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Soup /a/, newfag here
Just finished end of evangelion. I don't understand why shinji was choking asuka at the end. Can someone explain? Thanks
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Because the bitch deserved it.
Only '90 kids will know where this pic is from.
I googled it, never even knew that had a tv show even though I had read several of the books

How do we stop him?
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With these dubs
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Not bad but they are no match for these dubs.

Are you talking about Madara Uchiha? etc

What's /a/ opinion?
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This show was so fucking inferior compared to Rakudai Kishi. It was worse in basically every way.
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Better than Rakudai. Especially in the main girl department.
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Claudia a best. A BEST.

Julis a shit. A SHIT.

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What are some great anime tracks?
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One of my favorites is Miwaku no Waltz, the track that plays when Hotaru first appears.
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how long until mogra

who else is hyped about the upcoming lwa anime?
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Can't really say that I'm hype, but there is anticipation.

so are we starting right where the movies left off or is there gonna be some kind of catch up or how's this working

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Re Zero Creativity.jpg
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Explain to me why this piece of shit anime gets such high ratings. Is it just "my first edgy anime, haha am i cool yet??"

>Melodramatic as fuck
>Excessive use of shock
>resenting character developments and long arcs that cover a short time frame becoming repetitive and boring after 6/7 episodes
>No tension as the MC can keep dying until things eventually work out
>Cheap waifu-bait with no depth in characters such as one being tsundere, one being yandere, and one being "pure'
>Gore just for the sake of gore
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>I'm a huge faggot who gets triggered by anime
dont try to over meme it
It's quite clear that too many people spend actually too much time on 4chan and start developing autistic traits for real.

Ponytails make everything better. Don't you agree /a/?
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Big tits make everything better!
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Who's watching the Sword Art Online movie this March 9th now that Aniplex Is finally selling tickets?

>yfw an anime movie finally hits a theater in your shithole of a city
>yfw Aniplex USA FINALLY decided to use Fathom Events to show their movies nationwide

We might as well support this so Aniplex will take the hint and do a triple feature of all 3 Kizumonogatari movies nationwide instead of some poorly maintained arthouse cinema in the middle of nowhere next to a ratty gay bar
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Forgot the trailer. My bad

>Monogatari movies
The difference is that Aniplex basically only booked shitty indie theaters to show Monogatari movies because cheaper venues costs. With SAO, Aniplex is booking 1-day with bigger chains and proper theaters AND the smaller indie shitholes as well.

And not all theater links are up yet. They're running into issues and Aniplex HQ is probably in a mess now with this and the Kajiura concert cancellation announced 2 hours before the SAO ticket sales.
>"It seems Cinemark isn't working at all; Regal shows theaters but no times; and AMC works fine. We will keep you updated. Sorry!"
>My girl has brown hair.

That's nice.

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Who is the best anime girl ever and why is it Irisviel von Einzbern?

>supernaturally beautiful
>fiercely devoted wife and mother
>comes from insanely rich mage family
>flawless fashion sense
>best daughter ever Ilyasviel
>magical powers let hold her own in a fight
>down for a threesome with Saber

Seriously, how can other girls even compete?
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Don't forget
>loyal beyond death and between parallel universes
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Shit taste in men, though.

Shut up you shitty fake priest.

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Don't know what the fuck happened, but I was dumping the chapter earliear and it suddenly appeared that I was banned.

Well, here's the chapter. I uploaded it to batoto already, so if anyone else want to dump it here, please do.

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The new janitor is a real cunt. He bans all kind of people and deletes even fully /a/ related threads.
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Thanks, anon!
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You've been given the chance to receive 1 (ONE) free operation from Fran. She has an ample supply of materials, organs, etc at her disposal.
Would you accept?
What would you ask for?
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Cut off limbs
Replace with tentacles
Become the little girl, duh.
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You two will get along just fine.

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>Domestic abusers
>Emotional abusers
>Barely get the message that they want the d across without sounding like a backhanded comment
>Pretty much the definition of asshole

Why is Tsun the worst dere?
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tsunderes are for ignoring
Maybe if you've only watched five anime.
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Which dere is best dere then?


hint: the last row is the weakest
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>yang wenli
>one outs guys
That's something that always upset me about anime "geniuses". When I was like, 12 I could see exactly how some of these plans might backfire. I'd rather watch an anime where the protagonist constantly pulls genius out of his ass (No Game No Life) over a shitter goes around killing off all his allies and then wonders why nobody is around to help him in the end (Death Note).

Better yet, a mangaka whose actually smart and can write a smart plot. Shame nothing like that exists.
>over a shitter goes around killing off all his allies and then wonders why nobody is around to help him in the end (Death Note).
That was meant to show how pathetic and desperate he was at the time of his death. Seems pretty obvious to me

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How were they flying and shit?
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I think they were actually just gliding -- jumping with their stands and then falling slowly because of their initial momentum
I'm pretty sure it actually shows Jotaro manifest Star Platinum's feet on top of his own and using it to jump.

I just finished 0079, zeta and ZZ.
I enjoyed them a lot, can we talk about it for a bit?
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You'll have better luck on /m/

I watched some of Zeta yesterday, and I think Kamile very well may be autistic, if not retarded. When he shoots at Jerid and kills Mouar and Jerid goes crazy, Kamille asks "why's he so angry?"
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Yeah of all of them I have to say enjoyed Zeta the least of the 3 shows, by the end of the show almost all of the characters were really wearing thin on me, the only characters I liked were the characters that returned from 009 except for Katz.

>I think Kamile very well may be autistic, if not retarded.
Wel he did say so in the first few episodes.
Now watch CCA.

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