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Chapter 4 is out
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>it's a romance anime where the MC confesses very early
>rest of the show is spent actually developing the romance instead of mindless padding
Why don't modern anime do this more often? Why do they almost always conclude at the confession/going out stage? Are we supposed to assume everything goes perfectly for the main couple from there and they get happily married?
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Because nips are scared shitless of genuine relationships.
Not exactly rare in shoujo
Because being honest about your feelings is not very Japanese.

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It's just a pure, platonic business relationship among family members. Nothing more.
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I don't think any guy would ever want a platonic relationship with Chitose.
Rape is considered platonic, because it's not sex unless you lock hands and legs.

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Who is the audience for Love Live supposed to be?
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literal fucking drooling retards
>bright colors and pretty sounds
Every Kyoani shows.
Not even pretty sounds kek

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>Beerus: Hey! You Know What Happens If Goku Loses, Right?
>Gohan: I know
>Beerus: I-I see...
>Gohan smiles like in the pic

what did they mean by this?
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Gohan explained it on the beginning on the episode. It's his saiyan blood. He tries hard to live as a human but his saiyan side appears under pressure
I know but I meant but it seems that the level of Gohan referencing is nearing cell saga levels.
Gohan trust his dad won't lose and he's excited to see how he's going to get rid of this problem. It's nothing too complicated, just shounen 101. Goku acted the same during Gohan's fight.

This got me surprised.
>story takes five years after ushio death
>tomoya for some reason hasnt killed himself and he is obviously not even a shadow of himself
>kyou was scared to meet him, it took a meeting with sunohara to convince her to visit him
>akio and sanae managed to overcome the tragedy and try their best to help tomoya, truly a strong family
>sanae learns what kyou was doing and of course she figure out what are kyou feelings for tomoya
>long story short, tomoya was in yoshino concert, playing the bass, and akio was there too with the drummers, only tomoya was fucking up the bass, kyou and sanae were in there, they had a talk where to make it short, sanae talked about nagisa wanting to make tomoya happy for everything he did for her, and talked about how kyou may achieve that, and at the very end, she screamed tomoya name at the end of the concert, which surprised him
>despite that, he was still an edgelord, but he said to her "see you tomorrow" after the concert in which kyou say "sure"
So. Yeah, maybe not the after most kyoufags wanted because ushio is dead and is an open end, but it clearly show that she still love him after everything that happened.
If you want to read this just check sadpanda and some anniversary book in english, or go to ehentai. Its not h.
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I think your wife and kid dying gives you a pass to be a little edgy
I mean, yeah. But if that was the case then akio and sanae should be a little like them. Then again they are still together and try to help tomoya so i see your point.
As you say, Akio and Sanae still have each other, and they're considerably older and thus more mature than Tomoya.

Tomoya also had plenty of problems throughout his life, and the two things that managed to give him a reason to go on died.

He's got plenty of reasons to act like a jerk.

What does /a/ think about dark skinned people in anime? would you like to see more of them?
my opinion: ABSOLUTELY!!!
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brown is delicious, all anime girls are welcome in my book
Only the ones that are not literal Africans.
They're almost always side characters or there to be jokes. Real shame.

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Does /a/ like Lupin?
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He's a nice man
I wanna try fucking Fujiko so her boxing glove trap wrecks my shit.
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yeah he smiles

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How has anime influenced your time on this world?
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It's been an interesting journey. I learned a lot and enjoyed myself. It kept evil women away (and the others) but I don't regret my devotion to this medium. The emotions and realizations I've experienced through anime have been powerful. Though I lack many real life experiences, those I've known have been deeply influenced through anime. Without it, I think there'd be a void of sorts. A gift never received that should have been. It's been positive overall.
It's helped me take it easy. Real easy
If I still played videogames I'd just be a loser, but now that I swapped that for anime, I'm a loser who's getting pretty good at Japanese. I'd say it's a positive influence.

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Hey guess what nothing important probably
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shit chapter
Why is she so fluffy?

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Who is the target audience for this show?
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discerning kirara patricians

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Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? has tropes never before seen in the 70+ years of mahou shoujo. The show itself parodies modern moe and mahou shoujo tropes extremely well while still being humorous. The animation is done very well, having some of the best censoring anime has ever seen. Which brings us to the fan service. The fan service is very well done and not at all over the top, featuring the underused form of fanservice of the over-sized shirt among others. In spite of how well it is done it is still not reliant on said fan service as its selling point. The show is handled very carefully; it is clear the staff is working hard even on details. The combini door sound, the constant variety shows on TV, the amount of people in public and their reactions to the characters, it's almost like a satire addressing how most anime forget to add the little things aside from the gratuitously overused school chime. The cast features a competent harem lead with a harem that doesn't sit around thinking about his cock all day. In fact the harem members play games with themselves and go out bowling. The show itself, while primarily being a comedy, still shows us an interesting plot with a refreshing premise.

In contrast Madoka tries hard to make the same old tropes look different with shaft style and grimdark for the sake of grimdark. The animation quality is absolutely awful; the entire show is off model. It is clear that the pacing and directing are handled by an amateur. One episode Homura is saving Sayaka from Kyoku and the next episode Kyoku is saving Sayaka from Homura. The character development between Homura and Madoka was atrocious. The writer is a one trick pony who couldn't write a decent scenario to save his sick mother's life. This twist has been done before many times, and done better.

Overall Madoka is a terrible show handled horribly. Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? is a well crafted anime handled extremely well.

Any questions?
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Can i get a quick rundown
Homura>>>>>>>all Korean Zombie girls combined

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Chapter 7 is out.

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post the whole dam chapter if you are going to start a thread
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Name that one scene that ALWAYS fucks you up.

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>hard mode
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Haven't watched Super but Vegeta is a decent tsundere
The only good tsun is one who isn't violent - verbally or physically, and just teases the love interest lightly and tries to convince herself that she's "just got a stomach ache" or something in place of feelings/butterflies in the tummy.

Tsunderes are usually trash of the highest caliber, and I'd never want to associate with someone who acts like a permanent 5 year old who's having an autistic tantrum.

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