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Why did Kallen have to end up with Gino of all people?
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Why not?
So are we just gonna ignore he fact that shin kei isn't in that picture ?
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>our boy Tohdoh survived everything

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How many of you fags remember this gem?
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Gem is putting it strongly. It had good moments but the serious bits were too edgy for me

MOSAIC.WAV OP never hurts

OP is pretty great.

Which Umaru form do you waifu? UMR? The fun hamster? Her milf form?
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Season 2 when
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German Umaru
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sexy lingerie umarun

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let's start the Weekend Waifu Drawthread
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Requesting Mizore doing something for New Years.
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requesting lewds of mai husbando mista
lewd or cute of jim hawking, please

1. Girl from MC's past that he barely remembers or doesn't remember
2. Mysterious girl who shows up at his doorstep one day
3. Imouto or cousin
4. Childhood friend who he's been with for forever
5. Girl who idolizes him from the shadow

This is the victory order. Has there ever been an anime, manga or LN where the winner of the bowl broke the hierarchy? i.e. mysterious girl who shows up losing to childhood friend?
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She was the hero Junichi deserved.
There are series where the mysterious girl who shows up isn't really in the bowl, does that count?
>2. Mysterious girl who shows up at his doorstep one day
I have my doubts Index will win the TouMANbowl

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Make one. Must involve video games.
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I'll start:
A student is helping his genius (but otaku) friend create a machine that allows anyone to insert themselves into a setting of a video game (kinda like the episode of Jimmy Neutron where Jimmy and his friends insert themselves into the game and the game also responded to them according). The machine is a learning computer that creates the setting based on the game you wish to select upon, and the computer will allow "players" that it scans (inside of chamber, it will scan the body of the user and send down a helmet down their head where their consciousness will be inside) and send into the setting (but they won't be the protagonist since the protagonist is already part of the setting) as their own character. Otaku genius friend pushes his friend into the chamber on purpose to test him as a guinea pig. The student finds himself... in a fucking eroge.
The dark souls creators are isekai'd into their own game. No gm, no cheats.
Our main character finds himself in the world of eroge as told by his friend. Even though he is not really the MC of the eroge and the game literally inserted him into the setting as his own game character (so he doesn't end up as generic mc number infinity, instead, the actual mc still exists, just the inserter does not become him), through constant complaints, the genius complies and attempts to bring our student out. Our friend fall limp after taking out the body out of the chamber and helmet. Our main character's consciousness is still inside. The genius tells him not to worry, he will find out the problem and put the protagonist through an IV injection (why he has it, because his parents are doctors, he is able to sneak medication without anyone noticing). Until then, our protagonist has to wait until our genius can revert the mc's consciousness back into his own body with intervals periodically announced. Because this is a learning computer, the setting will adapt according based on the influence of our protagonist. What will happen as our protagonist being bored and eventually being active within the eroge as he's installing his own common sense into everything he finds to be wrong? And what will happen when the computer will adapt the game's setting because of him?

Reminder that Lilithmon is evil and we must not succumb to her temptations.
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why would a digimon need boobies for in the frist place?
I'll succumb those all I want, thank you very much.

Just marathoned this, I thought it was really interesting, but I didn't really get what the point was. It seems like it was just another "le environment!!11!1" movie. Is it really overrated or am I just stupid? I mean it was a pleasure to watch but I never really cared much for any of the characters.

The music video in the beginning about the future police and the angel honestly would have made a much better movie.
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fuck off faggot that is a shit meme


>but I didn't really get what the point was.
Three extreme ideologies are all fighting each other. Ashitaka is thrown in the middle of it all. Despite their different ideologies, each side eventually leads to the same action of fighting. Ashitaka is the only character without an allegiance and therefore is able to see that all the sides are wrong to fight.

Then there's a whole hunting the god deer sub plot that ends up trumping the main plot at the end. Ruining what was otherwise a good story about accepting differences in others.
>go see mononoke in theaters because of the anniversary or whatever
>nobody recognizes on your mark
>movie is subbed
>theater starts to smell like sweat halfway through

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Kosaki a shit.
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You're lewd!

Who would win in a fight? And reasons
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Everyone loses when it comes to nardo
Madara would win, I think it is pretty straight forward, Itachi was already sick and dying.
Now, if the fight was an hypotetical Obito with both his sharingans from the start vs a Madara, then that becomes much harder to figure out.
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1MB, 1638x1128px

He is the author's favorite character

Is this the most realistic LGBT character in manga?
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Tomoko is bisexual.

I'm sure Milky Holmes Fun Fun Pearly Night will get subbed soon, right?
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Shh, loli is sleeping. ;_;
Be happy that the movie was subbed at all.
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is this from the drifting classroom?
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Heh I have a one-eyed god in my pants if you know what I mean.

This is now an Africa Arc from Nadia: Secret of the Blue Water thread.

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What was his actual end game?
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getting killed

Why is she so cute?
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Best girl of the year is already decided we're only on the first week.
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I called dibs on her first years ago.
She is a high and mighty himedere, untouchable and cruel to boys and is an idol to girls. Easy to bully when push comes to shove and is rather silly when she lets her guard down, which goes to show she's still a normal girl who's not flawless.

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