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Consensual sibling incest with an age difference of three (3) years or less is literally the purest form of love.
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>new dancing thoughts chapter
This should be a bannable topic by now
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Go away

tell me how to feel about magi. i'm like 10 episodes in and my only thoughts are "yep, this sure is an anime" and "morgiana is cute."
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I want a footjob from Morgiana.
SS1 is kind mediocre with bad pacing and original ending, ss2 is great. But both season suffer bad animation in the 2nd half since it's A-1 Picture, they can't manage their budget for shit.
And it's actually a /pol/ manga so adventurefag may drop later on
In the manga, shortly after season 2, the anime it get's really dark and deep.
Enjoy their fluffy adventure moments while you can.

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Would you actually drink that? It seems kind of disgusting to me.
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hell yea i would
Only from the source
Only if it was fresh from the source. No bottle involved.

Reminder this was the episode of the year.
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Re zero episode 15 was
>plebbit zero
my fucking god

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Best waifu
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not even best girl in her own show !
Close, but Tomoyo is best
Best Girls
Fuck you celeshitia meme

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So I'm setting my old computer back to zero and decided to go through all my files. One folder had a little K-On stuff in it and I decided to post it here since I'm not keeping any of the old stuff. Feel free to contribute if you want.

Since there is not much besides me dumping pictures:

I was rewatching the second season recently and was again really disappointed by the end of it since it deviates from the manga by quite a bit. Opinions on that?
I can understand why they did it but I still like the original story better.
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Holy shit Toda, calm down.
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>love confession turndown soon
she wont confess
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I seriously don't understand how people find moe cute. It's so completely artificial and inhuman that I just want to find a moe seiyuu and rip out her fucking vocal chords. I tried watching K-on and couldn't get through the first episodes with those autism noises Yui made with each step she took. It doesn't serve me as a "break from reality." It just reminds me of attractive female's ability to get love and affection just by existing, and it pisses me off whenever I hear anyone like digi expressing enjoyment from it.

I don't even find it cute like one would find a puppy or real life girl.
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>I seriously don't understand how people find moe cute
You don't know what moe is, learn what words mean before using them.
Return to whence you came and then proceed to kill yourself

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ITT: Guilty pleasure series.
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I remember buying the first volume in middle school during one of those book sales.

It, or some manga about twin sisters going to private school in the middle of some forest that was haunted or cursed when it came to twins or some shit were, i think, the first manga i'd ever read.
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This little injun loli comes up to you while you're eating dinner and makes this face.

What do you do?
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Manifest destiny after the meal.
[x] genuflect
first I'd question how the fuck did she get inside

Is there a charceter from your country in a Chinese cartoon? Post your favorite. Mine is best American.
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I assume you mean excluding Japan. Also American.
this is where i got in Guilty Crown. Should i keep watching?
Not really. It's a goddamn trainwreck. The Hitler part is p good.

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Why is no one talking about this!!????
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heclk, while being a ood manga, has long since lost its fotm status
We are. Just not with you.

Will it end or this is just the first arc?

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How do I let Shinka go? I just can't do this anymore.
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Why would you want to do that, Anon?
Am I not good enough for you anymore?
For starters you should stop making 3+ Shinka threads every day.
Unlock the bathroom door you prick. She's had to go outside for a week now.

why did ghost stories have so many pantyshots? i thought it was for kids
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>why does anime have panty shots

No idea anon, it's always so rare
but the anime OP is talking about was for children
Kids shouldn't be exposed to this kind of sexuality
yes they should

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Minna issho [spolier]NIPONPON[/spolier]

Have you been rewatching Code Geass? It's strangely way better than I remember it, now that I've grown a little and learned to appreciate characters like Suzaku and Nina.
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Just finished downloading this

What am I in for, /a/?
Yeah it's great. Flawed but great.

Pointless and mostly garbage.

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