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Tomo-chan has been missing for a week now
We're handing out flyers

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shit chapter
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*zaps your path*
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They survived!

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Character designs.
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How old?
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can we make a list with characters that got killed by Truck-kun
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Clearly, trucks are conveyances into another world.
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The deadly Japanese truck is second to the deadly Japanese cold in lives taken per year in Japan.
not Fuuka, at least

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Scanlation thread.

What are you working on?
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Gotta make do with any raw you can get I guess.

What's this?
I want to start scanning stuff, not just manga but artbooks and shit as well.

While looking into that I found this site here: http://diybookscanner.org/en/intro.html , so i'm trying to figure out if it'd be more cost effective to spend like 300$-500$ on a camera/the supplies to build one of these setups and to not actually have to debind the books/volumes and buy duplicates to do so.

Anybody ever used one of these and can comment how well they work or how good of a camera i'd need?

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Story of a widow and a young high school boy

Going to translate from Korean as usual
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Page 1:

Yamato: Itadakimasu

Yakumo: Are you full?

Yakumo: You had practice since early this morning after all.

Yakumo: It's a pretty good day in Yamanashi after all

Yakumo: Did you leave at 5 AM?

Yamato: I did.
NOTE: I'm not quite sure what she meant by Yamanashi
This chapter really was something else.
Thanks as always

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Big Gangan next magazine cover. March 25.
Also, what do you guys think about episode 10?
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Hanabi looks so happy there.
Mobile battery.
So it's confirmed they will be together in the end?
Final chapter right?

What the fuck is her problem? Is it autism?
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She's a homosexual.
no. Puberty
I'm glad everyone hates this character.

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Just finished Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood since I never saw it and wanted to watch and my friend told me it's better than the original. Now that I watched all of it i'm watching the original to see which is the better version, the original or brotherhood. Why have I heard most people say brotherhood is better and is it really that much better? I want to hear both sides of the argument. Those who prefer the original and those who prefer brotherhood.
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brotherhood is the only good anime that came out within the past 10 years
You were supposed to watch the original first ya dingus. Now you only have yourself to blame if the 1st half ends up boring you,
Is a matter of preference, Brotherhood is more standard type of shonen, however at the same time is more concise, coherent and tight compared to the original. 2003 is more experimental and weird, but it's also full of nonsensical stuff.

I personally prefer the characters in 2003 as I think they have more development and depth.

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For all the people who say that the Rance ovas have a better plot than SAO
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The answer is obvious, as there is only one swordsman in that picture.
who gives a shit whos a better swordsman? Rance is a better more entertaining character than Kirito could ever be.
Rance is better with the only sword that matters. Princess rape > glop

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Who's your favorite mangaka?
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My mate Dave.

Tl kun has finished his re translation for Restart and was hoping for some pleople with the Raws to check for accuracy and errors.
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>top girl is dead
>people still watch this trash
Because the later arcs are infinitely better than Unmarked
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ITT: References in anime and manga
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Is using Pani Poni Dash cheating?
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Hard mode: The show isnt about straight parodies

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Saint Patrick's Day is here, you know what that means! Post gifs or webms of dancing anime cuties.

And while you're at it, come listen to the latest anime remixes and tunes straight from Japan.

Google filename, should be third result.
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Fuck off
I never understood why these threads are still allowed. It's like advertising your discord channel. Fucking gay.

>no thread
Alright then.
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It's over
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11/13 and they're still making onsen trips and stuff like that, the series is just badly written.

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You like trains?
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why yes, I love trains!
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Trains are super interesting
That one on the left looks a little unhinged.

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