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Did you already find your favorite?
Pic related
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Still waiting for Konosuba to air.
Cute boy you have there.

ITT: Old Anime that New /a/ would go into shitstorm over.
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If you think about it, that image spoils the ending.

Also, how did both girls end up the the picture if only one was the sister?
I remember first coming here and finding it weird that a lot of anons absolutely loved princess tutu ,
then I eventually I watched it and understand why,
sort of wished I watched it earlier, there's no way I could expect any reasonable discussion about it with new /a/.

What is this expression trying to convey?
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Remembering you left the oven on
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What memories do these lolis bring up?
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The OP.
Memories of ejaculation.
Pain, dark cold nights in a pit.

Who are your favorite people from the anime industry?
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Miyamura and Megumi power duo
Yuasa and Sawashiro.
Don't know

Arr rook same

Only one I can name off the top of my head is Mamoru Oshii.

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Why was this anime so fucking shit?
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It was just okay enough for me to keep watching it but I don't feel like it was worthwhile. I forgot most of the characters already, no memorable music, the ending was absolute pretentious shit and looking up what was going on wasn't helping either because what I read there made it even worse.
Edgey trash is edgey trash. I'm not sure what you expected. Manga isn't any better either.
I don't know fami, I kind of liked the premise and the atmosphere.

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Are you Izumi Shinchi?

dude dub step!
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I just realized that he looked like Wojak there

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Do you actually self insert when watching anime?
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I self insert in vidya because I can control the character's actions for the most part and actually make it like myself. I can't do it for anime cause you cant control the same way. I understand why people do it though.
No. The only time I self-insert is when I'm reading a doujin, where I'll sometimes pretend I'm the girl getting pleasured by the fat, old businessman.
Not consciously. I do daydream a lot about particular manga/anime and pretend I'm a character in the world, though.

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remove mongols.png
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How hype was this?

The manga better not end before Tiger Man and Shutty solidify their bromance.

I doubt she gave Yurul head, but it still feels like the story is closing in on the finale.
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y-you too.png
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I'm just saying, I don't think they will change history

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Difficult to choose between Pochaco and Taruco.
Porckchops has the better figure, but Grand Moff Tarkin wears glasses.
Who should I choose as mai waifu?
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I like Pochako more in terms of looks.

You do not choose a waifu based on her looks I think, you choose it based on her personality.
>"Let's give an even fatter girl SMALLER breasts!"
Always the girl with thicker eyebrows

You're in the club and this guy walks up to you and he says THE BIG GETE STAR ENABLED ME TO CHEAT DEATH,
what do you do?
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Tell him to chill out
What was his name again?
i ask him y he want to live in the frist place

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Why do Japanese fans call Nene a retard?
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Don't you mean BAKA? No bully either way.
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Well, she is a baka, but the most loveable baka ever.
no, they call her ガイジ
it means retard

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So this the future of anime...
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How does it feels being so insecure about your sexuality that the existence of one or two anime with male couples makes you so salty?
I'm gay and I can't stand fujoshit. Fujoshit isn't gay, nor is it good for gays or something gays should enjoy. It's pandering using gays as marketing tools.

Not to mention how fucking unrealistic it is, why not get some actual queers to write it instead of some woman that just wants to shlick over two guys dicking each other?

The only people who like fujoshit are fujos themselves, not even gays can stand stuff like Yuri on Ice.
This is something I've been wondering lately, do gay men read yaoi? Or is yaoi meant only for fujos? How easy is it it for you find hentai meant specifically for gay men?

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Left is shit tier.
Fuck off tripfag you are not wanted here.
>le traps arent gay look at my non-normalfag taste!!!
>is the most normalfag closet gay taste
Your father would spit into your face if he knew

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is there a single person hyped for Onihei? it's a police procedural set in samurai era by a newcomer studio, M2
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It's going to be the Shouwa Genroku of 2017.

It's on my watch list.
Is Josei the new Shounen?

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