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Ishtarin 22.png
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>Rin is a deity of prostitutes

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You know why.

She lets old men fuck her ass for money.
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I'm glad Rider is a refined lady.

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I've never been healed like this before.
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Now watch some more hurting anime and after that, more healing.
It' s the endless cycle of the anon.
Top tier anime.
Is this pedobait?

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>christmas cake and a virgin
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a double threat to 'gentlemen of a certain age' right there.
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Why doesnt she just fuck Shinji
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Because you know how her first attempt at sexual assault went
Also she doesn't know what sex is
Because she wants to be understood and embraced, not fucked
>inb4 she asked Kaji to fuck her
Yes, she did, because nothing else worked. Same reason she kissed Shinji.

Comfy episode 9 thread. No baiting. No fighting. Just discuss witches.
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Diana a best.
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I want to see Elizabeth bully Diana in front of the whole school!
Why she is so perfect?!

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Is this a ship or a crack ship, only Biagio, bishop of the crack ships, knows
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He will guys
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I'll shatter that illusion of yours!!

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Is Araragi cool?
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No. He's Araragi.

He's my hero.
I've always wanted to be in the FBi's list.
No. hes a pedophile.

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Best girl.jpg
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Will best girl save Seiren?
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It's too late for Seiren to be saved. It's trash.
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Second best girl is doing that already. And the third best girl as seen in the image you attached will end things on a high note.
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manaka bubblebeam.jpg
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Not when the original mopey girl is back.

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Discuss Sharo.
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I bet her panties smell good

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>Tomo's Tomos
>it's a tomo tats episode

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Final batch of spoilers should be out very soon. The ride is almost over. What is the next step in their master plan?
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Please end for all of our sakes
What is it with some older nippon men trying to wear boyband hair styles? At least grow out some facial hair

Also why would you bother with this thread after how the last one died, unless you have the actual spoilers already
I want to see Mother!
TV TOKYO start 2 April 2017 Every Sunday 17: 30 ~ 18: 00


Arc-V ends March 26. ENJOY these last 3 weeks.

It's so harsh, I want to give up.
Sure, you give me a full house,
But it really makes me idle.
So I get anxious - I really stand out.
It's so harsh, I want to run away -
That's what I start to hope for.
"Don't look at me anymore!!"
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>tfw waifu finally comes back from war
Quiz time

>Who's your favorite Stars character and why
>Who's your least liked Stars character and why

>Putting your bias aside, what's one good thing you can say about Stars overall
>Putting your bias aside, What's a bad thing you can say about Stars overall

>What do you think Stars does better than OG?
>What do you think Stars does worse than OG?
Something something Lily Wins

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The new season is out next month. How do you think it will do?
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More CG fuckery that will breaks everyone's heart
This but we'll keep watching because it's all we have.
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Fucking awful

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Is Erina-sama lewd?
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She reads about people holding hands, what the fuck do you think.
She can't cook, so she must be good at something.
>she must be good at something

Did you not watch the show or read the manga at all? Since birth she's had one talent that made her the most popular and fawned over girl in cooking: she can put things in her mouth

Been holding the newest episode off for a while. Why didn't Kon study under Tokie?
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Because having your mom as your teacher is lame.
Tokie probably had a vision for Kon's future if she left for Natsume-ya.
Tokie probably wanted Kon to get /ll/ed by Chiya

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