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What the fuck is going on? This isn't my comfy Aria.
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I'm dead
that is my favorite episode of natural

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I have never watched an anime twice. I just can't do it no matter how much I love the anime or how much I would like to watch it again. Does someone here know why this is or has the same problem. (English isn't my first language so sorry for bad grammar)
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I've watched Shiki around 7 times.
I don't know why I do this to myself.
I've only re-watched shows based on manga I liked. Some people don't like going through something they've already experienced, so that's not so weird. Try re-watching something with friends; you can talk about it and enjoy it in a new way.
I'll watch the dubbed version of a show the second time around to see how it is.

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What was Freddie problem lads?
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He wanted to break free.
He wasn't gay enough
Being too good for this world.

Write down "Return to the form that you were meant to be in! Clow Card!" in your native language or official dub..

lets go.
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I want to fuck Sakura.
Recupera la teva forma veritable! Carta de Clow!

Who do you want to be dominated by?
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I want to dominate Meiko!
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This is a japanese bird.
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This is an autistic bird.
I'd introduce my American cock to that Japanese bird.
Wrong, that's my wife

>/a/ already forgot about Usami
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Guess you missed the thread earlier today.
Such is the fate of meme girls.
Thirsty slut.

Saw other ranma thread and it got archived before my post. Did not want to waste my effort so here ya go.

My guess is that since it is more of a magical transformation, then there are a few ways that Ranma's pregnancy can pan out.
One way is that when Ranma transforms, his body shifts and grows into the female form. If that is how ranma goes from guy to girl, then the fetus would be located in the male equivalent of the uterus. Which if we look at when and how sexual organs and traits are formed in the womb, then the fetus would likely be located somewhere in ranmas privates. Most likely in the balls or scrotum. Which could definitely be awkward.

The second way is if ranma's transformation is more of the switching of bodies. Something like the female equivalent of ranma is in some form of stasis that receives all of the damage that his current form would receive, both natural, such as aging, and unnatural, such as getting the shit beat out of ranma. If this is how ranma's transformation goes, then it would be possible for female ranma to get pregnant and even have a child without affecting male ranma.

Can not really remember if it is explained how ranma transforms, but those are my takes on female ranma getting pregnant.
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Rumiko never thought about it and you shouldn't either.
No read the fucking manga
There was a thread earlier that talked about this. It can't happen.

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Here is what you are gonna do now:

1)Find your plan to watch list/backlog (Doesn't matter if it is on mal, anidb or a piece of paper).
2)See how many entries are in there and put that number in random.org
3) You will pick and watch the show corresponding to the number you generated.

Hard mode: No retries, you stick with what you get.

Have fun.
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NO way
Alternatively go to http://bakabt.me/random and watch the first anime it gives you, no rerolls now.
You know there's a fucking randomize button on BBT, right? That's how these threads usually go. I suggest you lurk more before posting again.

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Chapters 1165 & 1166 released today.

How OP must Ippo be if his trainer has to train so he can train his pupils?
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Nobody reading?

Is it ending?
I have just finished Ashita no Joe, I don't think Ippo can entertain me anymore

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animu title.png
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Three good posts last thread with 20+ replies each, lets keep it going.
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Reminder: cellphone users will be publicly executed.
Something something stock market anime.
A boy falls in love with a girl.

Is Shijou the lewdest Idolmaster?
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What a weird way of spelling Ritsuko.
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Takane b____ and a_____

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Hey /a/. I have a serious question here, absolutely no trolling, I just want to hear the opinions from the experts about the anime/manga series in pic related. An acquaintance of mine claims that One Piece is like, the pinnacle of artistic canon and to me, a non-anime watcher (I've only watched like, Dragonball Z and a few episodes from some well known series) that seems completely ridiculous. I thought it was just some Naruto-tier "shonen" action oriented anime/manga with funny characters yet apparently it's the actual greatest story of all time?

Is One Piece legitimately a deep, intelligent and mature story like the person I'm arguing with claims it is?
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no, its shit and your friend is an idiot
it all goes to shit after the timeskip.

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Would you ever commit a lover's suicide with your waifu if she asked you to?
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if only i had the chance
I wouldn't commit to love.
you're waifu so shit you should be considering it right now without asking.

What the fuck is this? I am so angered by this.
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Tomoyo a shit. A SHIT.

Hatoko a best. A BEST.
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Inou-battle breakup.webm
3MB, 640x360px
I dont understand, why are you angered by this? faggot MC knows she's just too good for him and she deserves better.
She'll always be number one.

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