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Spoilers literally in less than 5 hours from now.

Are you ready for??
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It'll be longer than that Freeza. Also it's neat to read the One Shot and see aspects of BnHa characters in them.

Jack Midoriya, for example, is ProtoDeku, but you see a bit of Ochako in him too.
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Snipe is visually the same Snipe we see in the beginning of BnHa, but when he was "Positive" he was quite clearly All Might. But Snipe in the Oneshot invented "Shoot Style" to deal with physical limitations - just like Deku in BnHa.
We finally get to learn more about our new loli tomorrow.

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Witches are for cuddling

Also, this just fucking happened: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ga8APtGhFys
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lobotomized witches > untouched witches
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Diana sis witch on sunday
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This is Constanze and her Mother!
Say somthing nice to them.

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Are you ready for best girl?
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So this is a old hag + childhood friend?
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Can't wait to hear Mimorin!

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Reminder Serika a shit
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Fuck you Serika.
She did nothing wrong. She just wanted to protect Taku. Senri is a noisy whore and Miyashiro Takuru wanted some fun.
Did they make tge Di-sword special?
They were trying so hard to avoid them.

Remember to:
-Ignore Anson/Mary Sue posters
-Ignore /pol/ posters
-Ignore duck/fish lips posters
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Partisans dindu nuffin.
I want to fuck Mary.
Can't wait till churchill gives his speech when the republic fall.

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Find a flaw
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She's a dyke
Has issues with jealousy. Can be pretty clingy.
Isn't Elma

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Mimori Togo wa Yuusha de aru Movie is going to air soon!
Are you ready to see this titty monster as a flat little girl?

All media:http://pastebin.com/2wvjCyrV
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They should have gone all out with original content
>Are you ready to see this titty monster as a flat little girl?
Dude she still had some large breasts in comparison to her age when she was younger.

The mystery deepen...
Who was friends?
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The human repopulation plan begins.
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New CG translation
Lewd Shoebill

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Arai-san is a BIG baka!

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Aspire to be like this human.
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Do like her and die too.
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there's a thread already

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So Goku put his faith into Gohan last week, will this be his time to shine??
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Maybe. Maybe not.
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So his name is officially confirmed to be Mojito
I hope he dies

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A hero to all Friends.
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This one wins by 20 seconds.
Who knew Kaban would go from completely self doubting and unsure to competent and confident leader.
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serval chan IRL.jpg
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This is how Cerval looks through Kaban's eyes according to Japan 4chan, thoughts?

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What the fuck.
I was about to start this series, why the fuck a forced dark ending?
>was about to start
no. you never were going to go through it. You thought of it as that Japanese pony show clone with no budget whatsoever.
A dark setting is actually heavily foreshadowed

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Stream starts in 13 hours http://www.ustream.tv/channel/Azv6JNBQ2Pp
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For what exactly?? Something to do with the LN's?
The entire series barring Railgun filler plus Heavy Object.

In honor of today, post empowered female characters.
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Oh no, a day without a woman?

I've only been without a woman for 25 years. Doushio?
>tfw you're convinced that a man and a preteen are fighting for your affection when in reality they're fighting for their ideals

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The forgotten days of old, the ominous forshadowing within the background but forgotten by the lighthearted atmosphere and nature of her friends around her.

She was a very special friend but she wasn't treated any different by others and her talents shined along with her trusty bag to help solve each issue.

Kaban died as she lived,

A friend.

Anons I hope you're going to carry that weight all the way to next week because the silhouettes of all the friends are missing from the ED in this latest episode.
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>They said this would have a happy ending

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>when kaban lights the torch and stands tall in front of impossible odds

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