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What's the first thing you think about when you hear the word anime?
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A wasted life.

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>WTC 3 gets announced
>Nothing on /a/
>Barely a whimper on /jp/

Is it over? Will there be no more "meanwhile at witch-hunt"? Will no more of R07's works get translated? Is there nothing in life worth looking forward to anymore?
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Oh, sorry, I forgot the link

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Don't even bother, not even deito kun is around anymore
Looks like Umineko was his last hurrah.

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Two threads in a row, both of which have a lot of shitting on Re:Zero.Is now a bad time to say I thought the show was alright?
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Don't think too much into it.
It's shitposter-kun being a bit too earnest with his work at the moment
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Cleanse the infidels
Consider this: Echidna knew how it would end but she refused to play straight cause it wouldn't be as fun as pretending to have human interaction with Toyota-kun

Do you download your anime or still buy it on DVD?
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Download. My only physical anime are VHS tapes
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Okay, since you're obviously extremely new, I'm going to be kind and give you an honest answer. Everybody here illegally downloads anime as soon as it airs, or later. Probably a few people buy DVDs, if that.
I only buy officially licensed DVD/blu-rays of the anime I watch. If you download it from non-official sources, you're a criminal and you WILL be caught eventually.

A statement from a guy at Aniplex says that Off Season is slated to be animated.
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I don't know if I could withstand the full cringe factor of Sodachi Fiasco.
>One entire episode of Euler sitting in class trying not to be autistic and failing miserably
>Araragi's voice constantly in her head mocking her
>talks to imaginary Araragi making her look even more insane
>it ends with her drunken father beating her up again

This is going to be AOTY
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>Another arc for bird&bee
>birb is actually more than a side character in her own arc
>Suicide-Master and Tropicalesque will be animated
>Araragi will marry Redditgahara

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Your job is to safeguard Anna's purity at all cost. Are you up to it?
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I thought she died.
Why woulnt I be?
She died pure.

What does /a/ think of Yoshiro Tatsumi?
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Push Man was pretty underwhelming given its reputation, honestly. I should probably give Drifting Life a shot, though.
Love his ability to create a dark introspective nightmare landscape. Some of his stories are pretty "edgy" and the themes are pretty depressing but can be uplifting in an odd way. A Drifting Life is fascinating. Fallen Words is fun and whimsical. Essential reading for fans of "alt-manga."
Drifting Life is cool

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What can you tell me about this guy?
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He seems a little different from the others students.
Solidly built, helps out a lot of the underclassmen. Nice guy all around.
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what do you mean ?

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What are the signs of a shounen going to shit?
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>Falling sales
>Editor feuds
>Less effort put into artwork
>Even less effort put into story and characters
Bleach is the fucking gold standard for measuring how far a Shonen Jump manga series can fall.
MC doesn't learn new moves.
Mangaka stops doing chapter covers.

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Why do I get a boner for Kuroko, though lesbians normally don't turn me on and flat twintail tsunderes are usually an affront to me?
What kind of christian magic is that?
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It's not magic, it's science.
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its because she's a slut, doesn't matter she's lesbo
Because you are a gay pedophile.

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What's the series you got the furthest into before dropping? I'm talking watched to total proportion, not necessarily amount of episodes.

Pic related for me. 18 eps out of 26 and I don't feel like continuing in the slightest.
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Rave Master, 30 episodes
Same here. I told myself I'd finish the rest once it was done airing but I haven't got round to it.
i totally forgot about this series anon thank for remidning me,hope i CAN ENDURE THE CRINGE SINGING

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like this

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Presumably OVAs don't count as shorts, otherwise I'd say Gunbuster.
if it's a one off then why not?

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What's the big deal? Guts was a hypocritical piece of shit. Going on about "muh dream" and then he clings back to Griffith after doing nothing for a year. Griffith got tortured for a year, and then tricked into becoming a demon.

He literally did nothing wrong. Guts is a piece of shit.
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The opposite actually. Griffith was the one with the "muh dream" and then clings to Guts.

And Griffith got tortured because of his own stupid actions.
everything griffith did ensured the world was saved from the demon-muslims, without him there would have been no one set up to stop them. that's why he literally did nothing wrong
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He didn't know elfs were real & could heal all his injurys

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It definitely was.
When next chapter of CriCri Legends manga?
Was season 2 worth the watch? I never picked it up but enjoyed the first season.

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If you cum inside a loli who's already pregnant, does she become super-pregnant?
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The fetus becomes pregnant (if it's a girl)
what if the fetus is a boy?
then it becomes a girl

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