the first place.

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Admit it. You cried.
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I cried so Lelouch didn't have to.
Yep, I wish she died earlier
Yes, I cried because I'm so happy that she is finally dead

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ITT:Girls who should NEVER EVER be sexualised
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Porn requests go to >>>/r/.
sober up already
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how come she didn't win?
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Didn't she win the Yozora?
>got best girl
>didn't win
What are you trying to imply, OP?
She's slut/

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This is a face of boy who was turned into a girl

Take a note how happy she is now
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You think any of us alpha males care?
>alpha male
>in 4chan

This is a show about pro wrestling.
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Is it weird. I;ve watched wwf when ever i see the girls i don't get turned on. More so admire their body, physique. And get entertain at the same time.
IS the manga and novels still ongoing
No, It's a show about erotic asphyxiation and beating women disguised as female pro-wrestling.

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How can white Gundam even compete?
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By being better?
Seriously though, that giant eva looks cheap as fuck.
By being to scale.

Stop mocking Yamcha, he's the strongest human in Dragon ball!
Tien doesn't count because he has three eyes.
Krillin doesn't count because he has no nose.
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he still ugly and gay LOL
Yes, certainly when one thinks of Yamcha, the phrase “good-for-nothing” often comes up. But that does not establish his value. First of all, he is very respected. That’s very apparent when you look at Puar. And speaking of Dragonball, it is a manga famous for having lots of treacherous underlings, subordinates taking their superior’s place. Among them, it is rare for one whose loyalty to their master always persists. In terms of Yamcha’s position, his senior as a pupil, Kuririn has more raw strength, but even he addresses Yamcha with the suffix “san” attached, which I think just shows how much respect he has (speaking of which, Tenshinhan, whom is about the same age as him, says things to him like “you have any cash on you?”). Even in the episode where he split up with Bulma, that was actually Bulma getting dumped by Yamcha. A man of Yamcha’s caliber would not get left by a woman. But Yamcha wasn’t demeaned by Bulma, he chose to be a clown on his own. DB is liable to have character’s value be determined by their strength, but I think the one with the truly greatest caliber as a human is Yamcha
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This guy walks by and slaps your waifu's ass, what do you do?
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post about it on /r9k/

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it would be Spam...


why can't Jojo come out this quickly? Oh yah, quality over quantity
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B-but anon, naruto is a food.
If OP was food he'd be in the trash

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Pick one!
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>The story takes place in Japan where the economy is in tatters and the distrust of politicians is at a record high.
>An idol named Mikazuki Kagura who has the support of the Japanese people steps in, establishes a new government and gives positions of government administration to idols, which results in a quick recovery for the Japanese economy.
>More than 20 years later, Kagura is still leading Japan's idol government, but she suddenly decides to retire from the political world.
>The 47 idols who serve as Diet members must now vie to become the next Prime Minister.

How bad it will be?
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Next Mappa hit
Oh, so Daisuke Yoshida is debuting as a director. Hope he does well.
Do they have song and dance battles instead of debates? If so, SOLD.

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I'm gonna cum on Homu's face
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>ruin everything because you can't accept your lover's wishes
Why is Homura so crazy

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