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How do you guys encourage people who watch anime to read the light novel?
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Is the Index LN really worth reading?
Is it well written at all?
I'd like to catch up on the actual story instead of reading the wiki like an utter pleb but I can't help but feel like it's a waste of time.
>Is it well written at all?
You read LNs because they're fun, not because they're written well.
As >>154742092 said it's not exactly masterful prose but it has good world building and is fun to read. So in a sense yes it's "worth" reading because why would you read something for it's merit and not because it's something you enjoy doing?

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Date a Live
Where were you when Yoshino turned inverse?
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I want to put her big toe in my mouth.
Is that from the art book?

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justice jacket rin.jpg
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What's your favorite piece of clothing you like seeing on anime girls?
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Dog collar.
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Whatever my waifu happens to be wearing.
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suika sweater.png
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meme sweaters

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The anime is going to be shit.
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Low quality bait >>154739231
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ITT: things that have prevented your suicide.
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I guess you could say this motivates suicide, but I find it pretty uplifting.
By teaching you that you'll die anyway?

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So the voice actress for Imouto is only 14 years old.

Did her parents even read the script before letting her take the roll?
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I'm pretty sure that most parents in nipland would be happy as fuck to see their daughter get a job as VA.
No also she practiced her lines on her brother.
Must be a method actress

Was Spirited Away overrated, >>>/a/?
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it was the best animated film that year, so no.
No, you just have shit taste.

Nope, it was underrated, they should give 100/10 rating.

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ll girls.jpg
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Say something op.
nice trips but shit taste
swap pana and eli and you have a very good list

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pain speech.webm
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Is Naruto the "smartest" shonen series of its time?
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<post taking the bait>
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>Is Naruto the "edgiest" shonen series of its time?

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You guys DO support the anime Blu-ray and DVD industry, don't you? I'm not talking about figures or other things either. I'm talking just blu-ray and DVD.
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I think I prefer not buying it and pirate it online somewhere.
I can download that for free.
I'm picky as fuck now. Before I had the internet, I'd buy anime DVDs like a crazy bastard. Was badly addicted and would spend my bottom dollar on just a few more episodes. Didn't care, but now I support myself and need to be cautious about my spending. If I want to splurge, my ass works OT or even a side job to cover everything.

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Reminder this was the perfect ending to the series and that the new season is going to ruin it irrevocably.
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As long as we get more of her ass in the new season, I don't even care if it's bad.
So many anime that got cancelled and won't have more seasons and they chose to make a season 3 of cg after a conclusive ending.
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OST is out!
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Please stop lying.
It's been out for almost a week now.
File: 1479143394010.jpg (76KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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Oh yes. And it's fucking fantastic.

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When will Ufotable animate Tsukihime?
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I don't know man but I just wanted to say that Shiki can kill servants
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How would you adapt it? Just do a mix of Arc and Ciel's routes? Make movies for Far Side like how they're doing Heaven's Feel?

No matter how they do it, it probably wouldn't be made til the remake is done. And we all know that's never happening.
File: 1556848948468.jpg (62KB, 900x900px)Image search: [Google]
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you mean that dead franchise? Fate is where it's at.

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Why have the Japanese become allergic to Fantasy WITHOUT videogame RPG elements?
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They aren't. You are just infected by video games and assume tradional fantasy rpg stuff is vidya.
Because successful works inspire creators and drive demand in fans.
Because its what everyone, including American translators actually wanted.

There is a lot of Japanese LNs that isn't about isekai and without MMO UI element but nobody is interested in translating them because nobody liked them enough to put the effort.

>Gon sacrifies all of his nen and health
>He became as powerful as Meruem
>Netero sacrifies all of his nen (+ a lot of his health too since he became older and blind) in a condesated shot
>Barely injure Meruem
Despite I love HxH more than any manga, I was pretty disappointed.
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>He became as powerful as Meruem

Was he?
Just look at what Pitou said.
Netero didn't sacrifice his nen the way gon did, and even in that state gon couldn't have killed meruem, at most injure him. It would have been worse if gon would have ended up killing meruem with the power of rage, the rose solution was better.

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