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Why are 2D girls so strong?
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Because it's hot.
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>tfw you will never be busted up by a cute 2D girl
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not all of them

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Post things that make you sad.

Please. I feel an urge to cry.
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Don't you dare
fuck you op ;_;

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did any other anons go to this tonight?

I bought tickets for both screenings, and this was my first time seeing the movie and I loved it
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yea, it was fun
Yep, just got back home a little bit ago.. I'm the guy that made a thread yesterday if anyone remembers.

As expected, I was able to get one of the best seats in the room 30 minutes before showtime.. there's just almost no weebs in my area at all.

I had a great experience watching this on the big screen though. Watching anime, or 2D animation in general, in theaters is so surreal nowadays.
I wasnt aware there was also a Spirited Away 15th anniversary screening last month, im mad a myself for missing out on that. Apparently there will be a GITS one in February, what is a reliable place to go to know about these things?

This is Ryuko (and her pet Pawniard). Say something nice to her!
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Honestly a weavile would make more sense.
I liked your anime, Ryuko-chan!

Anyone see this or going to on Monday?
Seeing this on the big screen was quite an experience.
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I was really glad to be able to see On Your Mark in the theater, very nice short.
Had no idea that was going to be part of the program. Very pleasant surprise.
>English Dub
No thanks.

YuGiOh is my favorite anime and manga? how much do you hate me?
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Not much, it just means that you've never watched anime outside of what was shown to you as a kid on tv and you probably don't know what 95% of the threads on this board are.
Nothing... When I was younger and this show used to be on tv me and my friends where so into it that we made our own deck of cards with some A4 paper and adhesive tape.
I watched chinese cartoons before most of you were born though, I grew up on hokuto no ken, sailor moon, and all that early weeb shit. I love gambling so yugioh just had that massive appeal to me. I've seen tons of shit you guys would say is better but I still love the gambling and gaming themes of the manga and the awesome monsters of the duel monsters anime.

What is some good shounen that I would like because I still love that shit from when I was a kid.

This really made me realize why I usually dont watch romance anime. This shit has got to have one of the least satisfying endings I have ever seen in anime. Holy hell...
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Do you want them to get married and consumate on screen? Are you autistic?
>least satisfying endings I have ever seen in anime
Greatest love story ever told anon.
End yourself, shitposter. Even if you watched the episode entirely, this is a reminder to others to keep watching. You fags skip endings, yet you don't skip to the next chapter, possibly missing content you stupid faggots.

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What is /a/'s opinion on this anime?
I personally thought it was pretty good.
The MC wasn't a beta faggot and this is rare for harem anime
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It was shit, read the vn
sequels are not translated though
The first season was the worst one, so at least read the first VN. Especially if you like Yumiko at all. Her route was fucking butchered in the anime

What would you do ?
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Proceed to rape Micchan.
Punch him on the nuts.

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New chapter today.
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What made this show so special, Anon?

It's curious, the premise is so simple: five girls who become the best of friends, drink tea, eat cakes and from time to time play their instruments... yet so far no other show has been able to provoke the same feelings in me as K-On! did.
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top execution
Made by mostly females.

The day KyoAni fired Satoshi Kon is the day KyoAni descent into fanservice started.

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have you ever felt like there wasn't enough smooth animation? not just a lot of frames for awesome scenes, but more finesse, that is, in the details of seeing a character move naturally throughout the progression of the story. it could be stuff like taking off a coat like this, but i feel like just seeing the state of the scenes in shorter keyframes doesn't really express life the same way.

i guess im not wording this properly. anywho, what anime series did you feel did animation right? not just for # of sakuga shots, but overall.
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I prefer exaggerated animation to natural animation.

If I wanted natural, why would I watch anime?
I think a mixture of both is what I love seeing. More natural movements for thigns like in OP's example and then for fight scenes a blend of both
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are you saying that anime art looks just like real life?

does this look like the average girl to you?

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ITT: anime that was ahead of its time.
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legend of the galactic heroes
and probably evangelion
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Is he /ourguy/?
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I should of listened to the anons that said this was a pile of crap.
Read upto chapter 18 in the manga and all I got from it was how terrible the revenge plan is.

This entire manga is full of cliche we all know he is going to fall in love with his revenge target again. And that someone else was the one who broke up with him
Is that Kirito in another show?

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Where are his parents?
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He accidentally normal punched them.
It's a parody of MC that lives alone.
ONE is better than that

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