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jojo hs-girl
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>yukako isn't ugly anymore
i dunno man, the photoshop looks like it's about to break any moment
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Winning the Touma bowl.jpg
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Season 3 and KamiKuro soon
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Tsun Tsun Kuroko.jpg
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The best pairing
5 more days
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>Mobileposter throwing a temper tantrum again
>KamiKuro confirmed 4 times in a row

All is well

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She looks kind of hot. The show probably sucks but that image alone is making me consider picking it up.
I remember planning to watch it when I saw it on the season chart, then completely forgetting about it before the season even started. Was it good?
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Anyone else watching this fujo shit or is it just me?
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Nice buzzword.
>fujo shit
It sounds really boring based on the summary.

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nothing personnel kidd.gif
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This is Fumikage Tokoyami from Boku no Hero Academia.

Find him a girlfriend (in-universe & reasonable) or he go on a fedorampage in U.A. High in a year or so from now.
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edgy girl.jpg
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this one
she has big tits
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The mad banquet of darkness doesn't need a fucking girlfriend.

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Okay fine then why didn't he just fuck Asuka?
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Because he is a bloody pussy. He is bleeding 24/7. He couldnt fuck someone.
would you want to get with a girl who has no interest in you and treats you like trash?
Because he's a bit of a faggot

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Who is the best sister and why is it Fubuki?
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Tatsumaki is the only girl for me.
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You mean best girl Tatsumaki.
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Top 10 anime betrayals
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How did she even end up with the biggest pussy in the Anime.
he probably had a big dick

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A Serval is a wild animal.
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>this image
What's going on here?
I'm not entirely sure. I've never really thought on it.
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Humans can love Friends.

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What happened? Why does this get no love? The DM and GX storytimes finished, even R finished. Why did storytime anon abandon us?
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Because it's shit, just like the zexal manga. Arc-V will be shit,too because they're canning it by the end of the year since it's no longer apart of how the game is played
Were the 5D's threads dead or something? The GX threads started slow but the storytime dude still finished them. By the end there were a lot of discussion
Is this another one of those manga adaptations that has jack shit to do with the anime plotwise?

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Why are they so fat?
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Practice for drawing the fat fuck that is Kanna
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I really like KyoAni legs and hips.
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Fuck it! I'll just dump some KyoAni official art.

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Smugrena a cute.
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What's his endgame?

Also Sound Duel 4 when?
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yuri and serena10.jpg
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Glory on the acadamia

What would /a/ have done differently in order to smuggle precious contraband through heaven's security checkpoint?
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Use my pussy. Literally and sexually.
need to write papers on it, stick it up my ass, etc.

Stick the PSP up my ass

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Dragon Ball Super
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You need a subject in the OP or the thread has a chance of getting deleted.
Anyways Goku put his faith into Gohan last week, could this arc perhaps he Gohan's time to shine?
Are you fucking serious? The furfag gets to keep his thread but mine could get deleted?
Anyway I doubt this will be Gohan's time to shine since he has to not only start training again but reach SSJB to be as strong as Goku and Vegeta but at least we will get Mystic GOHAN again and not Jobhan.
>Are you fucking serious? The furfag gets to keep his thread but mine could get deleted?
threads usually need a topic to discuss besides "Dragon Ball Super" I've seen threads get deleted all the time for insignificant reasons like that, just warning you for next time.

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What's the closest a real human body an get to this physique?
/fit/ girls. don't bother, 3dpd cannot compete.

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