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>draw a girl
>call it a boy
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I want to fuck
I don't watch this but if he really is a boy I hope he gets dicked within an inch of his life.
Saika still be the best

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Yo, yo. Oldfag, here. Haven't been keeping up with news, but need to know what's up with boy my KAIJI here. Are we getting a season 3 in anime? Who's got the rapidshare to some fansubbed manga?

Help an oldfag out, OK???
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wew you are old
Nigga you're so oldfag you still talk about rapidshare and fansubbed manga.

Keep it up with the times, grampa.

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Is this the most well-written heroine in all of anime and manga romance? Her character, journey and destination are all perfect.
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Better normal girl
I dropped it after Library girl. Didn't care to see anyone else after that. And the MC is a faggot
But that's not Fuuka


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I have no idea who any of these people are. So rape across the board.

Kill Marry Rape

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>no fanservice in the shows
>whored out in official art

Why does KyoAni do this? Why do I love it?
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The magazines request them.
did you even watch the ed you fucking troglodyte

dont ever post here to me and my anons again
Pls do hentai or ecchi with nipples at least,

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I was thinking about it recently /a/, most people I know who are into animu are either the eldest child in their family or are an only child.

I'm not sure why this is, but I thought I'd take a poll to see if this holds true.
Any thoughts about why this may be?
Survey: http://www.strawpoll.me/12048857
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I'm the youngest of two. My onee-san watches Naruto on Netflix while high sometimes but I don't know if that counts as being into anime.
Youngest of two, although for the past six years I've more or less been an only child.

This also coincides with my taking an honest interest in anime. Used to hate anything related to Japan because of autistic Narutards annoying the shit out of me.

Left or right?
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I like big tits but the one on the right is fucking ridiculous.

Why take either of them when Erina is the hottest heroine in WSJ?
Sexualized kagura, how far has jump gone ???

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Why was this such a let down?
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walmart madoka
The asspull ending.
That's the most accurate description I've ever heard.

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>le edgy rival who has to sometimes team up with the protagonist and eventually befriends them

why do so many animes do this?
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The power of friendship and rivalry is a staple of the shonen genre.
BASTARD!! Had it everytime
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ASUKA 268.jpg
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Are Asuka and Vegeta the same?

>hate the "stupid" overpowered MC
>arrogant, egotistical and self centered
>lose their shit every time they get bested by MC

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blood was not struck.jpg
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So what happens to StB plot once Kojou-kun runs out of new Pokemon to unlock?
>implying plot
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What was he supposed to be do again?
inb4 THK's a shit reminder.
War. History has been laid out and only 3 Progenitors should exist. Kojou will have to defend his land that will be his future empire (pic related) where he takes mutiple wives.

Yukino a best.

StB has no real overarching plot

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ive been doing some thinking about who the best anime girl of all time is and ive realized its lala ru

this is her

the pinnacle of anime

you may not like it but this is what peak anime girl performance looks like
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The first kuudere.
Wasn't this bitch the one who didn't want to give water to the people dying of thirst in the desert ?
>i didn't understand the show: the post
She explains that she initially gave people water and they were grateful but then they started expecting it, then demanding it, treating her as a commodity. Also making water saps her life force.

Do you care about purity in anime?
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If the character is good then her being not pure is a minor annoyance.

If the character is trash like for example FSN Sakura and they are not pure it becomes a huge problem.
There's a version with dicks right?

Nah, usually not since some sluts are actually cool, like Panty.
But y'know, only nips care about it so when you see someone complain about purity, you can easily tell that he is a nip.
there is nothing wrong with being a sexual being. However reaching animal tier of uncontrolled lust isn't something positive.

How do we stop Hifumiposters from further ruining /a/?
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By posting more Nene.
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You mean Aoba.
>Hifumiposters ruining /a/

If anything it's you neneposting fucking shits.

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ryuko (215).png
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Can we have a nice Ryƫko thread?
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No need to have a nice Ryuko thread because she is already Niiiice.


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Finished both seasons and OVAs. Did I like it, /a/? How much?
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It was good but highly overrated
>Did I like it, /a/? How much?
Dunno, that's about you, not me.
>Did I like it, /a/?

sure whatever

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