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It was von Baka's birthday, did you remember to wish her happiness and good luck being a beloved character come Arcadia Lost?
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Sagiri getting twizzlers when?
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Hopefully, he just stays away.

What's truly sad is Mira NEARLY got it this year. Nearly.
Will these girls be smiling at the end of the first Arcadia VN?

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Why is NaruHina vanilla so comfy
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Vanilla is usually comfy.
Because our boy and girl finally won it all after so long.

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Another good and comfy episode, but

> not enough Hikari
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jesus christ how horrifying
but she can lick herself

Read the guide: buyfags.moe
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Femdom thread! feel like its been a hot minute
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best femdom story in recent time
The only good femdom is gentle femdom, and only then when it's between two women
Anyone have that chart of different doms?

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Remember anons!

Ignore Anson posters!
Ignore war crime posters!
Ignore Rerugen shippers!
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>Ignore Rerugen shippers!
>Ignore Anson posters!
>Ignore war crime posters!
>Ignore Rerugen shippers!
Don't you dare try to silence the OTP.
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What do you think Tanyas hair smells like?

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>I won't tell anyone that you love Postarie!! So come back to us already, Rain Pou!
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>Pukin was sprawled out in the middle of the rear seat, while Wedin was nuzzled up against her.

Daily slutting.
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I wanted to MARRY Mariko but I got NTRed by Marika.
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If only hairfag could have tasted maou pam.

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first for BALLROOM
That's a weird looking anime?
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I just finished marathoning this, it was so fuckin good, I loved it.

I watched the 24 episodes + Egoistic Poriomania, now I'll try to watch the movie and the IBM shorts.

Should I watch the beta episode or wait until the new anime?

I've never played a VN, but I wanna play this.

I can finally forgive and forget the shitty experience that was the C;H anime.
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Play the VN. Maybe look into some of the side material, the Braunian Motion manga in particular is really good. Also most of the people who frequent S;G threads here have already played 0 which is what the new anime is adapting.
Be careful, the movie is really bad comparatively. It makes no sense.
Yeah, play S;G 0, it's amazing too

What's the high point of this series? I heard that this was supposed to start off strong, but it hasn't been a great first three episodes so far. That being said, the ending for episode 3 is giving me hope for some amusing suffering. Is my hope misplaced?
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Terrible show. The only good part is the OVA from the third season? Second?

Don't waste your time.
The first 12 are alright. The second half with the elves was bad. There's worse shit out there, but there's also way better.
Oh come now, surely it has some value. Every flavor of the month has something going for it. At the very least, it makes solid background noise. Laughing at the stupid game mechanics has also been great.

These are your gyarus for tonight.
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ITT: Make /a/ weep like a little girl
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Request and maybe get /a/rt
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Requesting the girls from Blazblue Remix Heart dressed like a fantasy adventuring party and either engaged in combat with a monster or moving down a dungeon corridor. From left to right:
1. Kajun Faycott as a Wizard wearing robes and maybe holding a crystal ball or a tome
2. Mai Natsume as an unarmored or lightly armored Fighter wielding a spear
3. Makoto Nanaya as an unarmored Monk using her fists or tonfa
4. Noel Vermillion as a Rogue in leather armor holding a crossbow
5. Tsubaki Yayoi as a Priestess in chainmail holding a light weapon and/or holy symbol
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Requesting Galactus Kanna.
Requesting loli BB-tan.

This series just isn't the same without All Might mode All Might.
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His fight with OfA was incredible though, had a feeling he'd not be able to go back into his All Might mode especially after making Deku his disciple. Still like it even with what has happened plus seeing my waifu in it is always a plus.
Damn, She's a hot commodity eh?
Any word yet on what happened with the last two chapters?

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What are /a's all-time favorite intro/outro songs?
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Sorry but request threads are against the rules.
This isn't really a rec thread, it's an OP thread.
Are there any other recent animu sound track released on vinyl? I imagine that otaku would eat up picture discs right up.

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