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Why did all the monsters in the trailer look more like aliens than actual monsters?

lol no

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What ever happened to that Cygames anime studio that was supposed to make adaptations of their games?

Because Bahamut and Granblue are getting anime from standard studios.
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Since their plan is to use only in house salaried animators they didn't intend on producing full shows for several years to begin with.
They had their first credit recently as CygamesPictures, on Yuri on Ice ep 10 as Animation Assistance, and the on ep 12 as key.
I'm expecting them to "subcontract" a few eps of Bahamut, and possibly be on rotation on Altair or something.
They're saving themselves to make Uma Musume.

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ITT: we post random screenshots and others guess the anime
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Do your own google research, /tv/ shitter.
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those are same nice hands
I took that screenshot you fuckhead

So, guys. I just finished Mawaru Penguindrum. Late, I know.

Am I correct in assuming it was actually a happy ending because it's implied Ringo and Shouma are going to meet again, and Ringo is going to become a cradle robber.
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No the boys are going to space.
uh no
that wasn't implied at all

Read this story
But Penguindrum isn't a 1 to 1 retelling of Night on the Galactic Railroad.

How was it not implied? Shouma walks past the house Ringo is in when her and Himawari are about to leave for school. They are more than likely going to cross paths.

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>You'll never be a sellsword in 18th century Japan
Just kill me in my sleep already.Also what's the deal with both this show and Cowboy Bebop?People praise them a lot but they're not that good.Sure characters look cool, Nujabes is a fucking god and everything but it's just not that impactful for me.

And both this girl and Faye from CB is so fucking annoying I just can't watch their scenes.That Watanabe fuck can't write good woman characters.
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Biggest problem with this show was the fact he had no likable character.
Also it tried to capture what Bebop did fair too hard.
You need to say they are the best thing ever or you won't appear to have good taste because that matters.
>Just kill me in my sleep already.
Do it yourself, faggot.

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What is that anime(or manga) that make you cry like a bitch?
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I don't cry like a bitch because I'm a man.
Had a semi throughout most of this
I cried with Sundoume and also pic related, and many more.
I'm such a pussy, but damn man I can't hold all this feels.

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How do I get my dog to shut up?
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Give her the D
Abuse it

Who's the best dog in yuru yuri?

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Nobu, we need to talk about your warfare methods.
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I wonder if it's possible to fight dragons by catapulting shit on them.
He is well versed in Pahjeet's Art of War.
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Best girl of the year.

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guys meet my wife
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she's dead
That's rude.
>guys meet my wife
sounds hot desu

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seriously, even ferris would be a better choice
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But he didn't choose Rem
Emilia's super cute and very caring. She was pretty boring but honestly he did pretty well to land a girl like her.

Ok who was really the best girl?
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Fuck 1
Kill 1
Marry 1
Hug 1
Bully 1
Ignore 1
I don't believe it very appropriate to ask these kinds of questions for a show as good and pure as this.

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Yes, yes, well done royal guard, well done - SHIKASHINAGARA
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How many chapter are we gonna get this year lads?

These are .ico files you can apply to your folders to make them look spiffy. While using them for folders is the main purpose, feel free to use the icons for anything else. Etcetera, so on and so forth.

>not using square icons
>not using XBMC/Kodi
>not using Notepad
>implying it's not a virus

Full Pack (3,681 icons): https://mega.nz/#!2hVGGZyS!Lnv5-IbWu8HIksgeYF_C2jOkwY54pji_L7R-yfXyRZc

Winter Season: https://mega.nz/#!G40WxZqS!fcVtTPB8EKlt13prrXCCh9bwj5T6Oyy1gg6JrBUjDiQ

Icon Matcher: http://www.mediafire.com/download/sa8irab8nhdpmd4/Anime+Icon+Matcher.exe

Torrent (includes full, seasonal and icon matcher): https://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=886423

Updates can be found at http://animeruinslives.blogspot.ca/

If there are any issues with the icons, let me know and I'll rectify them as soon as possible. Non-seasonal icons eventually. Feel free to request them. Make sure to use the latest version of the matcher.
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Thanks for reminding me.
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Why is she so best girl?
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because S2 never
Because she openly defends Satan, shes the girl of my dreams
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What would you like to see most in a new Cowboy anime/manga series?
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a fight scene on top of a moving train
chinese railroad workers

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