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Ao no Exorcist thread.

S02E01 soon. Are you hyped?

Hopefully Sawano (and his kouhai) will delivers another God Tier OST just like the first one.
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>S02E01 soon. Are you hyped?
How soon?
Airing in 10 minutes in Japan. Subs should be available in 1h30mn
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At east they are completely retconning the anime original bullshit from S2 and are adapting a decent arc.

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Am I wrong in hoping she dies horribly at the end of the anime?
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I really hope Asanagi takes a liking on her and isn't too busy drawing boatshit again.

>Survives 4 plane crashes his entire life.
>Can predict what you say before you even say it.
>Breaks a cops finger with a bottle cap.
>Pulls a tommy gun out of nowhere and goes guns blazing against a vampire.
>Uses a grenade for the vampire to swat away only for it too pull the pins of several more grenades and incinerates the vampire alive. >Beats a thug without even throwing a punch. >Deflects the eye beams, the most lethal ability of a vampire, using shot glasses.
>Tries to infiltrate a Nazi facility by dressing as a woman and bringing Tequila.
>Fails but still knocks out two soldiers using coconuts and a swift kick.
>Uses hair from a Nazi officer to successfully deflect bullets.
>Tears a ancient being in half by letting himself be absorbed.
>Turns a pillar men back into stone.
>Uses pigeons as a weapon.
>Was able to scar Wammu despite being outclassed at the time.
>Succeeds in completing Hell Climb Pillar despite having no training before hand.
>Intellect and strategy matches Esidisi
>Uses a wool hat to kill him.
>Survived his first actual encounter with Kars. >Defeats Wammu using various methods. >Broke Kars bone blade.
>Plan on beating the ultimate life form? RUN AWAY!!!
>Flies a military plane despite having no training before hand.
>Crashes said plane with Kars in a Volcano. >Tricks Kars into thinking the Volcanic eruption and them being flown straight into the atmosphere was all his plan just to piss him off.
>Survives the way back down.
>Marries a woman he met a couple weeks ago during his recovery.
>Crashes his own funeral.
>doesn't die young

truly the best JoJo
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Your not wrong, you also forgot the part where he had an affair to make one of the best jojos
Who are you quoting?
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>Survives 4 plane crashes
With survivors!?

Why absolute madwomen are so attractive?
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Touko is a lady of highest class
No clue. But they are awesome.
Because they get shit done.

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Tomaru Sawagoe.jpg
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Is there any form of love more pure than incest?
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he's just cloning himself at this point
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No, I don't think so

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What anime series had the most beautiful last episode?
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For a cuckold like me, this series was a very pleasant surprise.
Non Non Biyori
Say what you want about the rest of the show, but that opening 10 minutes of episodes 22 were as good as tv anime will ever get

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Joke's on you. Exodia's been shit for almost a decade now.

did weevil really deserve this?

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I will post this everyday until you accept Koichi and Yukkako as a real couple
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But I do.
I already do
I wonder when they fuck though considering their ages
Doujins never

This one really hurts

Now really. What anime will you watch?
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Anime is nothing but trash
Yes, but what will you watch?

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What did /a/ think of the first episode?
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Too many Finns 2/10
Cringy as fuck.

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ITT: anime/manga that women will never understand
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Your autobiography
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Why do the Japs and the Spics like this so much? I just read through the manga and it was pretty trash. Fights that start and end in five pages, sameface syndrome taken to the extreme, literally no character development for almost every character, etc.
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Babby's first violent cartoon. The same thing that DBZ did in North America.
Good character designs.
everyone looks the same, though. especially when they get into full-body armour instead of just chestpieces and gauntlets

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>there's LITERALLY only one show worth watching this season

What the fuck happened? Ever since late 2015 it kept getting worse
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>Dragon maid

Japan is literally going out of their to spite (You) and literally only (You).

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Post unsettling scenes in non-horror or non-gory anime.
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This one legit creeped me out, Renge is not right.
Dont let her hear you say that, or you'll get sosunsed.
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