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I want to be born as her kid and suckle her milk.
>making a new thread this quickly in the middle of dead hours
Please fuck off back to /vg/.
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Me too

How do they do it /a/? Konosuba has to be one of the most if not the most fun Anime out there. I always thought Japanese comedy was shit but here it works so good. Seriously this shit doesn't have the right to be so good
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because the author is a woman and therefore isn't obsessed with writing pure girls with no ounce of a personality
>because the author is a woman
Holy shit that explains so much. More LN should have woman as writers so maybe that way they wouldn't be consider shit
Its fun

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Elite 8.jpg
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At Reibun Island's harbor, Alice is the only one being energetic while the rest, Hisako and the dorm students look depressed

Originally they were prohibited to be here, but Alice complained so much that they are now allowed to witness the fight
Hayama asks Alice if he is really allowed to be here with them

Alice: “As long as we are on the same side, our connection will never be broken!!!”

As Kurokiba has heard that Hayama has lost to soma, he says. “If we fight next, then I would definitely win!” so Hayama promises him a match

Urara who is now on Central’s side has a evil face and she is assigned the role to host the match
Urara then makes a signal and Tsukasa, Rindo, Saito, Momo, Nene, Eizan and the two newcomers enter the Venue. Rindo seems to finally take things seriously as she comes in with a ponytail and wears a salon apron on her waist

[Alice’s Flashback]
Right after the rules have been decided, Alice and Soma talk via Skype. The needed ingredients for the training will be provided by Alice. Kurokiba asks whether the 4 of them alone will face the elite ten or not but, Soma replies that they were somehow able to find the same amount of people as their opponent

[Flashback over]
After the Elite Ten have entered the venue, Soma and the rest arrive as well
The members are: Erina, Soma, Takumi, Megumi, Ishiki, Kuga, Megishima, and Mimasaka

Urara asks both sides to decide on how many people on each team are allowed to participate

As both teams brought 8 students, the maximum participants who are allowed on each team are 8. Erina then asks a fight of 3 vs 3 for the first match and Azami agrees with Erina

The first 3 participants on team Erina: Ishiki, Megishima, and Soma

Team Central: Nene and the two newcomers
Nene: So my opponent is…Yukihara Soma Kun…My apologies if I make you cry

Soma: Please go easy on me! Kinokuni Senpai!!!
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damn how can rindou get so sexy she's such a bad bitch fuck erina she's a beta female
Fucking finally
Why does Rindou get to have the huge breasts Erina used to have? The fuck is this shit. I thought Tosh was just drawing differently.

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How would you show the jojo stands /a/? Personally I'd want the stands to be almost taken out from the manga and animated in real time
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Cartoonish stands is the way to go. Jojo is silly as fuck so it'd make sense.
The movie looks pretty edgy however
I would have toddlers dressed as the stands

Just imagine it

>a fat 3 year old materializes and waddles over to koichi's donut'd body, accidentally falling when he goes to put his hands on him

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SAO movie release today (3/9) in the US, have you gotten your ticket yet? I hope the movie does well.
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Going to the 8:00 p.m. showing tomorrow. Only really decided to go since it was playing in my town and I wouldn't have to drive out to the city.

At least you guys don't have retarded blame pushing distributors like Odex.

Kill yourself normalfags.

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I'm glad we all agree this is the best anime character of the year.
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Is there a single more alpha character in all of anime?
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I want to rape Shoebill.

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Whos the strongest woman in anime?
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>A literal Goddess
Who the fuck do they think they are? Using non ugly women to advertise women's day

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download (50).jpg
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Jesus Christ how can anyone seriously defend this?

>haha LOL remember when your father tried to kill me numerous times? Like full on end my life? Or the amount of times he called me a worthless piece of shit in front of all my friends and family? Or when he decided that since I was the only available broad he'd dump his semen in me then piss off on some autistic adventures leaving me as one of the only single mothers in the village?
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I would say Sakura could have Stockholm syndrome, but she doesn't. Which either means she's a dumb bitch, or Kishi purposely wrote her bad.
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why do you care so much though? its just a fictional pairing.
>Hinata obsesses over a guy who barely knows she exists for more than a decade
>10/10, would waifu
>Sakura deeply loves her friend and comrade and fights to support him and bring him back to her side
>lol what a whore

I don't understand anti-Sakurafags.

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Well lads? Will he be Multiversal MVP?
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sage is not a downvote bitch
>edition of some videogame shit
>posts before 520
The other one is going to get erased because of having "edition" in the op you newfag.

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Well this desperately needs a translation.
>was it worth it Mizsu
carol fags were right

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Was it autism?
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self-imposed duty
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It was Khorne faggotry which denied some hard working gobs some well earned rape.

ITT: God tier MCs
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omae no utau midnight blues.jpg
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I thought Domon Kasshu was pretty cool.
- virgin
- manlet
- small penis confirmed

Yeah, god-tier right there.

>UQ Holder! 134 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire)
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Can someone dump it please?
Why? Just download it and read it.
I'm on mobile so I can't.

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With one whirl of her staff above her head, she gathered light towards the sun and moon. Droplets of magic expand to the stars and Milky Way.
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Any cute guro ideas??
Akko masturbating with the Shiny Rod and right when she cums she accidentally fires a magical beam with it deep inside herself.
I need more Chariot lewds

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Best Meido.jpg
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The Pleiades Day novel has been completed and we know what that means moar Overlord debauchery, anons. Are we about to reach a second golden age or I am being too autistic?
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2nd Season never OP
The second golden age will come soon and the humiefags will be silenced. Ainz Ooal Gown will triumph over the Dragon Stu Lords and their mankyrie minions
Inb4 Perverted Scholar Dragon Lord is a threat to Nazarick

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