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Remember them?
That's ok, neither do I.
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Thats some nice looking doujin bait in the middle
Those are the gay Satanspawn brothers, and Boob Sword Sensei.
Wasn't the one on the right just a dude?

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She sees your deck
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Why wasn't dark magician boy this cute?
She sees my monarch deck
How much fanart is there of DMG having a threesome with Yugi and Pandora's Dark Magicians?

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Name something that could be him.
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Well, it depends. Obvious answer is The World Over Heaven, because that's basically what happens when you put actual powerlevels into JoJo.

GER's limitations are being a close range power stand and being a transformation. We don't know how fast its reflexes are or how long its range is, but I can assume that it might be the same as its base form. Requiem stands require the arrow at all times, so it's possible to beat him by destroying the arrow or attacking GE/Giorno before he can use it.
giorno giovanna

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Are you going to see Princess Mononoke in theaters for it's 20th anniversary, /a/?

Are you going to see San chew up and mouthfeed beef jerky in cinematic IMAX HD?
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I don't like seeing movies in theaters alone, so probably not.
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Maybe you and I can go together.
I saw it yesterday. It was really great. I'm glad my first viewing of this film was in a proper theater.

best male kyoani thread
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Kanye-sama is best.
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You're both wrong, sorry
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i'm as staunch a kyoanus licker as they get, but even I admit that their male characters suck ass compared to their females.

climbing anime when?
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some years ago
Tumbling down anime when?
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It's time to get encouraged.

How much of the Major and the other main character's stories am I missing if I ONLY watch this movie and Innocence?

Stand Alone Complex and Arise dont look half as philosophical or beautifully animated. Please tell me I dont need to see them and I can end the series after these two movies.
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Just watch the hollywood remake
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GiTs Sac 1.jpg
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SAC is very good. Stop being a faggot.
SAC and the first movie are the only ones you need to see.

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Why no Breath of Fire anime.
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Because Capcom hates you.
Because this series has been dead for more than 10 years.
Sure but back in the 90's, they made every property and their mother into an ova.

Do you have a favorite special/signature move in all of anime and manga?

It doesn't have to be offensive or even particularly used for fighting either.
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Not so much a move as it is a general power, but I love the paper masters from R.O.D.
Always thought Negima's barrage of magical arrows were pretty baller. The way they just home in like snakes just got me.

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KIMI TO.webm
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>still posting the .gif version
>tfw Tsukihime is dead

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They're out. Dumping time.
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And it's school time.
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Why was it so good?
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Wada Kouji and the god-tier OST.
it wasn't
Brave Heart is the best Digievolution theme of the series

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Illya is watching you masturbate.
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Does she know that I'm masturbating to her?

Does she like it?
You can't see through a peep hole in reverse like that
Impossible. It's been 2 and half years since I did it

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hqdefault (1).jpg
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Remember when ANIME use to have more testosterone than it knew what to do with?

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>Geist will never murder the living fuck out of you
Should I just murder the living fuck out of myself?
I wish Japan didn't change so much. I grew up watching anime that was ultra-violent, sexual(but without the lolis), and non-cringe romance. Normally all these would be wrapped into one jam-packed package, but I haven't seen an anime with these qualities in year and I really do miss it.

That Drifters show that recently aired was ok, but it felt like it was trying too hard to be violent instead of doing it naturally like Hellsing or MD geist. Animes changed m8, and with that I'll proceed to leave this board for another year or so since romcoms, cutesy comedies, and harems rule the market leaving no room for "manime". cya spergs later.
New Geist anime when?

the NEW theatrical Lupin III film Blood Spray of Goemon will be released on February 4th in Japan. It will feature the debut of BLACK Jacket Lupin and it will feature Goemon as the main protagonist since 1987's Fuma Conspiracy (which is having it's 30th anniversary this year). Speaking of which, 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the Lupin III so expect something special this year.

here is the most recent footage of the Goemon film

as well as the Ofiical trailer

and as a bonus, the dub trailer of the upcoming Blue Jacket Blu Ray/DVD release.

2017 is a huge year for Lupin so feel free to discuss anything related to the worlds greatest thief.
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some new images of the Goemon film. This will be the cover of the upcoming OST.
File: Goemonposter1.jpg (91KB, 591x875px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Official poster
File: Jigenposter.jpg (97KB, 591x875px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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which would look great next to the Jigen's Gravestone poster.

I forgot to mention the Goemon film is a sequel to Gravestone if you didn't already know that.

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