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Would you guys consider Touma a normal person? I'd say he's really relatable and not really out of the norm. He's just a nice guy.
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This thread is ded.
Misaki will save it.
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I'm not sure why you're asking, he's just a normal high school boy you can find anywhere.
How is he relatable? Do you have a harem of 10,000 teen girls with electro psychic powers?

Do you live on your own? Do you have a mini goddess that you can fug whenever? What about all the girls around him that want his nuts?

Do you also have the physical strength to punch a person and throw them few meters away? What about psychic precognition abilities?

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ITT: only best girls
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why was such a 10/10 but wasted on a meh character ? her design was sexy as fuck
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I always forget how much bust she has. l-lewd
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BC is getting anime by Studio Pierrot.
Narutards BTFO.
Get ready for Naruto done right.

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Can't wait!!
Isn't BC basically a naruto knockoff?
No, everyone keeps comparing it to Naruto but seriously, its far from it. It feels more like a Fairy Tail without the lewd teases. Of course not basing myself only in the magic setting, everything else, besides the basic shounen details, looks FTish.

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Post cute wives
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But that's a loli
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Don't worry, he waited until she grew up

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Be honest, /a/
Who did you 'ship the Major with: Togusa or Batou?
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Your mom.
The shota.
>t. Arise-friend

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There's absolutely nothing wrong with cowtits.
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You're right. There isn't. Unless huge breasts are literally all the character has.

I started Natsume Yuujinchou but it doesn't seem to make any sense to me.
The storyline never explains why his grandmother spent her all time to capture the yokai's names and why Natsume is giving them back without any explanations.

She has completed a book full of Yokai names and we don't know why their names are important.
In addition, some Yokais disappear just after that, and some remain there, totally unchanged. It's irrational.

Do you agree?
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>Do you agree?
The grandmother is a bit of a mystery at the beginning, but her motivations can be deduced.
She was an outcast among humans. She was lonely.
It's a "book of friends".
She collected them and held power over them because the yokai were the only thing in her life that she could control at all.

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Do I need to read Tsukihime and related works before delving into the Kara no Kyoukai movies?
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They're all shit including KnK (aka most boring and pretentious piece of shit since FSN)

Nasu is a terrible writer. Slapping edgy backstories to generic characters and having them do generic shonen battles is not clever or good. This is the epitome of chuuni
KnK was released before Turkeyhandle
Why are you so mad?

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>have mc have a leaf hair
>let him wear a hakama with leaves on it
>god tier

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Mawaru Penguindrum pachislot announced for absolutely no reason.
Are we ever getting another Ikuhara anime after the flop that was Yurikuma?
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Penguindrum is such an odd choice to match with fucking pachinko.
Just go ahead and sprinkle some penguins and incest into my gambling experience.

That video did make me want to rewatch the show though, maybe that was their intention all along.
>flop that was Yurikuma

It's still selling to this day, all ikuhara series are timeless.

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Nyarko already got season 2.
Was it good? Because I tried to watch it, and got boring after 1st episode.
fucking never ;_;

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Why is this so true? Just by changing the skin color of a character people go apeshit.
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People want to masturbate to something special so they feel special.
because blondes are shit-tier
Its sexier. Also depending on where you are from. I always imagine dark skinned anime girls to be tanned asians and I love that. Pale is seen everyday, brown is novel and stands out more.

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>Not making Gudako the canon protagonist

Into the trash it goes.
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Don't worry, she'll be one of the MCs in Carnival Phantasm s2.
I just wanted an epic meme protagonist
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we need to bomb typemoon

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>mystical girl randomly meets up with a boy
>he just happens to be the chosen one
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name one (1) manga where this happens
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Every isekai harem ever.

>MC is weakest but actually is strongest with sheer effort and friendship
Fuck this piece of trash writing.
I can't

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Which DQ would work best as anime?
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you know there are many manga and don't have to adapt the games right?

I'd like emblem of roto manga and its sequel to be adapted to anime
very curious that Toriyama himself never made a manga.
I think he made some short ones that were included with the games

but he never made any long manga after dbz

and why would he? he made enough money to not have to work for the rest of his life

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