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Why no one of Maho age looking as beautiful as her?? I wished I would looking as beautiful and as cooled in the swimsuit as Maho. .
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Dat smile...
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Finally someone bothered to make a thread. I've been waiting around with this chapter and no place to dump it!

This is the completed RW 15. Ch. 16 is being worked on now, and should be out relatively soon after this.
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No Chaos Dragons allowed.
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Can't stop me.
Dragon butts.
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Did someone say Chaos Dragons?

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Mama a shit
Wow, I've never been here this early before.
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I've been waiting for this all day!
also, colored this finally

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So i just finished Log Horizon season 2 and i really liked it. While the first season was great for actually using the rpg setting to its advantage and doing something more interesting with it, the second season was great for focusing more on the characters and their struggles.

Honestly, is there any hope for season 3? i mean, we have seen some crazier announcements for sequels to shows nobody expected (or wanted). Code geass r3 is an example of the unexpected sequel and Full metal panic gets another season after 12 fucking years. maybe 2023?
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No because the author is in prison.
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>Honestly, is there any hope for season 3?
Not until we get more source material.
The anime went beyond what Marmalade wrote.

It's an NHK show which means sales don't mean jack shit. It's literally government funded. It just happened to sell well which is a nice bonus.
If NHK wills it they could reach out to Marmalade again for S3.
Season 2 is a fucking disaster of a train wreck and killed any hope for season 3.

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Long-ass chapter from summaryanon this time

Also mayonnaise
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Why so many threads today anyway?
On Sunday there is a shitposter that makes the usual
>no re:zero episode today
Is this the longest chapter in the series? Or does Tappei somehow write an even bigger one?

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rip off.jpg
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Trying to be a more creative with the abilities and the fights is something great. But after Basil and Bergamo. Isn't it too obvious?

What's next? Toppo fight with a stand?
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One piss is shit anyway.

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Who is the sexiest idol in this image?
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The one at the very bottom right
I gotta agree here
Look at those eyes
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The Chama. Risa is cool but she only likes her dad.

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This is the first Lord of Calamity
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She's actually not the first
There's already another Zesty thread you can salvage, use that one.

iee senpai

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Why are lolis so dangerous?
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They know what boys like, they know what guys want.
why are his lolis so smug? Even a mom just birthing a baby looks smug
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They can't pick the albums that I love, but I still fall for them because of their (perceived) innocence.

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New chapter's out, things are heating up
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200% Cakey
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Was this an asspull?
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Kind of. It doesn't really matter though.
No, Nanika is a calamity and will tie into the Dark Continent arc.

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[Mori] Kiniro Mosaic Pretty Days [720p].mkv
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About fucking time we got subs.
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Thank you Mori!

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15 minutes until new episode
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Manga spoilers

No chapter this new week
We more than 12 eps now
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We need more of /OUR GIRL/
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>tfw still no filler with Carrot's bare feet
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Feels good to be a SaNa fan.
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Reminder that Hancock will end up alone and looking like pic related

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Chapter 132. Still needs proofreading.

Old Keijo threads:
>>153027307 Up to 130
>>153180176 Up to 138
>>153382427 Up to 143
>>153463005 Up to 147
>>153545027 148
>>153580728 Up to 152
>>153728426 Up to 154
>>153847601 155
>>153860486 Up to 157
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