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What is your opinion about girls (male) in anime? They serve a purpose or just for fan service? I mean why not just make them a regular girl instead of a trap
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Because Girls (Male) are cuter than regular girls. Only faggots like regular girls or guys or Boys (girl)
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But how does that work? What if ruka were a regular girl but drawn the same way?

give me 2 good reasons as to why you haven't watched this masterpiece
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I have. But I wish I hadn't.
The comedy was great but the srs bsns was awful and they loved focusing on the latter far too much.
Too gay, I didn't even make in half way through episode 1 desu.
You didnt drop it though, right?

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Are you fucking serious? Why the hell do they want his D anyways?
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because he asked them to marry him when they were kids
little did they know he would turn into a sissyshit loser with no discernably good qualities
At least the manga used to be good with a good amount of ecchi to fap to but then it turned into cockblocking the teacher and having the token fat glasses girl piss on him
holy fuck this is so true that it's halarious
I'm with you. It was hilarious but since he got the teacher everything went to utter shit.

I think this is a fair example of why ecchi anime's protag must not get off with some girl before the very end.

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Have you dropped any shows from this season yet?
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The one where the main characters have weird eyes and lips and it's an Isekai
Watched the first episode of everything. Only interested in continuing akibas trip to episode 3 at least. Badically dropped the rest, especially the war loli.

Hope LWA saves this season.
I haven't even watched anything except for killer Loli yet

I'm an episode-and-a-half in, and this show sucks so far. But it doesn't suck because it's a generic sci-fi/fantasy harem; it sucks because it's a bad generic sci-fi/fantasy harem.

>nothing the characters say or do has any weight; no one cares that the MC is a former prince, and the main girl just casually tells him she's a former sex slave after only knowing him for a day
>MC is super skilled but they don't explain why; they just show him dodging all the main girl's attack and her internal monologuing "WHY CAN'T I BEAT HIM"
>MC is supposed to be a handyman but he's never shown fixing one thing

I have no problem with harems. I have no problem with dumb action anime. But you have to give me something to build up tension. You have to explain why the MC is super cool and actually show him doing super cool things. You have to hold off reveals and have characters get blown away when they find them out. This is a crappy entry to a genre that most people already hate.
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Watch Shingeki no Bahamut instead. :^)
Lisha a best.
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>Perfect body
>Moderate breasts
>Cute personality
>Pure and innocent
>Strong and intelligent
>Sweet and gentle
>Loyal and truly loves Lux
>Sexiest design ever
Lisha-sama is truly perfect.

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Can we have a good thread this time?
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Hahaha hell no.
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8 hours until disappointing new OP.

At least it's goodbye to the movie tie-in.

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Is the manga worth anything ? Should I read it ?
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I think subtle is a bit of an understatement.
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What are you talking about man? Isn't the anime an adaptation of the manga?

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>*MacGuffin activates*

Anyone else really fucking bored of this trope?
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Nuh uh

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Is there a worse fashion fetish than glasses?
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Go fuck yourself.
Nice constructive defense

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Lazy Matsumoto
I would let her ride on my space rails if you know what I mean.
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good taste

How can anyone say this Ginger Shit isn't a self insert?
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What's there to self-insert about Shirou? Shirou doesn't behave anything like an /a/non. He's focused, hardworking, highly moral and literally dedicated to an ideal.

He's the kind of guy who goes overseas to war-torn areas to be a resistance fighter. More, Shirou doesn't actually enjoy any of this: He's racked with the equivalent of Catholic guilt for the original sin of being alive.

Exactly what about Shirou's life is so enviable?
>Over Powered
>Extra Over Powered Future Self with a cool edgy design
>Dad was a former MC
>Alterante Version of himself based off a famous Japanese Person
>Gets to Fuck Saber Alter
>>Over Powered
He is not
>>Extra Over Powered Future Self with a cool edgy design
Archer is below average in term of power
>>Dad was a former MC
That was not the case when F/SN was released
>>Alterante Version of himself based off a famous Japanese Person
What ?
>>Gets to Fuck Saber Alter
So you are just shitposting

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Late /ss/ thread?

Thanks homodachis for all the cards. Your kind wishes and cute killuas made me smile. I wish you all a great 2017.
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>tfw officially grinched for the first time after doing this for 5 years
A video montage for this or Anon and His Waifu ever get made?

Is V/a/lentine's happening?
I got stuff from my anon but it was nothing I listed. He went through my MAL and picked "/a/ classics" like Haruhi and Madoka and sent me shit. Last time I put my MAL in this.

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ITT Characters that are canonically non virgins
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Well, she's only a non-virgin because she lost her virginity to me, as she is my wife. Pic related fucks black American soldiers for fun.
>fucks black American soldiers for fun
The majority of Japanese girls do if they get a chance.
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Welcome to Animewang!

Round 1: Name an anime!
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Felix the Cat
Boku no Pico

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gujs whats ure problem? felix is so fucking shit, how can you like that nigga? it's so fucking forced, he belongs to some elite army yet he behaves like a true faggot.
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stop shit talking about her
Because most of us are homos who want to stick our dick in him, it's not hard to understand
Sorry I don't speak "Dumb Fuckboi"

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