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Will /a/ ever be as universally joined and fun as when KLK was airing?
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When Little Witch Academia TV starts airing?
LWA Soon friend.
If it ever happens again, I hope /v/ stays home.

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What made this movie so popular worldwide? Cinemas around me are showing it but I only discovered it here in 4chan. What gives?
Is it a bold move to release this worldwide or was it already 'tested' in other countries?

Is it still showing in your area? What's your opinion on it?

I liked it, by the way. That crater scene broke my heart. I.. I didn't cry though.
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everyone secretly has a fetish of swapping bodies with someone of the opposite sex
>this thread again
Stop trying to turn people against this movie before a good quality version is even out yet, Nagi
>Stop trying to turn people against this movie
I am not, though.

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So is Saori Hayami's increase in popularity the reason why Ayase's been winning Oreimo polls in the last year? Because the increase makes absolutely no fucking sense. Especially for a series that has been over for years already.

Maybe it has to do with Kirino being used and abused by Kyousuke's cock? Someone make sense of this.
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>there are still Oreimo polls
>polls for a show that has been over for years already
What the shit
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There's been small targeted polls during events and such. Usually promoting EMS/Anniversary stuff and such. The last two I remember from last year was the Nico EMS/Oreimo event where Sagiri interacts with the girls and the life size figure one. Ayase ended up winning the polls in them by far.

The little merchandise/ads the series gets, though, is still very much focused on Kirino and Kuroneko.
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I swear it looked like Ayase from the thumbnail but I guess it still works in the context of the thread.

Have a canon yuri pairing as an apology regardless.

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Nobody's going to translate this?
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Too much pain to translate it.
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What's that?
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Alright, /a/non. Tell me what is the last anime you watched or you're getting filled with bullets.
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Do it pussy you won't
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Touken Ranbu : Hanamaru

I hate dropping anime but this one was really painful to watch.

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>"Decide already, Anon-kun! Me or her?"
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Lurk for more than five minutes before posting, you retarded piece of shit. The majority of manga that started in 2014 don't have a single chapter scanlated and never will.
It's a prequel to fucking Astro Boy
It's getting a fucking anime

I get that plenty of manga get ignored but why this one? Makes no fucking sense.
>It's a prequel to fucking Astro Boy
You say that as though 99% of anons/online-manga-readers in general have read Astro Boy, let alone are rabid enough fans to care about a fan-prequel by a mangaka who's most known for a literal who botched animation from a decade ago.

>It's getting a fucking anime
Since when does that magically give you speedy translations? The anime was announced like six months ago, anyway, not in 2014.

Is it good?

I am legitimately curious. Fate series haters can kindly fuck off and simply not post in this thread
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It's shit just like the original and all the other rehashes
I really enjoyed it. It also made me switch from a Rinfag to an Illyafag. Illya was my #2 since the first novel but her stance and views in that just improved how I saw her.

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I-it won't suck, right?
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It will.
But the source material is good.
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CC you say?

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I think Otako would be the perfect girlfriend.
She's lewd and no one else would want to steal her.
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Great anon, you found your wife.
>Shaved pits
What a slut
I'd steal her.

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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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A lot. That's why I'm a fan of Kyoto Animation, the industry leaders in visual direction, animation quality, still frame quality, etc.
>the new Naruto episode is out so I need to make 9 random screenshots with VLC, because /a/ needs to know I've watched the latest episode
Have you ever thought about killing yourself? It's better than your favorite Nardo, believe it.
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>last episode
this episode aired years ago buddy

here's this week's ;)

I'll start by saying that how about making the girls actually not be bitches/sluts and are subsequently satan to each other.
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But the big happy family type harems already exist.
I want a harem where each of the heroines fall for only a part of the MC's personality and are dissillutioned when he interacts with others (other heroines or not) quickly realizing that it's not him that they like, only a small part of him and he ends up with the unlikely heroine because she was the one that fell for the MC himself not just a part of him.

This way, we could explore the person that is the MC in the perspective of the heroines that shows that there isn't just one aspect of him, but many personalities built over time from interacting with others.
I want a harem that has a harem end.

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- MOGRA . 07-01-2017 .1.png
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1st Saturday of the Month


ustream . tv / channel / mogra1

START 23:00PM - END 05:00AM (Japan Time)




23:00~23:40 Oblongar/DeLPi • <--- (You are here)
23:40~00:20 esupa/すーすけ&310
00:20~01:00 chefoba/DeLPi
01:00~01:40 minamo/すーすけ&310
01:40~02:20 melo/DeLPi
02:20~03:00 お父ちゃん。/すーすけ&310
03:00~03:40 HokBoy/すーすけ&310
03:40~04:20 D-YAMA/DeLPi
04:20~05:00 kei。/すーすけ&310

For more info, here: club-mogra . jp /2017/01/07/2946/

Next Mogra Anison Matrix event is on the first Saturday of February (Saturday 4th)
Again, check /ghost/ for updates during the week to keep you informed.

For the Anons, Janitors and Mods that doesn't know what Mogra is.
MOGRA is a stream of UNTZ in a club from Akiba.
It's an otaku club. Pretty much all the music played is OP and ED remixes of ANIME series.
/a/ has been streaming it from quite some time and it even has stickys in New Years Day.

foolz.fireden.net/a/thread/99333924 (Sticky I - 13/14)
foolz.fireden.net/a/thread/99338787 (Sticky II - 13/14)
desuarchive.org/a/thread/151640412 (Sticky III - 16/17)

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get in here fagets
Here we go.
Best time of the month is here.

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Why is it such an unappreciated art?
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Don't tell anyone, but I blame the Japanese men are beta meme.
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I appreciate it fully, if you know what I mean.

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What an ugly fat bitch!
Yun needs a dose of my cum

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